Hi, I’m Ben


I’m from London, Ontario, Canada. I studied English and French in my undergrad. I’ve been making/designing things for about a year. I’ve played with an Arduino Uno before, but never felt comfortable programming it. So that’s what I’m excited to learn. Outside of school, I like being outside… playing sports, romping around the city, and discussing theory.

Hi world lol, it’s PA


Hiya, I’m Phương Anh, and since it means flowers in Vietnamese, above is a photo of me wearing a shirt with flower patterns as I stand posing among more flowers.

I lied. I don’t know what my name means. In Chinese, it’s probably 方英, which means “direction England” (?). But since “Anh” also makes up the word “hero” or “bright”, I can live with that.

I have a background in advertising and UX design, studied and worked in Boston for 5 years before returning home to Saigon, Vietnam, to work for a game startup. Fantastically excited to start making robots in this class and more amazing blinking things. (That’s what we’re doing right?)

Here’s a link to my website if you’re that interested in me 🙄



I am first and foremost from Bharata (shown below), a collective region of culture, research, and technology which informs my entire lived purpose.


Because of the sharpened intent of colonizing forces to destroy and whitewash all symbols of Bharati wealth and technology, many Bharatis do not know of, acknowledge, or fully understand the shared Bharati experience.

I can trace the last hundred years of my lineage to a town in India known as Bodh Gaya. The city of Bodh Gaya holds and protects the seed and seat of Buddhism. Deep in the folds of Bodh Gaya rests the Bodhi Tree, under which Siddhartha Gauthamathe first Buddha, meditated into a state of holiness to become a Bodhisattva.

A Bodhisattva possesses the willpower and sustained energy to achieve pure spiritual, mental, and physical bliss and stillness, but instead chooses to focus their energy towards bringing the evidence of meditative enlightenment to those whose spiritual energy needs nurturing and direction.

This intention of the Bodhisattva will give you insight into how I go about my life.

I am by no means a practicing Buddhist in the same way that Earth is in no way in the same state as the time of Siddhartha, but the power to attain Nirvaena is stored in my DNA and I will channel it’s direction towards designing spaces and structures to bring us each closer to the spiritual stillness we once came from.


im a superstar

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Hi, I am Micah


I am a graphic designer from New Jersey and have had approximately nine years of experience with the field. I graduated from Gordon College in Wenham, MA this May with a BFA (concentration graphic design). I came to SVA to further enhance my abilities as a designer and learn how to create meaningful and aesthetically pleasing products. Some of my other interests include playing guitar, learning about new technologies, longboarding, and building things with my hands.

I look forward to learning Arduino and the coding that comes along with it!




Hi! I’m Carly…

SVA_C_Simmons_Headshot…and I am part of the 2019 Product of Design program at the School of Visual Arts. I was born and raised in Canandaigua, NY, in the heart of the Finger Lakes, where I also completed a four year degree in Architectural Studies from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY. Following graduation in 2016, I was able to feed my appetite for travel by visiting some new places in central and eastern Europe, and spent my summer in a furniture maker’s wood shop honing my woodworking skill set. Prior to coming to NYC, I spent the last year in Boston, MA working in the field of graphic design. This fall I am excited to learn how to channel my design ideas through the world of Arduino! Follow me along the way on Instagram @memory_mapper and at www.carly-simmons.com!

Hi, I’m Yangying!

My name is Yangying Ye, I come from southeast part of China. I graduated from China Academy of Art in Shanghai, major in Product Design especially furniture design. I really into art and traveling, I’ve practiced painting and sketch for 3 years before attending undergraduate. I enjoyed making products myself during last 4 years and always curious about new things.

My instagram is: yangying_ye

looking forward to learning arruino coding…during classes though I’m a little worried right now.