Hi! I am Elaine Gao🫡

你好!Hello! I am Yining Gao and you can call me Elaine! I come from Shenzhen, a city in south China without any specialty.😪

I had my undergraduate courses in South China University of Technology, and I majored in industrial design. But the courses there are too technical and without any atmosphere of design, so I came here to continue my study. I also minored in computer science but after studying I hate code.🥲( Just because I am not good at it)

I had an internship in a company which design and sell oral care products. And I worked as a CMF designer there. I think it is really interesting to choose color and style for a product after the research and contact with manufacturers. But I think I am lack of pratical design experience so that I hope that I can learn a lot from everyone!

My family cat called ‘Doudou’. I really really miss her.

The cat of my roommate.

Hi! I’m Zai!

I’m a Brand Strategist and Packaging designer from Mumbai, India. I build identity systems and process-driven experiences for brands that believe in the context of culture. My work stems from various cultural influences that, delve into meaningful narratives, out of the visual fodder around me.

I’ve been working in the space of brand design and strategy to create images and narratives for brands for about 4 years and through these years I’ve had the chance to work with teams and individuals designing for spaces, brands, platforms, and initiatives that believe in the value of good design and the power it has to shape minds. From outputs ranging from Brand strategy, Identity systems, Packaging design, and art direction, I believe in the idea of working together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Apart from deep dives into artist discographies and endless listening hours, I also work on curating playlists by the day and am always open to requests 🙂


A fun ongoing project I’m constantly working towards – the Women’s Mobility Project that sprouted during the course of Covid with a couple of friends.

Womxn’s Mobility Project is a project that amplifies stories, issues, anecdotes, histories and realities of non-binary, trans and womxn’s mobility in and claim to Indian public spaces. Urban and Online.

From what started as a conversation between three of my colleagues that pursue careers in art, film, and design, we decided to legitimize the project and make it public from an idea to a platform for individuals to share ideas, reflect their thoughts, and express their opinions.

Other than that I’m an outdoorsy person, (used to be) a national-level badminton player, a bouldering enthusiast, see-ing, seeking, and eating!

Hi,I’m Jinny

Hi!I’m Yining Zhang, and you can also call me jinny. I come from China,Beijing. I am good at graphic design, animation production, modeling, etc. During my college years, I self-taught the design of game mechanics due to my love for games.

—My photo—

I strongly agree that game is “the ninth form of art”. Media art is a kind of interactive experience. Its artistry depends on the creator’s exquisite design to make the audience hear the “overtones”. The digital age provides substantial space for the development of computer games. I am attracted by the charm of computer games. In the virtual world constructed by algorithms and modeling, I can freely experience all kinds of life. By studying computer game development mode and application rules, I have realized many whimsical ideas and built a fantasy world that belongs to me. Now, I also want to pass on the happiness I feel in the online game world to others.😉

Hi, I am Harsha!

@ Milwaukee Art Museum

I am Third-Culture-Kid, primarily raised in Germany, but I have been in America since 2016. I spent two years in upstate NY studying Computer Science before spontaneously transferring to Chicago to pursue my Bachelors of Architecture. I worked most recently as an architectural designer before arriving at the MFA PoD program.

Growing up I was always more science-math inclined, and changing into Design was a challenge at first. The spontaneous decision came through curiosity, and wanting to have a more cohesive well-rounded education with both technical and humanities classes. By the time I started Architecture school, I hadn’t drawn in 4 years and didn’t have any ‘making’ hobbies. It was intimidating, but by the time I graduated, I was confidently practicing fabrication skills and also had a whole new perspective on the world through design.

As I started working in the real world, I found that I enjoyed designing at smaller scales and various mediums rather than just through physical architectural works. I decided to pursue my masters in pursuit to define more of my design values, goals, and to have fun experimenting with more mediums of design and art. I am excited to combine my prior knowledge and put more physicality to my computing background, and explore other scales of design.

Outside of design I love traveling and visiting museums and galleries, reading design art theory/history books, workout classes, and I’m trying to make an effort in sketching in a new nyc neighbourhood every weekend! Also at my previous university, my friends and I started a student zine, the ig is @cumuluszine, and we ran an art gallery space together.

Hey, this is Haley :)

Hey everyone, my name is Haley Kim. I am originally from Korea and I was majored in Jewelry design for my undergrad in Philadelphia. I mostly work for my projects with CAD and am looking forward to explore more at our department. My goto software is Rhino, Zbrush, and Formlabs but I know that there are still a lot to learn more other than these softwares. Since I was a jewelry major, most of my works are jewelry but I am excited to design any medical-related devices such as hearing aids, and would love to get to know about Arduino!

Hello, I’m Carol

Hey there, I’m Carol! I was born in China. I achieved a dual degree in Industrial Design and Studio Art concentration in New Media and Fashion before coming to PoD. I like making fashion stuff and sometimes dream of being a fashion designer. I’m obsessed with milk tea. When I feel stressful, I will grab some milk tea or fruit tea, which will effectively calm me down. I’m here to dive deeper into Arduino through this course, although I’ll admit I’m a tad nervous about whether I’ll grasp it all.

Hey! I’m Jin

Hey guys, my name is jingyi zhu, you can also call me Jin.

I come from Jiangxi, China. I have my undergraduate degree in Nanjing forestry University, majored in furniture design and engineering.

I’m really looking forward to make some gorgeous furnitures&lighting not only using the wood but also try more interesting materials in this class.

Hi Im Kira Fu

My name is Zhiwen Fu and my nickname is Kira, I came up with this name because it’s rare so I can avoid the embarrassment of having to rename myself with someone else. I’m from Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China, also known to others as the home of martial arts (so don’t piss me off lol).

I really enjoy designing things and using my hands to make them, it makes me happy. I graduated from Auburn University with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design, during which I made a lot of models and furniture, including chairs, lamps, eyeglasses, and amusement rides.

I’m glad I was able to come to SVA to continue learning more, and I’ll keep trying.

Hello!My name is Yifan.

I used to study Communication Design at RMIT University and obtained a Destination graduation certificate. I previously worked as an Art Editor at ELLE magazine, where I gained extensive design experience and developed a unique understanding of aesthetics. During my undergraduate studies, I became deeply interested in the psychological direction of toy design and speculative design, exploring how design and psychology can be combined to create works with a greater therapeutic function.
After joining the MFA Design Product project, I hope to delve deeper into more therapeutic forms of toys and exhibitions that trigger public awareness of social issues. I aim to contribute to society through my efforts and collaborate with other designers and professionals in the project to bring new ideas and breakthroughs to the design industry.
I believe that design is not just a form of aesthetics but also a problem-solving approach. She plans to continue focusing on social issues and use design as a tool to create better living experiences for people.