Hello, I’m Karan Bansal

Hi , My name is Karan Bansal, I’m from Aurangabad, India. I am a Mechanical Engineer and currently pursuing my Masters in Products of Design at SVA. I am always like “There has to be a better way of doing this thing”, while i’m not walking my dog.

Hello, I am Yiming(Mia) Xu , Welcome to my page ! :)

Hi, I am Yiming, You can call me Mia. I come from China. Now I am studying products of design at The School Of Visual Arts (New York) .I am a first year student in SVA. I graduated from Luxun Academy Of Fine Arts ( China).Before I go there,my major is arts and design. I like painting and making models. I like communicate with others.

I enjoy sharing idea and artworks with others 🙂

Hi, I’m Danna Krouham

Hi there, my name is Danna, I’m a Mexican Industrial Designer, jewelry designer, miniature maker (modeling clay), cherry blossom fanatic, and almond butter addict.

During the early morning you can find me exercising and reading different news channels; at daytime I’m studying my MFA Products of Design at SVA and working on other personal projects; and at night, reading on the couch eating a mango… and almond butter; mostly eating, I love to eat.

I have been studying and practicing design for as long as I can remember. From sculpting miniature objects, painting landscapes and up-cycling my clothes; to enrolling in a design degree, flying all the way to Israel for an internship, working for more than a year in UI/UX and designing my own jewelry brand.

My passion is discovering the perfect synergy between business and design; merging these two fields to create something extraordinary (either functional or just beautiful). I don’t consider myself an expert on either of these practices yet I’m eager to learn and discover…

In case you’re curious about my work, visit my personal website!

Hi, I am Crystal Lo

Hello, I am Crystal. I am Taiwan which is located nearby China. I am both a dog and cat person.

My bachelor background is industrial design. since I graduated last year, I have traveled to England, Thailand, Macau, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and Okinawa. Traveling is the best thing when you are in the gap year. I love traveling, doing makeup and photography. Nowadays, more and more products combined with technology. so I feel excited to apply coding on my work!

This photo was taken in a Husky coffee in Thailand.

Here is my Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/luos.crystal/

👋 Hi! I’m Wen!

That’s ME!

Hi! I’m Wen, it is so exited to join the PoD family in 2019. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Business Management from Staffordshire University. With the business background, my designs are very business oriented, with a greater focus on current social issues.

ABox-A new solution to HIV medication
Goldberg Run – A “STEAM’ Toy Design

 In the future, I hope I can still use my business specialty and professional design skills learned at SVA to make a positive social impact and contribute to improving this world. Moreover, I would also like to utilize the rapid technology progress occurring in my generation technology in my future design, as I did in the STEAM toy design. I had blended AR and social connection technology to integrate online and offline and bring people closer to one another.

Good morning, from Bi.


This is Guanghui Bi, come from Beijing, China.

I majored in Industrial design during undergraduate College time, and I prefer to make some physical interactions which kinds of like building up the connections and communications among individuals. It’s definitely fascinated to me.

I’ve learned something about Arduino, while I’m not good at that (cause I don’t like coding). But sometimes, It might be necessary for the affordable physical interactions. So, I will try my best to coding them (until I find other methods to achieve the functions).

Nice to meet you!

Hello, I am Xiaohan Miao

Hello, I am Xiaohan. I am from China. I had my bachelor degree in Metals and Jewelry. I did a lot of hand-crafted projects in the past. Nowadays, digital is becoming more and more popular and important in peoples’ life. I am really interested combining my work with electronics and coding. I like to go to karaoke and play board games in my spare time. Looking forward to work with you all in the future. I bleached my hair recently so now my hair looks slightly grey-ish and yellow-ish.

Hi, I’m Hang Yuan

Hi I’m Hang Yuan, I am from China Quzhou city. My major is industrial design. Now, I am studying design of product in SVA. I am look forward to working in IDEO company. I want to focus on the experimental design. I think it is the tendency of the future.

Hi, my name is Virginia :)

Hi! I’m Virginia Gordon I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. I went to undergrad here in New York and graduated with a degree in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Art History. My interest in the intersection of art and technology lead me to design and digital fabrication.

I have worked in a variety of different industries from finance to fashion to 3D printing. My first full-time job after school was hands-on work through 3D scanning and printing on the full-color Projet 660 at DOOB 3D. Following this, I lead the Shapeways jewelry 3D printing community and worked as Marketing Manager designing and leading company-wide campaigns.

Outside of work, I love to embroider, sew, learn new tools/fabrication processes, and play pool. You can find my portfolio here.

A light fixture created using a laser cutter and acrylic
embroidered jacket
3D printed earrings created for a Shapeways jewelry line, Spring & Wonder

Her name is Regena.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Regena Reyes and I am a first year student in the Products of Design MFA at the School of Visual Arts. My background is in Finance and Management Consulting. I have been working as a consultant in the data and analytics practice of a Big 4 firm, and am making the transition into design. My interests are in 3D modeling, physical computing, and transition design. I enjoy long conversations over tea with friends, playing volleyball, and cooking up a storm!