Randall Boo – the Cute Plush Monsty

The idea for my night light was inspired from the concept of how kids are scared of “monsters under the bed”. I wanted to change or reduce the fear within kids by creating a cute monster that the kids can hug when they go to sleep. My monster, named Randall Boo, lights up when you hug. The lights are placed in the main hug touch points, like the arms and the heart.

The materials I used for the project were:

  • Soft stretchy orange fabric
  • Dark blue silk-like fabric
  • Thread – white and orange
  • 3 white LEDs
  • Stranded wires
  • 3 100 ohm resistors
  • Heat shrink tubes
  • Battery pack with switch
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • White cotton stuffing

My Journey

I was very excited for this project as a lot of things I did were for the very first time. I made a plan on what materials to use, where to place the LEDs, how to sew the pieces together and so on.

I started my process with the soldering of the LEDs as I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get the lighting up of the LEDs right. The soldering was a lot of fun and getting the LEDs to light up was a very proud moment for me!

The sewing was a little challenging since my plush monster had a few parts that had to be stitched together. I had to plan out my sewing steps as my LEDs were positioned in different areas of the plush toy. Since I had LEDs in the arms, I had to place them before stitching it all together. Hence, I used the machine to sew the different parts and hand sew the different parts together instead of using the machine.

Another challenge I faced during the process was the breaking of my circuit. After all the components were put together, the battery wire broke from the parallel LED circuit as I had forgotten to add the heat shrink tubes there and hence, had to re-solder the battery wire to the circuit. This time I remembered to add the heat shrink tubes!

Here are some more pictures of my process:

If I had more time to work on this project, I would have definitely added more “sass” to my monster character like I have shown in my initial sketch. I would have added a belt, more flare to the pants and arms and a pocket to the pants to keep the battery pack. I also wanted to add velcro to the arms so that the arms would stick when you hug it. Moreover, I would have experimented a bit more with the LEDs to see what combination of the LEDs worked the best for the toy.

Even though this project was quite challenging, I definitely learned a lot. I can sew a button or a small tear with confidence now! And Randall Boo is going to be my desk buddy from here on!

Friendly Ghost – Ghosty

shun cheng’s plush night light project


The innitiall idea was having a ghost shape toy for children to hold when they go to toilet at night. With a toy, they have something to hold this can make them more sucure. I imagine the toy can be their friendly ghost to protect in the way at night. The eyes can be used as flash light, so they can have better sight going to the toilet.


Soft gabric *1

Two LED circit *1

Themoplastic beads eyes *2

Red fabric mouth *1

Process of making Ghosty

girl holding ghosty

A little scary but still cute

What a tramp!

This nightlight was primarily made for myself and others who enjoy the cute and humorous character that is gudetama. As you can see, I have used the LEDs to highlight the most important feature of gudetama – his derrière. He also has a heart tramp stamp because he has class!!! The plush provides a warm and comfortable tactile experience as well as some humour every time you look at it!

Material + Parts

  • 2 White LEDS
  • 2 100 Ohm Resitors
  • Battery pack with switch
  • 3 AAA Batteries
  • Shrink Tube
  • 2 types of fabric: white (stretchy) and orange (textured and transparent)
  • Sewing Needle and Thread
  • Cotton Stuffing

My Journey

Everything about this journey was new. I used a soldering iron, sewing machine, hand sewing techniques, and created something I am really happy with!

There were a lot of surprises. I was first worried that the circuit portion of this assignment was going to be the most difficult, but surprisingly I found that the sewing and putting my pattern together took the most mental acrobatics.

If I had more time to work on this project, I would want to make the buttocks portion a bit cleaner by refining refine the sewing and shape.


Process Images

Cell Brooch Plush Night Light

Cell Brooch

-Decorative Brooch

-Inspired by Kathleen Ryan

– Mystery Vibe


  1. Thread and Needle
  2. Battery Pack
  3. Pink and Blue LEDs
  4. Resistors
  5. Skickers
  6. Fabric
  7. Electrical Heating Tubes

Circuit diagram

I forgot to take the process image. Soldering is challenging, If I have more time to do it, I will try different fabrics and accessories. Or make more as a collection.

Mishmish the Magic Duck

Mishmish the Magic Duck is a plush night light of a round little duckling with warm lustrous cheeks. Mishmish’s appearance is based on a childhood stuffed duck toy that brought a lot of comfort in the first few weeks I slept alone (around 4 years of age). I made Mishmish with this experience in mind. I wanted Mishmish to help kids in the developmental phase of initial self-soothing, where they have to sleep without their parents through the entire night. It is a very big change and the presence of comfort and warmth in the form of a stuffed toy can really help with their adjustment.

I tried to make Mishmish as soft and as friendly as possible, therefore I went with using felt for its body, beak, and feet. I used fabric marker for the eyes and added leather components for the rear pockets. 2 yellow LEDs are placed in the cheeks, they were soldered into a parallel circuit and connected to a 5V battery pack.

This project was honestly quite a bit of fun! I got to try out a lot of stuff that I’ve never done before. While I’ve soldered and sewn in the past, they weren’t for projects of this nature at all! I’ve done a lot of circuitboard soldering and leather sewing so they were somewhat adjacent to the skills required for this project. As a result, I wanted to play it a bit safe and so I scoped accordingly. Truth be told I was actually impressed with how I scoped and budgeted my working hours. I was left with a good stretch of time for problem solving anything that wasn’t quite working.

If I had more time to work on my project I would definitely redo the leather components with better material and more care. I was quite careless with how I made these leather parts because I saw them as tertiary, however I think if Mishmish gets some really nice leather doodads, it would give off even more of a warm and homey feeling.

A sketch of Mishmish along with its circuit diagram.

Luminous Jellyfish

Plush Night Light

This is a luminous jellyfish earring that can be used at parties and music festivals. Wearing jellyfish earrings can be noticed in the dark. For instance, it’s easy for people to get lost at raves, so if you and your companions were separated by the crowd, the luminous jellyfish earrings can help you and your friends to find each other.

Embroidery thread
Heat transfer foil
Cultivated Silk

I had originally intended to dye the cloth to resemble a jellyfish’s tentacles, but I later changed my mind and decided to use wool fabrics for the tentacles. I have used a sewing machine a year ago but I wasted a lot of thread. Thus, I made the decision to sew my plushy by hand. I discovered that it was difficult to hand-seal the fabric’s edges, so I tried a few various stitches until I finally kept the polyester inside of the plushy.

One of the challenges was taking pictures, because my cat kept wanting to play with my jellyfish earrings.

If I had time I would add more embroideries to the tentacles.

Sock Primate

Sock Monkey/Ape

Using a variety of socks including fuzzy ones to emulate fur. The sock primate will be either a Capuchin, Gorilla or Orangutan.

Fuzzy Socks for Orangutan Fur and Capuchin Cheeks

Has dreadlocks Each dreadlock has a light

Lights wired in parallel to keep voltage even

She had a very in depth tutorial, gonna add some cool eyes

This guy is dedicated and his cadence is a bit funny like the how it’s made guy