Yukti’s Little Printer

I find myself at discord between planning digitally vs analog. I like the the ease of thinking about my plan for the day through a digital template. At the same time, I find it a little distraction to refer to my plan digitally. My brain starts to check the other thousands of exciting screens pop ups on my phone. I like the non distracting nature and the touch of analog plans on paper. I like to strike things off that list. This made me think of a my own ‘Little Printer’. Little Printer is a small smart printer, connected to my devices through the internet. It prints me out my to-do and plan for the day every morning at 7am.

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Shun Cheng’s final project ray gun

I’m such a big fan of toys and products that’s my passion and reason for studying Products of design at SVA. In my final project, I want to make a ray gun that combines sound and light effects. Having fun while building this ray gun is my goal and learn how to use an Arduino soundboard.

Main Scene

  1. enter the RPG game scene
  2. gear store
  3. select your gear
  4. show gear detail
  5. ready to go

I may also ask for help our classmate’s help if they want to show their Halloween project in the video

You(=I) Electronic Beating Heart

For my final project, I am making an electronic beating heart with a heart rate simulator. This is a unique way to show your feelings towards someone that you are into, by beaming the lights according to your heart rate. When you hold the figure in your hands, the lights shine and show how nervous you are when standing in front of someone that you have always been longing for.

Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14VouTckLKteHaaX9FlbXrbm_4z0uudHHnqyCpzqJBrQ/edit?usp=sharing


The Outcast’s Rest, Sealed Binding Locker of the Putrighast.

“On the night of Samhain ages ago, a violent presence from the blackness overtook a young boy named Tiredain. His mind was wrung into a manifestation of darkness and his body was repeatedly crushed and remade into the very visage of unnatural evil. His odor was of the days of plague carts and his voice was of crackling embers under a screen of wet phlegm. This was the Putrighast. It was sealed away in an adorned box by an unknown enchanter. The Putrighast still calls out to this day to be released.”

The video will feature a montage of the construction of the box as a mystical object through many close up dutch angle shots of the details. During the montage, the above narration would be given. It will then cut to a wide angle shot of the box and people walking in front of it, the box will speak as people pass by, expect it won’t sound like some monster, it will just be a normal dude politely asking people to let him out because “they got the wrong guy”.

Detailed circuit diagram:

One of the sketches:

Instructables Profile: https://www.instructables.com/member/zyao5/

Instructions Draft: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qHumO1rPoKP4zSzzHhj3xNKTy88Fg85FaRMjtnroL_Y/edit?usp=sharing

EatWhat – final project


I always spend a lot of time deciding what to eat since I have so many options, it’s hard to just pick one from them. Therefore, I want to design a product to decide it for me. Speaking of luck, gambling can not be overlooked, and then dice, roulette and slot machines come to mind. My first several ideas are around dice and roulette, but finally choose slot machine as the form.

Main scene in the videos:

The first scene will be a persona asking about what to eat, show she phone screen.

The second scene will be the time pass and her anxiety

The third scene will be the ad of EatWhat showed when she watches YouTube and she places an order of it

The next scene will be the delivery and the usage of EatWhat:
Pull down the handle, the machine rolls, light blink with sound, the result shows, light stop blinking
Show how much time it takes

The last scene will show her smile and happy moment eating with friends, and the rolling machine

Electronic Wooden Fish

This project is a fish-shaped electronic wooden fish made of acrylic panels. The top of the wooden fish will show the number of times I tap it. Also, the number of taps and the sound of tapping are controlled by my phone. Whenever I realize that I have done something wrong, I can remotely tap the electronic wooden fish with my phone to accumulate merits.

Description for my project video: The video will consist of several scenes. The first scene is when I watch a video about subway fare evaders. During the second scene, I begin to think about how to avoid fares. The third scene is me sneaking to the subway station to try to avoid fares. And background music, the sound of wooden fish, fades in. The fourth scene is when I realize that this act is a mistake, so I pick up my phone to “tap the wooden fish”. The final scene is when the wooden fish in my room starts to sound and counts the number of times I have tapped it.

Link the Google docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1076TR5m13znQNARt3jW91j-RiYkOgTGRD3CFweDOvzE/edit?usp=sharing

Link the Instructables: Ryang18’s Activity – Instructables

Sama – Final Project WIP

For my final project, I will be making a sculptural sun lamp to combat seasonal depression! The idea is for people like me who tend to lose a lot of motivation and energy during the winter months where our sun exposure is less than normal.

In terms of the market for these lamps, there are a lot out there. Looking at form, a lot of the shapes are classic geometric shapes especially round spheres, rectangles and lines.

When looking at functionality, a lot of these are golden hour projections or just regular lamps that give off a warm white light. I wanted to add a differentiator to my idea which is having the lamp wake up up at night and be used as a night light during the evening i.e. adding alarm clock functionality. I want to connect my huzzah to a weather api so the sunrise and sunset can trigger the alarm sequence.

But when looking at the market again, it was saturated with spherical versions of this idea.

So I thought one differentiator could definitely be form. But I as also thinking of how I can add functionality to this as well. So I wanted to add functionality that if you got a text from someone you love ‘i.e. Mom’ this would trigger a reaction in the lights as well.

Final Idea:

Based on all of this research, my final project is [name undecided].

I have 3 goals for this product:

  1. Needs to be easily accessible from bed (thinking about size and placement)
  2. Should have an intriguing story (it is a sculpture)
  3. Should be pretty! (so it can appeal to lots of people)

Form: (Might not be this exact position, but abstract figures yes)

I want the material to be like a plaster? or an earthy stone-like looking material (which could be done in post prodcition)


My mother used to put me to sleep by covering my eyes with her cool hand. It’s a memory that fills me with a lot of warmth. It made me less afraid of the dark which in the winter is what we are surrounded by. I think the idea of family and support and comfort during the winter is especially warming to the soul and body. The form of this product is informed by that personal memory and sentiment.

Final Project Video:

For my final project video, I would like to set the scene with a mother putting her daughter to sleep but it will be reminiscent and nostalgic in terms of coloring. Then it will fastforward to the daughter grown up walking in the winter blowing on her hands to keep warm. She is walking home and goes into her apartment that is dark and dreary. She sighs. But she notices a package waiting by the door and its from her mom. She opens it and finds [name]. She reads the note left by her mom and smiles. She plugs it in and goes to bed. Cut to the morning where she wakes up with the lamp and is happy and humming.

Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PuXFkS6zfixkMVf0BXRLgX-nKgosK4lOc3Ksw9SHWVc/edit?usp=sharing

Instructables: https://www.instructables.com/member/samasrinivas/

Rora IoT Final Concept

A money-saving Light

The initial concept is a fade-in screen, when the user reaches their saving goal, the screen will show it fully and clearly. Before that, the screen only shows part of the picture according to the percentage of their saving goal. The picture is a random picture, the user will see the different pics for every single goal.


Then the concept goes to be a Snake game-inspired money-saving Light. The drawings for the light appearance:


SeQuence- Final Project

For my final project, I will be creating an object for the facilitation specific meetings using simple turn based functionality, utilizing leds to show who turn it will be next. This produce, which I am calling SeQuence, will be a table top device in the form of the capital letter Q, 3d printed from acrylic. My idea came when Becky told me about her experience as a child with the monopoly “Playmaster”.

For my video, I am thinking that we will start out with a tracking shot of a group of people talking amongst themselves walking down a hallway, from camera left to camera right. Then we will cut to the last person going into the destination, so labeled conference room, and i will place a sign on the glass that says “important creative meeting”. We will then cut to a still close up of a pile of multi colored, round tokens that everyone will be taking one from. We will then cut to us all sitting around the table and me bringing out the SeQuence and placing it in the middle of the table. The room will then get quiet and I will press the button to turn it on and it will prompt the first person to start. We will then go through a sewuence where it will be nearing the end of the persons time and the light on the object will start blinking. At that point the person speaking will start to wrap up, right as the object picks another color for the next person to start.

Link to work in progress instructables:


Link to Instructables Profile: