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Description and/or storyboard for your project video

My video script:

  1. After finishing the online zoom class and some homework, I got really tired and decided to go to sleep. My cat sneaks into my room and pees on my bed again.
  2. I saw the pee and I looked so upset, this is not the first time she does it. I checked the poop box and food bowl, everything was fine but the kitty just kept peeing on my bed. 
  3. I decided to make something to help her adjust her behavior. Then I figured that she only pee in a specific area on my bed.
  4. I started to test the input sensors: smell sensor and the humid sensor won’t work, cuz they only detect after she peed, the motion sensor is too sensitive, the ultrasonic distance sensor is my final pick of the input in my device. Then the output, my kitty doesn’t like the strong smell and weird noise, so I decide to make something either press the air-fresher button or make some noise. Piezo is a good choice because it is easy to test in this situation so far.
  5. When I built the circuit, I wanted to make a cover to make my device look more like a real product.
  6. Work is done. Function presenting. How the lights reflect the status of the device, how it works with different distances, how it triggers the piezo, and what message I receive from it.

The Cookie Counter

Project Video

I think I will set my camera up on a tripod and not break from that shot for the majority of the video. I want to do a time-lapse of sorts at different times of day with multiple outfits on.  I might have it as a hidden camera on a go pro or just place a time stamp on it. I plan on having the kitchen to look like it would throughout the week, messy, clean and everything in between, so you can see someone eating cookies at all hours of the day.  And then at the end, I want to show the display either on the cookie jar or on the app.


The form of this device is very simple and is predetermined largely from the cookie jar itself.  I picked one with a large enough lid to hid the component parts.I really want to hid the technology as much as I possible can with this project.  I want it look like this isnt tracking anything, so you can catch cookie thieves!

Google doc:


IoT Weather Reminder – Anne

Link to instructions draft: Google doc (contains also materials and tools list.)

Link to Instructables page:

Circuit Progress photos:

Progress shot showing the jumpers that need to be soldered for the displays.
circuit on breadboard and tripler (in progress and showing only 2 of 3 alphanumeric displays)
Working circuit just before being disassembled to be soldered on permaboard.
Soldering of circuit on permaboard in progress.

Model (in progress, the final circuit will be mounted inside an 8″x8″ shadow box. This is the front view.)

Circuit Diagram

The PIR at the top toggles the scrolling text. The neopixels light based on weather conditions from Weather Underground. The 7 segment displays forecasted high temperature for the day. The small OLED displays today and tomorrow’s brief forecast.

Video Storyboard

Working Final Project – Margarita

Google Draft Tutorial

Instructables User Profile

Form of the Project Development

Prototype circuit with NODEMCU, LED Display stacked

Video Project Storyboards

Project prototype and tutorial draft

this is stage 1. only a sensor works.
this is stage 2. when sensor is triggered, yellow LED shines and it send a message to Adafruit IO and get back. Then the red one shines.

I checked on the same one with two codes and this idea is working. I only need to assemble another one. And have a shell for it.

Google Doc



I’m not quite sure what exactly I am going to do. 

But one thing is more certain.

This is my first product video. 

So I must make it simple.

The best is a piece of soft music, a few shots, and some text. 

It’s done.

This is the best.

Zekun’s final project preparation

1. prototype circuit

I’ve been searching for materials that I can refer to for the LED matrix.

This matrix will have different modes, sleepy, excited, and angry, but I’m not sure how to trigger each emotion.

2. Form Development

Most of the small-size LED matrixes are diffused in square shapes, but I like the effect of the picture below. So I’m also considering using a circular grid.

3. storyboard

one shot of all materials needed

assembling process (or something like an exploded view)

testing and adjusting with it hanging on the wall

a person walking by it and walking out of the frame with the pixels showing a image changes to pixels randomly blinking

a montage of the sky changing from day to night with the pixels from sleepy( light color, blinking slowing) to excited (bright color constantly blinking and changing color) and to sleepy.

4. Instructables

More IoT & Final Project Planning:

Final Project: a container that will lock your phone if you want to take a break from screen time or when you are studying to not get distracted. A text will be sent if the glass lock is open.

  1. Glass lock Jar:,9266:C,8534:A,8088:A,8091:A,9437:B&rmdValue=p1574355091:vt-1.0.0:p48410609&isAddedCart=
  2. Decoration Paper:
  3. ESP8266 board :
  4. PIR Motion Sensor :
  5. Soldering iron
  6. Solder
  7. Wires
  8. Breadboard
  9. LED