Hello from Hui.

Hi guys. Hope you enjoy the first class! (Sorry can’t find a photo of me since I don’t really like take photos.)

I’m Hui and I’m from Hangzhou, China. I am a product designer and have tried to make something in different disciplines like furniture and installations. You may find something that I participated in Shanghai but in most time, I am just a student.

It’s really, errr, excited to know that I have to work with Arduino in the class, again. Last time when I spend some time with it was a painful period for me because, of course, I was really not a talented coder. But on the other hand, that was also a joyful period for me, because there are so many ways that you can create cool stuffs with it and at the end of the project it was really exciting to admire what you have done with it!

Hello this is Sherry : )


Hello, my name is Xiaorui Wu and you can call me Sherry. I come from China and I studied Industrial Design before. It is my first time to be in NYC and I feel everything is new to me. I never studied Arduino before and I feel very excited to learn how to code. I want to explore more in design field and I also want to experience and learn more about the culture here. Thank you : )

Hi, I’m Elvis Yang


Hi, I’m Elvis Yang.

I come from Taiwan, and study industrial design as my major at the university. I’m really excited to learn Arduino and make some really cool electronic staff with coding. Since there are lots of students who come from the industrial design background already learn it before, but I never have the chance to learn. Meanwhile, I also feel afraid to remember the materials name because I do not have any knowledge about coding and Arduino. But I am willing to give it a shot!


I am Ted Scoufis

www.ashleyporton.comHi all, I am Ted. I love challenging settings. I am looking forward to immersing myself in the world design. Before Products of Design I served in the Army and attended Columbia University. I served for four years in the Army as a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment. This last spring I completed my undergrad in Political Science. In spite of my urban condition I yearn to be in the outdoors. Prior to moving to NYC I strove to become a high altitude mountaineer. In this process I became rather comfortable climbing Mt. Rainier and I summited Mt. Denali. I would say that my appreciate for design came from extensive experience in its application both in the Army and mountaineering. I look forward to finding ways to inform my prolific experience as a user with my political science education.

Hi, I’m Yuko


Hi, my name is Yuko Kanai.  I’m originally from Palo Alto, CA but have been living in Brooklyn for 5 years now.  My background is in fashion design, psychology, and gender studies.  I worked in womenswear product development for a couple of years prior to Products of Design and am very excited to expand on the scope of my design work.  In my free time, I love to run, try weird food, and going to shows.

You can see some of my recent work on my website and check out my insta @yuko.j.kanai