Tutorial: How to perform CPR on adults

This is a good-to-know for everyone: performing CPR.

I like the cleanliness and clarity of the video, and the subtitles for the hearing-impaired (or simply have no sound/too much environment noise). The pace of the video is quick enough (demo starts right away without a title scene) that if one were in an emergency situation, this video will be a good aid.

How to Make a Chinese Floating Lantern

This tutorial shows how to make a floating Chinese lantern. I like this tutorial because it has fine black line drawings and technical drawings of specific measurements. This is useful when it comes to building something that needs to be symmetrical on both sides.



How To Make A PinHole Camera

I really like this tutorial in that its very clear what you need to do to accomplish making a pinhole camera. The fact that its a DIY project with things that can be easily found throughout ones home makes it more appealing. The images are clear and in order from step one all the way through the last step. This is one of my favorite tutorials of all time!

Below is a link that goes into more detail about the steps of this process.