Week 6 Slides and Homework

For homework this week, start brainstorming ideas and gathering materials for your 3rd project, a Halloween costume or prop. Team up or work in a group if you like! Working in groups can facilitate problem solving while maximizing creative energy, and create more time for project presentations/discussion on October 30. Although groups are encouraged, each member must have a costume to participate in the parade Oct 31.

Gemma Setup

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Magical Wand (“Lumos”!)


“Lumos” is a spell in Harry Potter movies which is able to light up wizards’ wands.

My wand designs

How does is work?

I’m planning to use a vibration sensor or an accelerometer as my input, and have light patterns as the output. The electronics portion will be hid in the sleeves. With the vibration sensor, the wand will light up when i wave the wand, which is similar to the spell “lumos” in the movies.

I will try to use chopstick as the core, and use blue foam, hot glue to add patterns and more details on the wand.

Black Wuchang(Chinese ghost)

Black Wuchang is Chinese ghost. The reason why I want to choose it to as my Halloween costume is I want to spread Chinese culture, and let foreigners to know Chinese ghost.

My design’s hardest part is the structure of hat. So I plan to use wire to build frame. And then, use black fabric to cover it.

The key point is Led behind the paper. I plan to use coding to blink light. I will also fix LED on Iron chains. The Iron chain is the weapon of Black Wuchang.

Raden Halloween Costume

For my Halloween costume ill be working on making a Raden costume from the video game series Mortal Kombat. He is the God of Lightning so his eyes light up and he attracts lighting through his hands. So I’m going to use a Capacitive sensor on the orb so that whenever I catch the orb with 2 hands, the eyes, his shield and the orb light up and represent the lighting.


I am going to dress up as a witch for Halloween. Based on the costume I bought, I decided to make a combination of a magic wand and a crystal ball.

The crystal ball will be combined with the touching sensor,Gemma Mo, to control the opening and closing of the led which will put into the crystal ball. When you touch the crystal ball, inside of Led will be turn on.


For my Halloween costume I will be the scary scarecrow!!I bought a costume in the halloween store and I decide to design a headwear. My inspiration is from the real scarecrow. Because crows always are attracted by the scarecrow and they will stay at the scarecrow to peck the straw. I have to emphasis that I am a real person to dress up to a scarecrow so I will make a brain which is pecked and reveal out of my head. I also will put the crow on my head beside the brain with some straw.

I will remove the crow’s eyes and make a hole with the drill, then I will make two red led lights to put into the crow as the eyes. Before I do this part, I have to do a surgery that to use the knife to cut the belly of the crow to make sure that whether it is hollow inside. I also will put some led lights into the straw with the glue gun. Finally, I have to figure out how to make the brain, crow and straw can be stable on my head because we have to participate the parade, if it always drop down that will be so uncomfortable.



Our costume is inspired by the game Minecraft, and we will appear in the Halloween parade as two pixelated characters, one with an axe and one with a torch. 

The cube is going to cover our head, upper body part and arms. 

The first pixel girl with the axe has the block sequence around her(or in the other hand), she uses the axe to shut down the block by hitting the axe to the block. We intend to use a hidden switch to trigger this action. 

And the top of the torch in the hand of the pixel holding the torch presents the shape of wave, visually represents the shape of the flame, and has a built-in light string. 

our structure sketch of the torch
the character sketch
some details

Material(possible): Corrugated plastic sheet/ painting/ sticker(pixel patterns)