The Rope Bridge Shelf (Reference for The Hanging Shelves of Babylon)

This Rope Bridge Shelf uses processes very similar to the ones I used to make my shelf, but it succeeds in a few ways I think mine does not.

  1. There is no explicit room for customization. It is assumed that if people want to customize it, they don’t need to be told where to do so.
  2. There are a few standardized parts that make the whole thing look much more professional.
  3. The glamor shot is in use in context.

I think incorporating these three things into my tutorial will help it be even stronger.

One thought on “The Rope Bridge Shelf (Reference for The Hanging Shelves of Babylon)”

  1. I like that in this tutorial, the glamour shot shows that the curve keeps the books standing without a book-end. Maybe you could show why it would be advantageous to use your shelving system instead of something more conventional.

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