Bunny Nightlight Prototype 2

Making this bunny was a long journey, and it isn’t over yet (he still needs some edits). There were fabric selection hiccups, an embroidery machine injury, and five or six re-wiring attempts.

This bunny’s best features are his large size, his softness and his slinkiness. I think I achieved the scale and the versatility that I was aiming for, but his wires are still nonoperational, and that needs to be fixed!

Bunny wiring process

Plush Nightlight – Let there be light!

I finally have some good news, after reworking my wiring I now have reliable light for my project. Here is a link to my instagram post: https://instagram.com/p/BaKMuGSBxr7/

Last night I had an issue after blowing two of my three LEDs in my circuit. Long story short it did end up being because I didn’t use a resistor. The LEDs did get hot because they were getting too much power.

I decided instead of putting the LEDs inside the ping pong ball I’d stick them through the outside. This was done by drilling six holes in the ball and inserting the bulbs. I then connected all the positives and all the negatives on opposite side of the ball. At this point I knew I needed a resistor so I added that on one end. This lit up really bright.

I then took a clear ornament I purchased that is made specifically for diy purposes. This serves to protect all the internals. All I did to this is file a small hole in the shell that the wires could stick through and fed them through the built in place for the hook.

Lastly, I fit the faux fur encasement over the sphere. This was constructed like the two halves of a baseball. It turns out that this piece is slightly small for its intended purpose and I needed an extra 1/4 inch of material on each piece.

The final result is quite stunning. I would love to continue with this and make it fade or change colors or be sound sensitive at some point.

Plush Nightlight: Doll In Love

For the latest iteration of this project, I wanted to make a doll that was both male and had nothing to do with warfare. My reasoning was that boys ought to have toys that enable them to explore being sensitive and nurturing without feeling like doing so compromises their masculinity. This is a doll, and not an action figure or superhero. It’s a little boy, like them, and has a light up red “heart” to underscore his anthropomorphic, feeling nature.


  • tan felt
  • light blue twill
  • white jersey
  • brown buttons
  • fiber fill
  • thread
  • 1 red LED
  • AA battery pack
  • 2 AA batteries

I began by tracing and cutting out patterns for the doll’s body, hands, feet, and head from the felt:




I fortunately bought extra materials, since it took me several attempts to get the body parts and head in the right proportions.

I then set to work cutting patterns for and sewing together his shorts and t-shirt. This easily took the longest, and was especially tricky since his clothes were very small and hard to stitch.


The thing I wasn’t able to execute that well was shaping the red light for his heart. The LED light diffused somewhat okay under the white jersey, but still appeared in the round shape of the LED bulb. I experimented with placing it behind a transpired silicon heart, cutting a heart shape out of a piece of felt and mounting the LED behind it, and even stitching a heart with red thread onto his shirt and mounting the LED behind it like before, but none of these worked.

To give you an idea of the look I was going for, I photoshopped this version below:


I’d like to continue working on this little guy. I want to get the light to be a perfect heart shape like above, I want to use a mini Arduino board and mini battery pack to make the heart pulse slowly like a heartbeat, mount everything inside his body, and add hair and a smile.

Plush Night Slippers

This is a pair of Plush Night Slippers – NightFlightes!

This product came out of a number of common problems faced by many – having to switch the (extremely) bright light on while waking up at night, tripping over things in the dark and waking someone up at night because you turned the bathroom light on. Do you have the same problem?

NightFlightes have come to your rescue! These furry pair of slippers make them the perfect house slippers. And it lights up at night!

The product has a 3 part lighting mechanism, each responsible for a different function. The two front diffused lights help you navigate while walking. This diffusion results in the user being able to see objects in their surroundings in a wide range, at the ground level.

The 2 directional LED’s on the strap guide the user by projecting light vertically to get a perspective of the height of objects surrounding you. The light intensity of these LED’s is quite high with respect to the other three.

The 5th LED is at the back. The function of this LED is not to guide the user, rather for the user to identify the pair of slippers in the dark, when the other LED’s at the front would be off.



The product has an inbuilt circuit of 5 LED’s and a battery pack which has been fit inside the sole. All the LED’s are connected in parallel and have 1K ohm resistors attached to them. These have been hand soldered and connected securely.

The target audience for this product would be the people who fear tripping by objects at night. These would also be ideal for night trips to the bathroom, their child’s room , etc. It would be helpful for elders too.

For a niche product like this, I strongly feel that selling online would be ideal.




Here are some progress images:


Shoe Box Plush Light


The shoe box is for working professionals who get home really late or for party lovers who are always out. The product could be placed by the entrance door or in the bedroom, so when they finally get home they can have a diffuse light that would guide them in the dark and help them take their shoes without turning on the lights and waking everyone up.


Before my actual prototype, I did some mockups on cardboard to get the dimensions right and figure out how to project the shadow.I started by creating the pattern of the box and then repeating the same pattern with a few changes to saw them together and create a thicker wall that would give a little bit of support to my collapsing fabric. I also added a foamboard base to create a place for the battery pack to sit and stay hidden.


I started by creating the pattern of the box and then repeating the same pattern with a few changes to saw them together and create a thicker wall that would give a little bit of support to my collapsing fabric. I also added a foamboard base to create a place for the battery pack to sit and stay hidden.

Then I solder my 8  LEDs and wires together just as shown on my circuit diagram and inserted my battery pack in its place and redirected all my LEDs to the lateral face of the box. Then I started sawing the pattern together, I made sure to leave a little-unsawed part to pass my wires and LEDs through (So they could remain hidden and protected and that I can redirect them in case something was wrong).

While passing my wires through I pull a little too hard on them and rip my circuit apart, so half on my circuit got disconnected 😦  So I had to make some changes, because I didn’t want to remove rest of my circuit from the already sawed box. Then I saw the missing spots to keep everything inside and started sawing the finishing touches.


Circuit Diagram

My circuit change a little from the one I had last week, I decided to have all my LED’s on the same size, which I don’t think was my brightest idea because the shadow footprints are hard to get projected and more light would have been helpful.


Final Prototype: