Bi’s Little Palace(Plush Night Light)

This is a little design providing evidence to prove the existance of children’s dream guardian.

Some kids might afraid of being alone in the dark room, especially when young kids start to sleep alone. And their parents might tell them ” don’t afrad, there are some kind and brave eudemon guarding you!”. So, actually, this little palace is the proof of their existance—“they’re living and protecting here around you!”

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(Elebbit Monster)plush night light


This is Elebbit. Elebbit= elephant +rabbit

Why i designed a monster, because I think everyone have a monster living in their body. This monster have different shape, maybe looks like a animal ,maybe looks like a product. but it is you.

And nowadays people have high pressure. How to make them feeling their pressure (their inside monster) is my main topic.

In my design, when the doll feels people have high pressure or have some unnormal mood swings… or seat in office for a long time (through heart real time monitoring system———like Apple Watch\ and environment sensor system).the doll will blush( to reminder people)—it means the doll feel embarrassed and feel uncomfortable with surroundings. And people have to touch or pat the doll to make him calm down (the metaphor for reminding people Calm down.

And user can change different ear style of this doll to have fun\hang somewhere(depends on environment)

“Mid-Autumn” Plush Nightlight

Night Light’s Story and Target Users

In China, the Mid-Autumn festival symbolizes the family reunion and family reunion, and on this day, all families will appreciate the moon in the evening, because it is the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, when the moon is at its fullest. In Chinese culture, the full moon represents family reunion. Besides, there is a beautiful myth about the Mid-Autumn festival, that is Chang ‘e flying to the moon.

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is the first time I have not been with my family. So this is a crippled moon and represents my missing for my hometown and my family. I hope that this design will allow all the wanderers who are unable to reunite with their families in a foreign country to feel this miss. At the same time, they can also let them drive away the loneliness in the dark nights.



Circuit Diagram

BAOQI DING’s Plush Night Light

This project -FIRST DAY & LAST DAY- is about my feelings about New York and my impression of my hometown. It is a small device about memory. I pixelated the first photo I took after I came to New York and printed it on transparent fabric as my first impression of New York. My last-day impression of my hometown was related to the sea, so I combined the two to form the whole installation. This device is made for myself, and beneath the waves are my memories and emotions.

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LE-fish (Plush night light)

The story

Jellyfish are able to digest / break down trash – specifically microplastics. There is research ( that is being conducted on how their mucus can be used to create microplastic filters that could prevent aquamarine pollution.

Using plastic as my primary material, my night light is a metaphor of how good (discovery of the jellyfish’s ability) can come from a negative and gloomy situation (human plastic waste). The target users are individuals and companies that would like a visual example of this.

Proceeds from sales will go to aquamarine conservationists.


The outer material

Painting then fusing plastics together using a hot iron

The inner circuit

KT PILLOW(plush night light)

Draft 1
Draft 2
Draft 3
Draft 4

This product is for children whose parents can’t be with them. If they miss their parents, they can light the lamp on this pillow. The parents can receive the message through the APP. This allows parents to feel their children’s emotions in real time.