Final project requirements and presentation schedule

Please post up your final project to the blog by 5pm the night before your presentation date. Please include:

  • A link to your published Instructable
  • Your video embedded/linked
  • Some photos (final, in progress, sketches)
  • A brief description of your project’s purpose, function, form, construction, and future projections

Presentations (~20mins each) should include a live demo of your project if possible, a video screening, tour through your process and final images by presenting your published Instructable, an explanation of what you learned from the experience, and how you could see the idea grow/change if it were taken further. There will be time for feedback, so please ask a few questions of the audience to direct the discussion.

December 11
Bi & Zhenxuan
– 10 minute break –

December 13 (Friday)
Baoqi & Wen
– 10 minute break –

As a reminder, your final class dossiers are due on 12/18 (last day to submit grades) and required for a passing grade, so don’t be late. They can be built around your Halloween costume or final project, it’s up to you.


Week 12 Homework

Great job on your project brainstorms and wifi work, folks! For homework this week, you should build a prototype circuit for your project, and continue developing its final form and code. Don’t forget to take in-process photos and video! Many of you have two parallel development tasks (form and function)– don’t put off any unknown part of your project! It’s unacceptable to say “I couldn’t do X because Y had to be complete first”. The sooner you uncover the unknown parts of your project, the sooner the finish line will be in sight. Please feel free to schedule a 1-1 with me if you need one, or email with any type of questions.

Write an outline for your project tutorial, including an introductory paragraph describing the use case, a materials/tools list, and single sentences describing each likely step. If you are able, write more by fleshing out each step with instructions. Please write with complete sentences (except your materials/tools list) and do your best with grammar and punctuation. Work in a Google Doc at first, since we’ll use it next class for peer-review.

Draft up your instructions into an Instructable (do not publish it yet), including any process photos that are ready. I have composed a sample draft to help guide you (you must be logged in to Instructables to view this unpublished preview).

Next class we will have a peer-supported writing workshop, work time, and 1-1 meetings. In preparation, please make a blog post (Works in Progress/Proposals category, due 5pm Nov 26) containing the following:

  • Link to Google Doc version of your draft tutorial
  • Link to your draft Instructable (get this from your Drafts page by right-clicking on the project thumbnail)
  • Description and/or storyboard for your project video
  • Your circuit prototype/parts needed to work in class
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Xiaohan's final project update

Draft Tutorial

This product is built for couples and families to connect with each other through two lamps. Two lamps connected with wifi signals, so when you press the button on a lamp, the other lamp receives the signal and will be turned on. The materials will include Feather Huzzah. I will be going through step by step from materials/tools used, building/testing circuit using arduino and how to build the structure of the lamp. 


Feather Huzzah ESP8266(assembled) 2*


Perma-Proto Half-sized Breadboard PCB 2*

Lithium Battery -3.7v 1200mAh 2*

Mini On/Off Push-Button Switch 4*

Wires/Prototyping wires

Soldering Iron


Wire Cutter

Protection glasses

Building Circuit and code

Description for Video

Scene 1

A guy got home, he turns on this lamp. 

Scene 2

He is reading a book. Then the other lights on the lamp suddenly lights up.

Scene 3

Then he called his significant others, and they talked and laughed a lot

Regena’s Final Project Update 2


Link to draft Instructable is here.

Tutorial Content

Link to tutorial content and description to date is here.

Draft Story Concept

Johnny wants to save up for a trip to the Galapagos Islands but is having a hard time maintaining motivation. He is already halfway to the amount that he needs ($3,000 in total) and needs a bit of help keeping up the great work.

Johnny’s best friend, Emma, sees the “Money!” Button and decides to gift this to her friend in support of his trip to the Galapagos Islands.

Emma helps Johnny set up a Qapital account to get the button up and running.

Now, when Johnny gets notified that his paycheck has been directly deposited into his bank account, he hits the “Money!” button to contribute to the saving fund for the Galapagos Islands.

Johnny and Emma both feel empowered and motivated after hitting the “Money!” Button!

KG’s final project update

FocussedWork Task Tracker

Project outline

Link to project outline on Google docs


Link to draft project instructable

Project video description

My video will have two actors. In the first scene actor 1 they will be preparing for a work session but keep being distracted by their phone. In scene two, actor 2 notices this and makes a recommendation for them to use the FocussedWork Task Tracker. In scene 3 Actor 1 uses the Tracker and is able to complete a 40min session of work distraction-free.

Parts I need to work in class:

  • Feather Huzzah
  • FeatherWing
  • Breadboard
  • Male & female header pins
  • Soldering equipment
  • Cardboard to prototype the size of the final clock
  • Craft knife

Karan’s Final project update 2

Draft Tutorial

Instructable draft

Draft Storyline


A person receives the brush as a gift with a note saying happy brushing.

The person laughs it off and sleeps without brushing 

when he wakes up to the instagram stories – he finds out that so many comments are there on his post that mentioned the person did not brush. 

The person then calls his friend who gifted him this to find out why this happened,

the friend explains this is the only way he could make him to brush his teeth twice daily. 


Will make the functioning circuit on breadboard and code in class tomorrow.

May only need some switches based on the form.

Crystal’s final

Draft Instructables Post


Draft Tutorial


My video:

There will be an actor and actress are casting in my video.
First scenario is that they run across at the street corner, they fall in love at first sight, but they have no opportunity to talk.

Then, the very next day, they meet each other on the handcraft store, they pick the same stuff in coinciding. They find both each other have the same tattoo also. But they still have no other’s contact.

The last scenario is that the girl is lonely walk into the gallery, then she sees there’s a wall decoration is a Scorpio same as her tattoo when she walks closer to the painting. That boy shows up somehow later they stare at each other for a while.

the end will shoot specialized the scene from the ceiling, the wall decoration, and to the sofa, they sit together, then the hands hold with the same tattoo.

Love is a destination. Constellation is a fate.


lightly music/ lovely music


School corner, Michael’s, SVA gallery, pod and the expensive sofa!

Shuyi’s Final project update 2

Draft Tutorial

Instructable Draft

Script of Video (Original)










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Siddhant’s week 12 assignment

Draft Tutorial


Draft Instructables Post


Project Video

Scenario 1

Person starts texting the ” Indian Mom “before leaving from work

The person is walking home and stops at a shoe store window shopping and decides to impulsively buy a pair of shoes

He gets late to reach home and “indian mom” sends a text to his emergency contacts and they start calling him one by one thinking he is in trouble

Scenario 2

Person is walking hime at night and texts indian mom but doesnt reach hoome on time

The reason the person doesn’t reach on time is because he/she is in trouble

The indian mom texts the emergency contacts notifying them that the person isnt home yet

The emergency contacts call the person to make sure they are okay and help them