Similar Tutorial #2: DIY 3d camera / viewer with an iPhone – Richard

DIY 3d camera / viewer with an iPhone

This came up in the sidebar in related instructables when I was checking my own. This instructable has some nice features like the tags and a direct link to download the app it mentions on iTunes:
Steremaker – iPhone app on App Store. However the photography could be vastly improved and the steps more explanatory.

Screen Printing Tutorial for Making the Big Bucks


I’d like to preface this post by saying that I don’t think the tutorial is all that effective, yet there are some parts of it that I would consider incorporating into an Instructable. First, they talk about the cost of the raw materials. Since our tutorial focuses on beginners making unique/monoprints, it might be nice to say how much each material costs, just so that the user knows what they are getting into. Also they have step that focuses on clean up, and our tutorial might benefit from that as well.

Great Running Blog/Inspiration


I love Helen Lavin’s running blog, “Live Life. Be Passionate“.   I may be a bit biased because I know her in person and know how great of a runner she is.  She is also very personable and humble about her accomplishments. ( Represented Ireland at the 2012 IAU 100k World Championship and a winner of numerous 100k and 100mile races in the USA ).

I really liked how she used quotes to describe why she runs, so I would like to incorporate few inspirational quotes on my instruction.

Alternative gyoza tutorial #1

I like this tutorial mainly because he was very concise on the forming of the gyozas. I took a very long-winded, start-from-the-basics approach but I think it was unnecessary. He smartly used 4-quandrant photos to quickly show the process of forming, which I think makes the process seem easier while keeping it sufficiently explanatory for the readers to understand.