Liam’s Halloween – WK 8

After serious deliberations over who makes the most sense playing each character, and the addition of Kristina to our costume group, I have decided to switch my role from Qui-Gon Jinn, to Luke Skywalker in “Return of the Jedi.”

The intention of this project is to bring back to life my childhood wonder in fantasy that is Star Wars. We have grouped up in order to portray multiple characters in order to world build. We will also be choreographing a fight scene for the parade.

Luke Skywalker, Episode 6


For the outfit bottom I’ll be toting black rain boots and slim black pants. For the top I will be wearing a black long sleeve shirt and a black Nuru vest that own from India. I will also be raiding my moms closet for a chunky black belt.


Luke’s Lightsaber Replica

The first object as the part of my “Luke” costume is the lightsaber. I am about half to completing the handle, which I have carved into a wooden dowel using the workshop Lathe. I need to make the indented ribbing as well as cut off the top and bottom base used for securing it in the Lathe.

After the design is done, I will bore a 1/4″ hole thru the center of the handle allowing for the wires to run from the NeoPixel strip in the sword, to the battery at the bottom.

For the light part of the sword I will be using a clear polycarbonate tube 1″ in diameter and cutting it down to about 28″. I have bought a sheet of somewhat opaque “drafting paper” which I will roll up and slide into the piece of tubing. This will diffuse the light and give the sense that my lightsaber is actually glowing!

Diffusion Paper & Circuit Materials

Materials List

  • Wooden Dowel
  • Polycarbonate Tubing
  • Gemma
  • Electrical Wires
  • 3.7V Battery
  • 29.5″ NeoPixel Strip
  • Button

Other materials needed for the lightsaber:

  • Black rubber washers
  • Chrome spray paint (Silver & Gold)

Circuit Diagram

Cathy’s Halloween Costume

This is Darth Vader in Star Wars!

Features of the costume

  • The helmet is the most important part of his suit. The most apparent purpose it serves is to help Vader breathe.
  • The rest of Vader’s suit is mostly made up of protective materials to shield his fragile body, which include garments, an armored breastplate, a girdle, and the system status belt.
  • A lightsaber in red.

Making Process

  • Step 1: Cut a 4-5 inches cuboid wood in the half, make a groove in both of pieces, and clue together.
  • Step 2: Make a specific shape with Wood Lathe Machine.
  • Step 3: Code in “buttoncycler” with 4 different modes(off, normal on, one by one, and vibration switch) on Gemma.
  • Step 4: Cut a long clear pipe(size TBD) and put NeoPixel strip inside of it. (TBD: light diffusion)
  • Step 5: Hide Gemma in a Pingpang ball on the bottom.
  • Step 6: Spray paint, the end!

Material List

  • Costume(done)
  • One PingPang ball(ask CA)
  • Long clear wipe(Home Depot)
  • Wood piece(VFL)
  • Red Long LED Strip(Check with Becky)
  • Coin-size Batteries(Amazon)

Have a Try on “ButtonCycler”

 case 0:
      colorWipe(strip.Color( 0, 0, 0), 50); // Black/off

 case 1:
      colorWipe(strip.Color(255,   0,   0), 50);    // Red

 case 2:
     void setup() {
      void loop() {
      for (int i=0; i < NUMPIXELS; i++) {
      pixels.setPixelColor(i, pixels.Color(255, 0, 0));;

 case 3:???

Edna Mode

My original idea was to be Sailor Saturn but unfortunately, the main costume won’t be delivered in time so I’ve decided to change to the character Edna Mode from The Incredibles instead.

I will be using a LED light bulb as the tip of her cigarette and have LED a strip running along the inside of the V-shaped pink neck piece.


Shopping list:

1. Cigarette holder
– Red LED bulb – check
– Hollowed bamboo straw – on the way
– cardboard – check
– paint – check
– battery – ?

2. Neck piece
– Satin pink fabric – still need to buy
– LED strip – on the way
– Velcro – check
– Wire – check
– Poly-fill – check
– Arduino – check

3. Other part of the costume
– Glasses – on the way
– Blazer – check
– Dress – check
– Tights – check

Cyclops’ Visor


I’m going to be Cyclops from X-Men (specifically from the 90s animated series). I’ll be wearing street clothes with a navy turtle neck under and his signature beam focusing bright yellow visor. The visor will fade on to a bright red, imitating his laser vision. 

Arduino Techniques

I will be using an on/off button to activate the lighting effect. When the on/off button is pressed and held, the light will fade in and continue to increase in brightness till it reaches maximum brightness. If the button is released at any point the light will quickly fade out. 

If time permits, I’m hoping to add a power up sound effect to coincide with the lighting. 


