Cathy’s Halloween Costume

This is Darth Vader in Star Wars!

Features of the costume

  • The helmet is the most important part of his suit. The most apparent purpose it serves is to help Vader breathe.
  • The rest of Vader’s suit is mostly made up of protective materials to shield his fragile body, which include garments, an armored breastplate, a girdle, and the system status belt.
  • A lightsaber in red.

Making Process

  • Step 1: Cut a 4-5 inches cuboid wood in the half, make a groove in both of pieces, and clue together.
  • Step 2: Make a specific shape with Wood Lathe Machine.
  • Step 3: Code in “buttoncycler” with 4 different modes(off, normal on, one by one, and vibration switch) on Gemma.
  • Step 4: Cut a long clear pipe(size TBD) and put NeoPixel strip inside of it. (TBD: light diffusion)
  • Step 5: Hide Gemma in a Pingpang ball on the bottom.
  • Step 6: Spray paint, the end!

Material List

  • Costume(done)
  • One PingPang ball(ask CA)
  • Long clear wipe(Home Depot)
  • Wood piece(VFL)
  • Red Long LED Strip(Check with Becky)
  • Coin-size Batteries(Amazon)

Have a Try on “ButtonCycler”

 case 0:
      colorWipe(strip.Color( 0, 0, 0), 50); // Black/off

 case 1:
      colorWipe(strip.Color(255,   0,   0), 50);    // Red

 case 2:
     void setup() {
      void loop() {
      for (int i=0; i < NUMPIXELS; i++) {
      pixels.setPixelColor(i, pixels.Color(255, 0, 0));;

 case 3:???

Cyclops’ Visor


I’m going to be Cyclops from X-Men (specifically from the 90s animated series). I’ll be wearing street clothes with a navy turtle neck under and his signature beam focusing bright yellow visor. The visor will fade on to a bright red, imitating his laser vision. 

Arduino Techniques

I will be using an on/off button to activate the lighting effect. When the on/off button is pressed and held, the light will fade in and continue to increase in brightness till it reaches maximum brightness. If the button is released at any point the light will quickly fade out. 

If time permits, I’m hoping to add a power up sound effect to coincide with the lighting. 


  • 1 Red or RGBW LED strip (12v required)
  • 1 Arduino board
  • 1 on/off button
  • 3 TIP120 Transistors
  • Power Supply 12V, 2A Adapter
  • Connection wires (enough to run + and – from my pocket down my arm and to my hand)
  • Yellow filament

Circuit Diagram

Sarah’s Halloween Costume

Crystal Skeleton Materials
Reflective vinyl – iron on
Black long sleeve t-shirt
Black pants
Black lycra mask
Durable plastic skull
Crystal molds
Resin mix + UV curing
Flexible NeoPixel LED strip & battery pack – I plan on using 2-3 strips of 8 LED’s

I’ve adjusted by costume to account for the low light up time of glow in the dark paper. I’ve switched to use reflective vinyl. I think this will still look great and reflect any ambient light around me.

I’m also thinking I’ll cut this flexible LED into 2 -3 strips.

I will cut open the top of the plastic skull head and insert my crystal set. I’m thinking of using blue foam to hold the crystals as well as the led strip/arduino set up. The LED strip(s) will sit inside the blue foam base.

Arduino Techniques:
I want my LED strip(s) to pulse blue light. I will will adjust the brightness of the LEDs to do this. Following this repetitive blue light pulse I want the strips to perform a rainbow display before switching back to the blue pulse.

Achi’s Halloween Costume

For my Halloween costume/prop I’ll be making Dr. Strange’s Eye of Agamotto with the time stone inside. Here’s a list of things I have to buy to make this possible.

Eye of Agamotto:

  1. 3D printed Model:
  2. Green Rhinestone (Maybe diffuses the light):
  3. Green Film (if the Rhinestone is not enough):
  4. Leather Cord:


  1. Primer:
  2. Metallic Gold:
  3. Chrome Silver:


  1. Gemma Board
  2. Single Green LED
  3. Battery
  4. Controller or on/off button?

Cheryl’s Halloween Costume

My halloween costume is inspired by chinese culture, especially assassin from some shows that I’ve watched. For my main costume, I’ll be ordering a Qipao dress, sai props, and maybe some hair accessories.

For this project, I will be making a mask inspired by Peking opera, the four main roles are Sheng, Dan, Jing, and Chou, the color usually represents the roles, and they are categorized based on the gender, age, evil or kind-hearted nature.

I will be making a white mask(usually the bad guy role).

I couldnt find any white mask that is hard enough, most of them on amazon are made out of either thin plastic or paper. So I am thinking of making the base with sculpey and paint directly on it. Instead of a mask to wear on the face, i’ll be adding a longer strap to carry it on my back.

Shopping list:


Light Shopping list:



Monica’s Halloween Costume WIP

Let It Rain: A wearable vest that emulates a rainy day


Pseudo code

Six LED strips are laid out in parallel, three on each of the front sides of the vest. The LED strips turn and off in a manner that simulates a raindrop falling down. First LED turns on (blue color), a split second later, the second LED turns on, and the first LED turns off. Then the thirds LED turns on and the second turns off, and so on. When the light reaches the final pixel of the strip, it goes back to the top.

