Project 1: Awkward Musical Instrument by Samantha Moore


The Thighbraphone is a two piece instrument worn on the thighs, an area everyone loves to touch and have touched. I focused on the definition of awkward as “lacking ease or grace” and chose a material that is rigid and I have little experience using – metal. The lower interior of each piece is padded with foam tape to cushion those smaller lower thighs. If you do a lot of squats, this can easily be removed to fit your gams.


Each piece of the Thighbraphone is pulled up the legs to rest above the knees. The instrument can make different sounds by being played in different ways: scraping the front with the metal wand, walking or moving to shake the bells or clamping the inner thighs together to slam the cups. You could even do a combination of these moves for a whole range of unique sounds, or grab a friend to join in on the fun!

In keeping with my upcycled ways, I used a lot of materials that can be found including baking cups, duct tubing and a metal skewer.


Willy Haha Chan

Hey Everyone! My name Is Willy. You can call me William, Will, or Willy. It really doesn’t matter. Im a recent graduate of Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Product Design. Majority of the work I do is mainly in ceramic or woodworking with some experience in plastic moulding. For the past three months ever since i graduated I’ve been working part time as a freelance design for Rablabs where we designed small scale luxury products. Below is an image of me ziplining on the longest and fastest zipline in the world just this past August!

Below are some images of my work recently. The first being a solar lamp that i designed for the biannual solar decathlon in Washington DC. Another image is of a ceramic chip and dip set thatw as designed for the Wedgewood collection for the london olympics and it was inspired by the London Velodrome. I also do photography for weddings on the side as well as wedding invitations.

Heres a link to my website if anyone is interested!

Project 1: Tyvek Portrait by Clay Kippen

I couldn’t help but want to do a traditional two-dimensional portrait at first. I was thinking about coating my FedEX envelopes with cyanotype emulsion and “burning” an image onto the surface. But I didn’t feel like cyanotype said anything about the versatility and durabilty of Tyvek. This material can be twisted and pulled without tearing, making it more akin to textile than paper. I did away with the cyanotype idea and went in a 3d direction. Since Tyvek is super strong, I wanted my portrait to stand on its own without a structural frame. That’s when it seemed inevitable that I would make an inflatable sculpture!

The first step was to figure out how to get air into the sculpture. I didn’t want to buy a fan or waste new material in the making of this portrait, so I ran to Sid’s bikes on 19th Street where I picked up some old tubes with presta valves.

This is a shot of the first test. The FedEX envelope was modified with a valve and then sealed with glue.

With a few hundred pumps (from my portable pump) the envelope inflated! Time to go big…

Handsome devil aint he? All inflatable heads need a base right? Right?

With inspiration from Katie, I fabricated an acrylic base. The punch-outs are for access to the presta valve.

Here is the simulated final result with its easily accessible valve.

Here he is, my slightly inflated self portrait!

Luckily Dave is going to bring in a full size pump for me, because my hand-held pump just isn’t cutting it!

Project 1: The SigniStamp by David Hu

Key words: camouflage + fax machine replacement
Materials used: acrylic, rubber
Tools used: Lasercutter, wet-sand sanding paper, utility knife, epoxy glue, ruler
Skills learned: Lasercutter software operation, setting up thin pieces for cutting, basic interaction design (app schematic), basic history of name stamps
Plan to do more: Lasercutting and rastering, learning more about software/interaction design

Katie McElroy

Hi! I’m Katie McElroy, a native Hoosier and graphic designer. I moved to NYC from Indianapolis two weeks ago with my husband Dan and my corgi Noah. My background is in architecture and visual art, and I attended Ball State University, in Muncie, IN, for both my Bachelor’s in Architecture and MA in Visual Art. I have been doing print and web design for the past three years, one year at an architecture firm and the other two as a freelance designer. I love all areas of design, and I’m excited to jump into product design and 3D design in general.

A project I’m proud of are my handmade calendars and books that I sell in my Etsy Shop.

I’m also proud of the electroforming and enameling projects I did in my master’s thesis.

You can find me online in a bunch of places: Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr which will eventually replace my freelance website. You can follow me on Instagram @kemcelroy.