  • 1 Red or RGBW LED strip (12v required)
  • 1 Arduino board
  • 1 on/off button
  • 3 TIP120 Transistors
  • Power Supply 12V, 2A Adapter
  • Connection wires (enough to run + and – from my pocket down my arm and to my hand)
  • Yellow filament

Circuit Diagram

Sarah’s Halloween Costume

Crystal Skeleton Materials
Reflective vinyl – iron on
Black long sleeve t-shirt
Black pants
Black lycra mask
Durable plastic skull
Crystal molds
Resin mix + UV curing
Flexible NeoPixel LED strip & battery pack – I plan on using 2-3 strips of 8 LED’s

I’ve adjusted by costume to account for the low light up time of glow in the dark paper. I’ve switched to use reflective vinyl. I think this will still look great and reflect any ambient light around me.

I’m also thinking I’ll cut this flexible LED into 2 -3 strips.

I will cut open the top of the plastic skull head and insert my crystal set. I’m thinking of using blue foam to hold the crystals as well as the led strip/arduino set up. The LED strip(s) will sit inside the blue foam base.

Arduino Techniques:
I want my LED strip(s) to pulse blue light. I will will adjust the brightness of the LEDs to do this. Following this repetitive blue light pulse I want the strips to perform a rainbow display before switching back to the blue pulse.

Achi’s Halloween Costume

For my Halloween costume/prop I’ll be making Dr. Strange’s Eye of Agamotto with the time stone inside. Here’s a list of things I have to buy to make this possible.

Eye of Agamotto:

  1. 3D printed Model:
  2. Green Rhinestone (Maybe diffuses the light):
  3. Green Film (if the Rhinestone is not enough):
  4. Leather Cord:


  1. Primer:
  2. Metallic Gold:
  3. Chrome Silver:


  1. Gemma Board
  2. Single Green LED
  3. Battery
  4. Controller or on/off button?

Nihaarika’s Halloween Costume

Week 6: Work in Progress

My halloween costume is inspired by an octopus. I will be purchasing a Burgundy leather skirt and cutting it to my desired length and sewing the seams. The suckers on the skirt will be 3D printed using White Ninjaflex. I will be using  Soft Flexible Wire NeoPixel Strand for this project. I would like your suggestion on which Ninjaflex would diffuse the light best.

Note* I am very inspired by your EEG cap project and would to do something similar for my skirt.

To make this project, I will need:

  1. Soft Flexible Wire NeoPixel Strand 
  2. Burgundy leather skirt
  3. FLORA main board
  4. White Ninjaflex
  5. Battery Pack ( Adafruit Kit)
  6. Silicone coated wire (VFL)
  7. Soldering iron (VFL)
  8. Flush cutters (VFL)
  9. Wire strippers (VFL)
  10. Fabric scissors (VFL)
  11. Sewing needles (VFL)
  12. Sewing pins (VFL)
  13. Sewing machine (VFL)

I will be purchasing these items tomorrow in-class after our discussion.

Techniques:An Octopus can “see” light with their arms. Research shows that when different parts of the octopus’s arm are illuminated, the tip of the arm was the most sensitive to light. Using this concept, I would like to explore the flashRandom effect and play with brightness control. The tip of the arm will be the brightest and the flash random code would light up different Neopixels ion a randomized motion with differing light intensity. I would like to use White, Blue and Pink colors for my code which would be controlled using buttoncycler.

I am not sure how these concepts would work together and would need your help with this! Hopefully we can discuss it in class tomorrow!

Erika’s Halloween Costume


Rey’s lightsaber will be lathed from a 2inch wood dowel, which will likely be about 7-8 inches long. After a consultation with Sinclair, he suggested with lathe the pattern, slice the dowel into half and run it over the tablesaw to cut out 2 notches through the half cylinders, and then wood glue the 2 halves back together. This will create a channel to run the wires from the neopixels to the gemma.

As for the light-up section of the light saber, I’d use a long clear pipe from home depot, either add a diffusion film or a styrofoam cylinder into the pipe, and a long strand of the neopixel through.

As for Rey’s costume, I’ll wear a white/ beige tank top and leggings or maybe flowy capri pants, find some crepe scrunchy fabric from moods as the scarf that layers over the front and back, white ace bandage for the arm sleeves, and buy some brown leather straps for the accents on the belt and wrists. I can use the same ace bandage material and leather strap for the light saber handles as well. I’d probably have to get some brown boots 😀

Other Electronic items:

  • C-battery Powerbank (?)

As for the Arduino technique, I’d like to use the button cycler to create 3 animations:

  1. Color Wipe (yellow)
  2. Fade in and out (yellow)
  3. Fire Animation (yelow) – I found information about this animation here:

Cheryl’s Halloween Costume

My halloween costume is inspired by chinese culture, especially assassin from some shows that I’ve watched. For my main costume, I’ll be ordering a Qipao dress, sai props, and maybe some hair accessories.

For this project, I will be making a mask inspired by Peking opera, the four main roles are Sheng, Dan, Jing, and Chou, the color usually represents the roles, and they are categorized based on the gender, age, evil or kind-hearted nature.

I will be making a white mask(usually the bad guy role).

I couldnt find any white mask that is hard enough, most of them on amazon are made out of either thin plastic or paper. So I am thinking of making the base with sculpey and paint directly on it. Instead of a mask to wear on the face, i’ll be adding a longer strap to carry it on my back.

Shopping list:


Light Shopping list: