Recycled Barrel Planter


Design Sponge is a go-to website for inspiration, design projects, and interior design ideas. It does a great job of posting just enough of each post “above the fold” with all of the project details and how to’s after the jump. This tutorial shows how to turn an old barrel into a stepped planter. It has great photos, especially detail photos of the wood working. The descriptions are short and sweet, except for a few detailed explanations of the wood cutting that are very helpful for inexperienced wood workers.

How To Brew Beer

This is a nice little tutorial for the basics of brewing your own beer. Its really as easy as they make it look in this video, which I like for its simplicity, nice type treatments, detailed close-up shots and the song is not too bad…

Plus the couple that runs Brooklyn Brew Shop are great people if you ever run into them, and have made a kit for NYC sized kitchens.

Re-spooling Film for Vintage Kodak Cameras

Hi all,

I’ve looked at -> this tutorial before on several occasions and I find it to be the most comprehensive on this subject matter. Old Kodak Brownie cameras (like the Duaflex that’s on my desk) accept out of production 620 film. Luckily for us camera fanatics, it is possible to re-spool 120 film on old 620 reels. 120 film is essentially the same as 620, just the reels are of different dimensions. People speculate that these two sizes of reels were developed to increase competition between foreign and domestic manufacturers. Whatever the case, it will be a joyous occasion when I take my Duaflex out to shoot for the first time. REMEMBER that if you decide to try this, you NEED to be in total darkness!