Week 11 Homework

For homework this week, please complete the remaining lessons in the Internet of Things Class:

Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6

and create the following for your final project (select your idea by Friday):
-Bill of Materials (BOM) (list of components and parts)
-Circuit diagram (You may enjoy using Fritzing for this, since it allows you to add libraries of components unlike Tinkercad Circuits, but a drawing is also acceptable)

Please make a blog post with video or photo evidence of your lesson completion, and your proposed BOM and circuit diagram for your project. Due 5pm Tuesday 11/19.

You may want to work on this in Jingting’s Arduino help session 11/15 3-5 pm in the south classroom.

Homework & Ideas for final project

Hi all! I am sorry for the delay.

Here is my homework.


And these are my ideas for the final project:

1.Flowed Light

flowed light.png

It comes from my previous idea. The flowed light use the flowing of light to represent the passing of time. When you turn on the light, it will all light up and then goes off gradually from the top to the bottom of the spiral.

2. Long-distance connected teddy bears


The long-distance connected teddy bears are used for the long-distance relationships, including the lovers, families, and friends. When you hug one of the bears, the two bears’ hearts will light up together.

3.Speaking pressure ball


The speaking pressure ball can help people release the pressure by patting it. And at the same time when patted, it will say some words randomly like “take it easy!”, “it will be fine” or “cheers baby!”.

Thank you!!

IoT Arduino Exercises and Final Project Ideas

For my final project, I want to focus on making an IoT product that will help me take better care of my plants as a plant rookie. Below are my two proposals:


The first idea I have is to create plate that goes under your planter and has a flexible sensor coming out of the middle that sticks up and is embedded in the soil. The sensor will measure moisture levels and when you overwater your plant, it will turn pink and when your plant needs more water, the plate will remind you by turning blue.


The second idea I have is a light sensor that you can stick by a window or other areas of your home that will measure the light data in that corner and let you know what kind of plants are suitable to be placed in that area.

Wifi Connection 1:

Wifi Connection 2:

Huzzah LED test:


Final Project Proposals

  1. Key Reminder
    Attach the key with an acrylic stick, and it lights up when you plug it in the base.

2. Habit keeper
This is a device that helps us keep a good habit. For instance, Seona wants to do yoga at 7:00 every morning. First of all, she set the time,  and the button will pop out at 7:00 with the light up. She’ll press the button after she finishes her yoga time, and the bottom will pop up again at 7:00 am tomorrow.
button down-01.jpg

3. Glowing Dude

You can put this little man on the way you go to the bathroom at night, his head will light up when you pass. It’ll be a bit creepy if he lights up but nothing pass in front of him.

lightbulb man-01.jpg

Sorry that I didn’t finish the Arduino assignment, I’ll finish it before next week and post it. Thanks!

Final Project Proposals

First Proposal: ColorTalk earphones or earphone attachments


This would actually be a continuation of a project from another class. I’ve made one rough physical prototype already (pictured above) The earphones allow users to communicate via a color and light language. For example, 2 quick blinks of pink equates to a flirty wink.

Ideally, I’d like for either the headphones (or attachment if it’s not built into the headphones) to be bluetooth enabled and connected to an app so the LED color and animations could be changed. It would not involve the production of sound, only perhaps the building of a circuit with speakers if I made the whole thing from scratch. I’d like to play with 3D printing the headphone forms.

I’m not sure if this is too ambitious for my current skill level with the amount of time we have left in the class. However, I’m interested in making a more viable prototype for this project, so thought this might be a good opportunity.

2nd Proposal: Updated Pomodoro Timer


The timer I currently use for the Pomodoro time management method is neither bright nor obnoxious enough to get my attention when I need to stop working. I’d like a timer that lights up, vibrates, and makes noise. And maybe even walks off…..

3rd proposal: Curtain Timer

I have blackout curtains in my bedroom. They’re great for keeping out the bright lights of the city at night. However, come morning, it’s harder for me to wake up because my body still thinks it’s dark outside. I’d like to develop some sort of pulley system that I can program to open and close my blinds at certain times of the day. Not sure how to make it aesthetically pleasing though. Maybe I can go a bit steampunk with gears.




Week 10 Homework and final project ideas

Hello! I was able to get the Huzzah light to blink and also was able to connect to the wifi and google.com too. However, now I am failing to connect to wifi. The arduino board doesn’t turn on.



For my final project, here are my three ideas.

  1. A Pomodoro lamp. This lamp has a lightbulb installed on a rod and rotates up and down. When the light bulb is up, it lights up for 40 mins and then falls back down for another 10 mins. The time is set up so that during the first 40 mins, you would diligently work, and you can take a break for the next 10 mins. Inside the box of the lamp, I would like to display the list of tasks or interesting articles to read as a reminder.
  2. The second idea is a yoga mat. It would wake you up with an alarm and the alarm won’t go off until you finish a yoga routine. I am thinking of using capacitive sensor to detect pressure or touch. I would like to use music as an alarm. This would require recording the yoga routine beforehand; when you wake up you do the same routine to turn the alarm off.
  3. A mirror that turns on when you move in front of it. After 20 squats in front of the mirror, it finally turns on. This would also require recording the gesture beforehand. I was also inspired by this project. https://www.instructables.com/id/Infinity-Mirror-Table/
  4. The last one is related to food detection. Since I have been dealing with the issue of snacking too much, and as an effort to eat healthier, I would like to create a product that helps you eat healthier. I was inspired by this project. https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/crispylel/food-detector-6178cc?ref=tag&ref_id=monitoring&offset=31