How To Make A PinHole Camera

I really like this tutorial in that its very clear what you need to do to accomplish making a pinhole camera. The fact that its a DIY project with things that can be easily found throughout ones home makes it more appealing. The images are clear and in order from step one all the way through the last step. This is one of my favorite tutorials of all time!

Below is a link that goes into more detail about the steps of this process.


Who doesn’t like a Maryland Crab Boil!? And with this nifty placemat, you to can be knowledgable about the process of enjoying one messy eating experience.  We use these at a resutraunt where i slang seafood in the west village, and whenever I see someone banging away with the mallet like a monkey, I do a little tutorial guided by this placemat!

Tutorial inspiration: Ombre Embroidery Sampler


For my third tutorial example, I chose one that uses embroidery skills since most tutorials I find with photos are a bit confusing. I like that this author not only lists the materials needed for the project but also has a nice picture with them all laid out. For someone who has never stepped foot in a fabric/needlepoint store, they may have no idea what “embroidery floss” is!


The directions for the stitches are labeled very clearly for a beginner and the entire process is photographed. Rather than looking intimidating this project looks like it would be very enjoyable which in my eyes is a big success.


Recycled Barrel Planter


Design Sponge is a go-to website for inspiration, design projects, and interior design ideas. It does a great job of posting just enough of each post “above the fold” with all of the project details and how to’s after the jump. This tutorial shows how to turn an old barrel into a stepped planter. It has great photos, especially detail photos of the wood working. The descriptions are short and sweet, except for a few detailed explanations of the wood cutting that are very helpful for inexperienced wood workers.

How To Brew Beer

This is a nice little tutorial for the basics of brewing your own beer. Its really as easy as they make it look in this video, which I like for its simplicity, nice type treatments, detailed close-up shots and the song is not too bad…

Plus the couple that runs Brooklyn Brew Shop are great people if you ever run into them, and have made a kit for NYC sized kitchens.