Week 11 Homework

For homework this week, please complete the remaining lessons in the Internet of Things Class:

Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6

and create the following for your final project (select your idea by Friday):
-Bill of Materials (BOM) (list of components and parts)
-Circuit diagram (made using Fritzing, Tinkercad Circuits, or drawing)

Please make a blog post with video or photo evidence of your lesson completion, and your proposed BOM and circuit diagram for your project (Works in Progress/Proposals category). Due 5pm Tuesday 11/19.


Week 10 Homework

Finish watching this playlist of project documentation videos.

We will be working in class next week with your Huzzah ESP8266 boards, so bring all your Arduino gear, laptops, and questions!

Brainstorm ideas for your final project. Please make a blog post with three ideas and sketches, due Nov 12 at 8pm (Works in Progress/Proposals category).

Your final project should be a physical object that uses what you’ve learned about Arduino so far. It should solve a problem or enhance an experience. You will publish your final projects in the form of a step-by-step tutorial and video, showing others how to replicate your design. You may work in groups if you choose. You may include internet-connectivity in your project, but it is not required. Some examples:

Karan’s final project proposal

Physical Palette generator

Idea 1:

Choosing colors is not an easy task, at least for me. Every person working in the digital industry has faced or used a Newton wheel at some point in his life. Color Palette suggestion Tools like Adobe Color are very helpful. But what about the physical industry? How inconvenient it is to know the exact color of a physical object and use the online color suggestion tools. The color calculator will come in handy at these times. It will have a single pixel camera (color sensor) and will do the math based on the input and display the suggested palette in the 4 blocks.

The most important thing any dentist or tooth-care research paper will tell us is to brush regularly for at least 2 minutes. Toothpaste and brush are not as important as the time. Yet the dental industry will sell us products on different parameters like arrangement of bristles etc. Even the smart brushes only indicate the time that you have brushed , that too on the smart phone, which you typically will check after finishing the brushing regime. Moreover brushing twice daily is still a wishlist for many people. They just cant do it at night.

Imagine that you forget to brush at night, and a message goes to your boss that you did not brush. I believe this embarrassment will force you to brush your teeth. The toothbrush will use a vibration sensor, and keep track of the time of vibration. If it detects 2 cycles within 24 hours, it will not do anything, else it will post a shameful message on facebook / instagram or any other media on your behalf.

This is a persistent translator that will help you remember the word you asked it. When you ask for a translation by voice, it will provide the translation. After a while or when it detects motion next or turns on next, it will ask for the translation again, if you succeed the lamp will stay on, else the lamp will turn off. The experience part of it still needs to be refined. I plan to use the Google Speech to text API & Yandex Translate API for achieving this.

Xiaohan’s final project proposal

This is a system which help parents to understand where the allowance their children spent and how much they have left.

This is a lightning system connect through Internet for separated couples and families. When they touch the “beans”, the lights inside will be diffused in different colors so the other person could feel their presents.

This is a shape of an old Chinese money. The idea is to help people manage their money by showing the money they have left on this object.

Yufeng’s Final Project Proposals

Idea 1

Ukulele left hand assistant

The frets of ukulele is between 12 to 20. The less the frets, the easier to make.
The tiny bulbs will light in order to indicate the left hand composition according to the songs and the code. Maybe one code for one song. One simple song.
The different examples of light composition.

For the smallest Ukulele, it needs at least 4X12=48 tiny lights.

Or maybe not necessary to cover the whole frets.

Therefore, the plan is to have 4 strips of tiny bulbs connected with baterries or USB and Arduino (PC,Plug)

Idea 2

This is the landscape painting cutting on wood strip.

This idea is to cut a piece of wood strip into the Chinese landscape painting by CNC. Then put the LED behind the wood strip. Add some diffused material to make the painting like a silhouette drawing with the colors changing or just different colors.

For wall decoration.

sample , different colors LED.

KG’s final project proposals

  1. Silent countdown LED timer

2. A phone cover or bracelet whose colour is dependent on a bank balance or budget

3. Distraction tracker button that sits on your desk