Danica’s final project work in progress

Google Doc link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ijFgpjCnfCJ8UupD0AYZpcqy_u3uKFPE0YHQULNTWA4/edit?usp=sharing

Instructable link:(haven’t yet, also is the content different from the google doc?)

Video draft:

First show the Time-lapse photography of the building. Record the building process when I put the plywood on the wall and glue acrylic on.

And then showing one person working anxiously in PoD, and then attracts to the new installation on the wall and want to try it. He or she goes to the wall and I will film the interactions in different angles. The scene will include first person moving fingers and then finger close-up shoot. Then the close up of the light and color changes along with the sound. Then the camera comes back to his or her relaxing and happy face.

After 30 seconds of showing the process, he or she comes back to the seat and other people are attracted to try the mediation wall.

-the end-

Things I want to work on:

The circuit and code. I want to make the the led light up and off slowly. I try to find some code, but have not figure out how it work yet.

HI~I’am Baoqi

Hi 👋 I’am Baoqi. I come from Qingdao, China, growing up by the sea 🌊 . I majored in accessory design in the last four years and I also interned as service designer and product designer before. Always trying new things! An adventurer inside!

Guess which is me~
Orange is one of my favorite colors.🍊
My project in the RUNWAY. My model is so cool( even wearing the headgear)!
My project made before
My graduate photo(the only portrait in my new phone)😂


Hi, I am Danica~

Hi, my name is Danica Dou, I am from Liaoning,China. And I did my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering, Nanjing University.

The function part I designed for the biomedical device for cell separation

I always want to make some product that is fully functional and have some tech in it. So Arduino is a good choice for me. I have learn some C language classes when I was in college and with the collaborate of an international student back in my college lab, we did a biomedical device with the function of spinning and time setting. He is in charge of most of the Arduino part and I focus on the design and biomedical part. Though I didn’t learn a lot Arduino knowledge from that project, I learn the magic and simplicity of it that several lines of codes can turn the product alive. So I am really excited to learn more about Arduino and practice what I learn in the future design!

Hi I’m yufeng.

Hi I’m Yufeng or you can call me Yvan. I’m from ShenZhen, a beautiful modern city located in the south of China. My undergrads major was Urban Planning which is to consider a larger scale of planning and design for the certain area of city as well as the benefit balance between different groups of people. But I’m also interested in making beautiful and functional products as well as thinking in systematic problems. I’m looking forward to learning all kinds of new making methods in the course with all of you!

Hi, I’m KG

Kgothatso Lephoko

Hi everyone, I’m Kgothatso also known as KG :). I’m passionate about design and it’s ability to impact people’s lives for the better. Curiosity & empathy are my design superpowers.

I’m a user experience designer, born and bred in sunny South Africa. I have 6 years work experience, primarily in the financial services industry. I’m currently on an adventure as a Products of Design graduate student at SVA in New York.

I love: making things, sketchnoting, lettering and photography.

Get to know me better through twitter or my instagram accounts – personal account or where I post my sketches

Hi, I am Zhenxuan Wang

Hi,I am Zhenxuan Wang who is come from Wenzhou, China. And I graduated from Beijing University of technology. Also my major is furniture design in my bachelor degree.

Currently, I pursue my master in the SVA Products of Design. I really like try different thing to let me feel refresh.

Hi,I am Shuyi~

Hi, my name is Shuyi. I am from Shanghai, China and I graduated from China Academy of Art. My major before was industrial design and I’m so good at designing smart products especially the cute products. I love cute things so much that they can makes me come up with so many cute characters and I use them in my owl works. I am so looking forward to the Halloween Parade and maybe that can inspire me to create some amazing products.

According to the class, I trust that I can have more experience from the hands-on skills and new methods of making. By the way, I also think that uploading a lot of protography, video to my blog is really wonderful.

I designed a lot of different products just like the foldable fitness bicycle, intelligent audio, etc. Some of them also got the patents in China, that makes me proud.

This is our exhibition for our graduation design. My work is a foldable bicycle for kids to training and keep fit.

Hi, I’m Siddhant Goyle

H! I’m Siddhant Goyle, a student at SVA pursuing my MFA in Products of Design. Being at SVA and in New York are going to act as a final piece to the jigsaw to my complimentary Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a MBA in marketing. Apart from this i have been doing professional mixed martial arts for the past 6 years and have been fortunate to travel around the world and explore different cultures and make friends on the go.

Hi! I’m Bethany Fronhofer

Hi, I’m Bethany! I originally come from northern Vermont, but spent the last five years in the greater Boston area where I got my Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology and then worked for a small medical device start-up company called Allurion Technologies.

I have some background experience in shop work and hands-on projects and I’m really looking forward to exploring all of the class projects. I think that this semester will be extremely exciting, and I can’t wait to start making!