This happens on all 6 strips. The only difference is that they don’t all start the loop at the same time, so as the rain to look like it is falling organically.

Extra fun stuff (optional): the rain gets ‘heavier’ or ‘lighter’ with the turning of a sensor (a potentiometer?). Heavier means that the raindrops would fall faster, which in code would mean that the delay between the lighting of each subsequent LED would be less.


Polyfill, black velvet fabric (base), black transluscent fabric (to conceal and protect LEDs) Adafruit GEMMA, Adafruit Soft flexible NeoPixel strip (50 NeoPixels), 1200 mAh battery

Early Circuit Tinkering

Ideally the circuit has 6 independently pinned strips.
Version 1.0

After lots of research, I thought I needed something similar to the ‘simple’ sketch in the Adafruit NeoPixel library. I added a ‘pixels.clear’ function to the end of the code to make it look like rain. However, I then had trouble attaching more NeoPixel strips and having the same code run simultaneously, instead of having only one strip light up at a time. See the Tinkercad circuit here.

Version 2.0

The “Florabella” rain program kind of did the job for the 2-strip set up I had made. Then it completely stopped working when I added 6 strips. See new circuit with 6 strips here.

Giancarlo’s Halloween Costume

Costume: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Lightsaber and Robe)

The lightsaber will be made out of wood carved on the lathe — see last week’s proposal for pictures of the draft (as I’m currently doing the final model).

The lightsaber will have a hole in the middle, so I can feed the wires through for the LED and the blade of the lightsaber will be a plastic tube with Styrofoam to diffuse and stick the LED NeoPixel.

Link for the robe below


For some reason the Tinkercad doesn’t showcase different colors (and blue in my case) but it previously worked in-person.

Arduino Techniques: Fade, Loop, ON/OFF button (maybe magnetic… for the force). Hopefully I can get my Gemma to work soon.

Purchase list:


Arshi’s Halloween Costume

My idea for Halloween is to recreate Harley Quinn’s weapon “Good Night” bat. My idea is to have the letters light up. For this, It would be ideal if i could cut out the letters from the material first. Then I will insert an LED strip light through so all the letters can light up. If that does not work, I will wire the lights on the letters on the exterior of the bat.   


For the LED- I was looking at the Adafruit Strip Lights.

This strip light is easy to cut using a wire cutter. I would have to cut it for each letter on the bat.

For the costume, I have purchased a red dress with frills at the collar and bottom. If i have the time, I will also put the light strips in the neck line. 

Option 2

Another idea is to use a scrolling text LED. On the Adafruit website, some of them have been discontinued but I found the following that are available for purchase. 

The idea is to buy two of them for each word – “good” and “night”

I found the following as matrix LED – where i can code it to say the words “Good Night”

Tinkercad – need help.

Need to figure out which one to go for. I have looked at some coding examples that I think will help with the approach.

Xinyue’s Halloween costume

Role description:This Halloween my cos role is Xiaoqing, who is a character in the four legendary stories of Chinese folk love, “The Legend of the White Snake”. She was cultivated by green snake for thousands of years. She is naughty by nature, daring to love and hate.

About costume:I have purchased the whole set of clothes and hair accessories from China, and I hope it will be delivered in time. The snake wrapped around the body has been purchased from Amazon, and I will re-sewn the electronic components into the body of the snake in the future.

After the switch was turned on, the snake’s eyes lit up with green light, and then touching the switch, the snake’s eyes changed from green to red, and there was a fade effect, as if to express its anger.


  1. Trim toy snake. Prepare the battery pack, wires, (NeoPixel with GEMMA M0*2/ Arduino board,NeoPixel *2), switch, ping pong ball*2, solder to a suitable length, and write the code (on-LED green on-touch again-red light gradually on-off). Make sure it can work.
  2. Insert the device into the toy snake, fix the bulb at the eyeball position, find a suitable position for the switch to fix, and sew the toy snake.
  3. After the clothing arrives, sew the toy snake onto it.
  4. If I have extra time, I solder a smaller power supply, resistor, and led strip together and hide it in the hairband, which looks like a small snake.

Arduino technique(s) 


Switch on(Switch Debouncing code)

Buttoncycler code

1. First touch:Specified LED color code(green light on)

2. Second touch: the red light gradually brightens(like fade code)

3. Third touch: the light turns off

Materials and parts you’re using

  1. AAA Batteries*1(already in the arduino package, no need to purchase)
  2. wires(already in the arduino package, no need to purchase)
  3. Arduino board(already in the arduino package, no need to purchase)Is it too big and how to fix the wire on the board?
  4. NeoPixel *2 it enough?
  5. Ping pong ball*2 (already have)
  6. Switch!(I only have one, but it’s too small to control)
  7. Sewing kit
  8. Small battery (LIGHT BELT)
  9. Side-light Fiber Optic Tube – 4mm Diameter(LIGHT BELT)
  10. Fiber Optic Light Source
  11. Resistor (LIGHT BELT)?
  12. Switch (LIGHT BELT)

Circuit diagram