Halloween Brainstorming


I have three different ideas for my costume.

first one is the witch costume. I think I might need to buy the dress and attach the puffy sleeves to it. My idea is to put blue(cold) lights inside the sleeves as well as on the rim of the hat in a way that it lights up my face. Here is the sketch:


I probably need to attach wire to the sleeves to make them look that way. The circuit will be pretty simple, I am trying to figure out a way to make it more interactive.

My next idea is to make a cupcake costume. It will be basically dress with a lot of puffy fabric( I thought about organza). The sprinkles are going to be the part that lights up and blinks. I would need a capsule shaped object to hold the LED inside. Here is my sketch:


My last idea and the most favorite one is costume that looks like a uterus. Here is the sketch:


I thought I can make it interactive by adding a touch sensor to it. when you touch it, a light pops up that says no uterus, no opinion( I know, a bit weird and excessive!:)) If the touch sensor makes it too complicated, I also thought of having string lights inside the tube that would constantly change color.

For tomorrow, I am hopping to make sure which direction I am going to, make the code work, possibly do the soldering or make my patterns for sewing. I postponed buying most of my material to when I picked my project.

Halloween Costume Ideas


  1. Sparkle leopard dress – my first idea is using my latin leopard dress and adding lights on the skirts so that it sparkles when I dance in the dress. It will have the led lights along the lining and also around the hip and waist area where the Latin dance movement is often emphasized. I wanted to make something that I would like to wear while dancing and I think it would be helpful to have lights to show how much you are moving while you practice! I plan to use Flora accelerometer and mainboard but fiber optics seem really cool too for adding some flair to the skirt.
  2. The second idea is inspired from the fairy tale by Christian Andersen, The Little Match Girl. I saw the Adafruit tutorial of a candle and a fire pouch which I would like to use to carry. I would also make a match that has an led light at the tip of the match.

Halloween Costume Sketch

Here are my three sketches of Halloween Costume this week.


My first idea is a hat. It contains 4 RGB LEDs. 4 LEDs changes color, on and off when wearing it. Component: Neopixel, 4 RGB LEDs, Coin battery.

I was trying to figure out the circuit but not sure how to connect the LED and the Neopixel board.


The second sketch is Eyeball headband. I gonna use two Ping-Pong balls and contains LED inside. When someone comes close, the LEDs in Ping-Pong balls will on. Component: 2 Red LED, 2 x 1 kΩ Resistor, PIR sensors, 4.5V Battery, 2 Pingpang balls.


The third sketch is a Deep Sea Angler (Lantern Fish) Mask. It kind like a mask. Because there is a light hang in front of the face of Lantern fish, I am trying to put a Green LED into a Ping-Pong ball as the front light. Like the second sketch, when someone comes close, the LED will on and you can all the face of the fish. Component: PIR sensors, 1 Green LED, 4.5V Battery, 1 kΩ Resistor.

Week 6 HW: Halloween Costume Ideas

My first thought was “WINGS.”

After doing some research, I found LED and fiber optic lit wings. And dresses. And make-up. Needless to say, I’m now obsessed with fiber optics in costumes because they look so cool (when not overdone). I think they’d be perfect for the Halloween Parade. They also don’t seem to be super complicated to work with. Famous last words.

My 3 ideas are:

  1. Wings with LEDs in the center and fiber optic cables used to form light pattern on the wings
  2. Rocket booster back pack with LED’s attached
  3. Dino hood/back piece with either just LEDs or fiber optics on the spine

Below are sketches of ideas and potential wing shapes.


If I make wings, I will somewhat be following this Instructables tutorial, but don’t want to make an exact copy of them. If it’s not too complicated, I’m toying with the idea of adding a microphone sensor so the color changes with volume of sound. It would be a slower transition color change than the LED’s that respond to music though. I’m ordering an adafruit Flora microcontroller and LED strip to use in the costume. For power, I intend to use a 6V coin cell battery and mount that with the the other electronics in a box. I will most likely rely on the battery pack toggle switch to control power.

At this point, I’m not sure how I want to program the colors for the costume.

Here are some other inspiration costumes:







Here’s a key resource link as I (hopefully) learn to use them for my project:



Halloween Proposal

Hi guys!

Below are three proposals for my LED/Halloween mash up!

My first choice would be the “Crypt Cat” as I am going to a themed party on Halloween and it fits well with the theme. This would involve a cat “hood” construction with LED’s hidden and diffused through the inside of the ears and potentially also as decorative elements. I would love to also try LED cat claw gloves – using the Thermoplastic to shape claws and attaching them to gloves with LED’s lighting up the claw tips.


Other thoughts included a Medusa Snake Headband with LED glowing snakes and a Butterfly/moth wings with LED’s sewn on the wing mesh.




Halloween Costume Brainstorming

Hello, for our final project, I came up with 4 ideas from brainstorming.


1.A magic wand

My first idea is making a magic wand that has microphone(sound sensor) in it. It will start to light up in noisy environment, so it can work as a warning in dangerous situation. I will be making the handle part by rolling cardboard. The handle part is going to be hollow so the lines can be put inside it.

2.A glowing broomstick

My second idea is a glowing broomstick. The bristle will be made by using dried Raffia. It will have a ball(maybe styrofoam) inside so that I can attach my leds and sensors to the ball. This broomstick will have tilt switch inside, so that whenever I sweep, it will glow.

/ Also I thought about making the handle, not the bristle to light up.



3.The third idea that I came up with is a headband. Two horns will be attached to the band and it will have tilt sensor inside each horn. Therefore whenever the user dances, the horns will show lights!

4.My last idea is a glowing mask. I was thinking about attaching leds to the upper part of the mask and then place the switch at the stick part. For this product, I thought it would be better to not use a sensor but let the user control the light, since this has a stick and the user has to hold the stick anyway.


I am already excited about this project! Can’t wait to see other classmates’ ideas:)

Halloween Costume Ideas


I will be on a team of 1 to complete my halloween costume. I have 3 ideas that I have sketched:


My first idea is to design a lit up fringe turtleneck top reminiscent of the 1960s go-go era. I want to sew on the fringe elements under the arms of the sleeves and on some of the fringes put some neopixel leds. I want to leds to gradually glow.



My second idea is to design a halo crown similar to the one Beyonce wore when she announced her second pregnancy to the world and preformed. I would drill holes in a headband and put the  golden sticks inside. Before that I would attach yellow leds to each stick.



My last idea is a pair of pirate pants that would alternate strips of yellow and green led lights. I would attach stips of that fabric to the pants and then neopixel leds to the strips.