Charvi’s Final Project WIP

My friends and I have a tradition of calling each other at exactly midnight, so that we are the first ones to wish. But since moving to the States, I have been struggling to keep up with the time difference between India and the US, and keep missing out on my friends’ birthdays.

I want to create a device that I wish my friends could have gifted me before Ieft home.

Meet “Better Not Forget My Birthday!” plush toy. It’s a red velvet cupcake with white choco-chips. It comes in a fun dessert-like packaging and has a funny message on the inside, reminding your forgetful friend about things more important than grad school!

Inspiration images
Different components of “Better not forget my birthday”

Movie Scenes

  1. Your best friend tells you that they are moving to another country
  2. You’re super happy for them
  3. They have been running super busy with packing and last minute work
  4. You haven’t had a chance to meet them at all since you heard the good news
  5. You wonder if they will forget you once they move abroad
  6. You walk by a window display and see “gifts for a friend moving away”
  7. You find “Better not forget my birthday! and think it’s the perfect gift.
  8. While saying emotional goodbye to your friend at the airport
  9. You hand them over the beautifully packaged “dessert” box
  10. The friend opens the box and you both start laughing.
  11. A few months later, it’s your birthday and the friend, busy working on their laptop, and the red velvet cupcake glows softly at 1.30 PM, not distracting the people working around like.

Jaemin’s Final Project Progress

  1. Concept
    • Name : Mountains (Air Quality Visualizer)
  2. Form (Rendered)
Material – Acrylic boards and Wooden base

Indirect lighting : Each layer of mountain diffuses light

2. Circuit Design

3. Prototype

4. Google Doc

(Work in progress)

5. Instructables Account

Arshi’s final project – WIP

Global Time Tracker

My family and friends live all over the world. From Mauritius, to the UK, and Australia. That’s a lot of countries with a lot of different time zones. Sometimes I’ll try to call or message my friends back in Australia and wonder why they never pick up. The time difference does not make it easy. The world globe light will help me with just a click to know what time it is in another country so I can plan when to call or message them

Use Case Scenario:

Calling my family and friends is very important to me because I live so far away from them. I have to set up so many different time zones on my clock app on my phone just so I can track what time it is in their country. 

Google Docs

  • World map on paper
  • Cardboard
  • 3D filament 
  • Mini LED button to inset inside the globe-
  • Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 Breakout
  • silicone strip and LEDs
  • IFTTT + Adafruit IO
  • Cello sheets cellophane wraps


  • 3D filament
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Wire cutter
  • Wire stripper
  • Soldering machine and wire from VFL
  • X-acto knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Gorilla glue
  • 18” ruler
  • Measuring tape
  • Tape
  • X-acto knife

Final Project Concepts

1. Thinking of you

This product comes in a pair, you keep one and gift a loved one the other. When you want to let the person know you’re thinking about them, you can place your palm onto the shape and the other person’s shape will light up. When both yours and their hand are on the shape, both will light up in a different color.

2. long ceiling lamp

Unlike most ceiling lamps which are globe-shaped and hang very high up, I want to create a sculptural light design that is quite flat and at eye level, which you can change the dimness by tapping the center or when you come closer, it dims.

3. FINAL – cube light

Each of the three panels has its own circuit so you can tap change the color on each individual panel by tapping them, allowing for fun, experimental, and truly customizable light experience.

Shopping List
– 3 Standalone Momentary Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout – AT42QT1010
– frosted white acrylic sheets
– LED light strips
– Plastic glue
– Conductive tape

Carter’s Works in Progress/Proposal/Arduino Attempt

I tried at school, on my hotspot and at home and could not connect to the internet.

I’d like to either do a matrix display welcoming someone when front door is open or a dress (or skirt) that is motion activated for my niece. If it’s a dress, maybe the top is sound activated (since it’s not moving) and is red lights (school color) and the motion part is white lights of the skirt. I would consult with Monica and Nihaarika about tips from their Halloween costume.

Xinyue’s IoT #2 and Final Project Ideation

IoT Exercise

The whole process went smoothly. My Huzzah can connect to the internet. I also successfully got the Adafruit IO feed working when I pressed the switch in the LED circuit.

Final Project Ideation

The applause device for social software and the mini music stage are both interesting, but I am more enthusiastic about the mini music stage and can’t wait to have my own stage. Every music practitioner desires a stage, but not everyone has a stage, and not everyone likes to participate in that kind of public stage. I hope I can create a brand new experience for music learners. When you play a piece of music, the lights on the stage will light up rhythmically. This is one of the motivations for you to learn music, and it will make your playing more fascinating.

I have been looking for a music-related Applet on the IFTT platform for a long time, but there is no function to recognize the input of notes. Hence, I went to the website to inquire about music-related product cases and found the following 2 cases.


1. What I am a bit confused is that to achieve the effect I want to achieve now, do I still need the control of the Internet of Things?

2. It seems that the music box in a video can only be connected to audio, and then the light changes rhythmically.
Is it through the component named “audio connect” here?

3.In another case, it can visualize the music by recognizing the external music, but if we play with a single instrument, will there still be such an effect? And, in this case, what components did this effect achieve?

4.I want to implement the first case of changing the brightness of the light according to the music played outside, and I can also change the color of the light by myself. What kind of components should be used?

About stage design materials

I will consider using diffuse with multiple materials and try my best to create a dreamy stage. For example: acrylic, feather, yarn, 3d printing.

I also need to make a new round of sketch design for its stage design and choose the one that works best.

Jaemin’s IoT #2 and Final Project Ideation

IoT Excercise

Final Project Ideation

  • Concept name : Mountains (Air Quality Visualizer)
  • Concept illustration
  • How it works
    • Has 4 LED Strips
    • Integrates with Air Quality Index on IFTTT
    • When air quality is great (Air Quality Index is low), turns all 4 LED strips on
      • When air quality is bad (Air Quality Index is high), turns only 1 LED strips on
  • AQI Reference