Charvi’s Final Project WIP

My friends and I have a tradition of calling each other at exactly midnight, so that we are the first ones to wish. But since moving to the States, I have been struggling to keep up with the time difference between India and the US, and keep missing out on my friends’ birthdays.

I want to create a device that I wish my friends could have gifted me before Ieft home.

Meet “Better Not Forget My Birthday!” plush toy. It’s a red velvet cupcake with white choco-chips. It comes in a fun dessert-like packaging and has a funny message on the inside, reminding your forgetful friend about things more important than grad school!

Inspiration images
Different components of “Better not forget my birthday”

Movie Scenes

  1. Your best friend tells you that they are moving to another country
  2. You’re super happy for them
  3. They have been running super busy with packing and last minute work
  4. You haven’t had a chance to meet them at all since you heard the good news
  5. You wonder if they will forget you once they move abroad
  6. You walk by a window display and see “gifts for a friend moving away”
  7. You find “Better not forget my birthday! and think it’s the perfect gift.
  8. While saying emotional goodbye to your friend at the airport
  9. You hand them over the beautifully packaged “dessert” box
  10. The friend opens the box and you both start laughing.
  11. A few months later, it’s your birthday and the friend, busy working on their laptop, and the red velvet cupcake glows softly at 1.30 PM, not distracting the people working around like.

Erika’s WIP Final

2 Mechanisms:

i/o #1:

  • input: GO button press
  • output: 60 sec timer on 60 neopixel ring starts

i/o #2:

  • input: punches on Left and Right (with conductive material touch pads behind foam)
  • output: touch sensor sends to LCD counter screen (counts number of hits it took)


Jaemin’s Final Project Progress

  1. Concept
    • Name : Mountains (Air Quality Visualizer)
  2. Form (Rendered)
Material – Acrylic boards and Wooden base

Indirect lighting : Each layer of mountain diffuses light

2. Circuit Design

3. Prototype

4. Google Doc

(Work in progress)

5. Instructables Account

Cathy RGB Lamp

Concept: An interactive lamp that help people to learn about RGB color mixing in the physical world

Process 1 – Cube Making

  • 5 thinner wood pieces
  • 1 thicker wood piece with “45 degree curvilinear cut”

Process 2 – Light Making

Process 3 – Circuit

Xinyue’s final project progress & IoT exercise

Final Project idea: Mini Music Stage

About Function

Goal: The stage can change with the music played outside.

Inspiration for Shape


Light test:I can just use the remaining Fiber Optic, but it seems a bit thick


Google Doc


Description for my project video


(black screen
Gradually clear
Music, product stage, display)

Suddenly I was woken up by an alarm clock in bed. It turned out to be a dream, thinking that I must learn piano tonight.
I got up to work (on the subway), went home, studied for a while, and when I was too tired, I gave up again


(Standing numbly on the subway, drifting along with the crowd, age began to increase to 50 years old, another alarm clock woke up, looking in the mirror, suddenly found that I was 50 years old, screaming, flashed through the dusty piano, realizing that I have everything Did not learn)

I suddenly woke up when I went back to bed. It turned out that it was a dream just now.
I went back to the morning of 26 years old
Determined to make the stage in the dream

(Production process)

And finally played
(Finally: Don’t let your dream wait too long, as long as you want to start, it can be your stage anywhere)

IoT exercise

Both of the lights controlled via the Internet are on, but I have been working on the weather display for a long time without success.

Cosmic Window & Tutorial WIP – Corey

Tutorial Flow

  1. Arduino
    • Modifying code
    • Setting Colors
    • Setting parameters
    • Sound sensor
    • Upload music
  2. LED Strip
    • Test code
    • 3D print fiber optic clips
    • Assemble fiber optic strip component
  3. Structure
    • Assemble frame
    • Paint frame
    • Apply mirror film
    • Assemble mirror array
    • Insert fiber optics
    • Insert speakers
  4. Finish
    • Complete assembly
    • Plug in


LED Strip – Random Twinkle

Cheryl’s project prototype and tutorial draft


I believe that every dog owner has the same frustrations of your dog digging in the trash even with a trash can lid. So I want to adjust my dog’s behavior by designing a trash can with a sensor that makes a buzzing noise to stop them before they start their “treasure hunt”. 


I realize that most trash cans are in a cylinder shape where my dog loves to approach it from all directions which would be hard to capture their coming distance, so I want to make a right triangle shape trash can that can be placed in a corner of my home, and the sensor will be on the hypotenuse side to better measure and capture my dog’s movement. 

Tutorial Steps:

  1. The trash can will be constructed based on three main pieces of acrylic sheets, so measure and cut the neopixel strip based on the acrylic sheet’s length. 
  2. Solder the Neopixel strip, buzzer, and ultrasonic sensor onto an arduino board.
  3. Alter the code into white color light.
  4. Set the buzz time to last 3 seconds.
  5. Cut a slit (that would fit the neopixel strip) in three wooden blocks 
  6. Cut the wood diagonally on the two shorter sides of the wooden block
  7. Cut the plywood into right triangle shape as the trashcan’s base 
  8. Glue all the parts together

Video Storyboard

  1. Full shot: Me watching tv and heard noises from the trashcan
  2. Close up: My dog digging through trash
  3. Extreme close up: All the mess my dog made, trash on the floor
  4. Wide shot: The triangle trash can I made in the corner
  5. Wide shot: My dog approaching to the trashcan
  6. Full shot: The trash lights up, and make buzz noises
  7. Wide shot: My dog running away from the trashcan

Material List:

  1. Arduino Board
  2. Ultrasonic Sensor:
  3. Buzzer 5V:
  4. LED x 1-3
  5. Jumpwires
  6. Translucent Acrylic sheet 12×12 (3 pieces):
  7. Neopixel strip:
  8. Plywood

Instructables account:

Circuit Diagram:

Mini version prototype:

Google doc link:

Giancarlo’s Final Project Progress

Instructables link:

Circuit: Images (drawn)

Forms: Images (of 3D models/prints) below…

The telepresence chairs have transformed into telepresence hands that you can put on your desk, give to a significant other, and hold hands together (while apart). The model for that one looks solid, but I printed it on the wrong side and print failed. No biggie.

The spray can is not a digital spray can anymore (unless the digital interfacing works very well) or it will be on hold till version 2.0. I think as a trigger turning on a laser cut tag would be dope.

Storyboard: Just words for now

SPRAY CAN: Its night, a kid is spray painting (graffiti), he hears people (maybe the cops) coming, he runs, frantically opens his house door, clicks can (fake sound like regular can earlier painting), light turns on illuminating his room

HANDS: It’s night agin, a student is doing work, video pans to his significant other at home, the student stops, holds onto fake hand on his desk, the other person’s hand lights up, they hold theirs, they are now holding hands together (but apart).