Hot air balloon – Jaemin

Key Concept
– Small, cute decorative night light for everyone
– With hanging loop, you can hang everywhere.

Material used
– Mesh fabric (with sparse weaving) for the air balloon
– Velvet (Ivory, Light brown) for the basket and the strap
– Braided leather strip for the power button indicator and the hanging loop
– Two LEDs
– Batter pack with On/Off switch

With hanging loop, you can bring the light wherever you want

Parts detail

One LED facing the front, the other facing the back.


– Sewing sparse mesh fabric was not easy.
– Including the battery pack as part of design was also challenging.

Ideation/Circuit design

How does the Flower Drink Water?

My plush toy, “How does the Flower Drink Water” is designed for young curious minds who have just started learning about our environment and ecosystem. The placement of lights in this toy highlights the roots and the stem, instead of the flower itself to bring attention to the xylem and flow of water.

When we learn how to draw a flower as kids, we almost always ignore the roots, the main source of nutrition. As a recent plant mom, I learnt after many avoidable plant deaths, the importance of understanding the root system and how it drastically affects the health of the plant.

Materials and Parts used

  1. Three Chiffon Fabrics
  2. Inside Fluff
  3. Thread and Needle
  4. Battery Pack
  5. Red and Green LEDs
  6. Resistors
  7. Soldering Iron
  8. Cardboard
  9. Electrical Heating Tubes
  10. Electrical Tape

For me the project can be divided into two parts, therapeutic sewing and stressful soldering. It was a pretty simple circuit to prepare but I struggled with assembling the LEDs, facing away from each other and placed at the joint of stem and roots. Finally when I had managed to secure the circuit within the plush toy and took it to the photo studio, one of the soldering came off. I successfully reassembled but then something else started malfunctioning. Hence, the final shots do not have the LEDs lit up.

Circuit Diagram

Performing Emergency Surgery on my Plush Toy

If I had more time, I would have

  1. Soldered better
  2. Changed the positioning of the green LED
  3. Hid the battery pack in the leaf
  4. Coded the LEDs on the Arduino to light up one after the other, starting from the roots to the bottom of the flower

Cathy Plush Night Light


  • Project Name: Hills
  • Target User: People who always lose bracelets and rings in somewhere.
  • Scenario: 15 mins later when you get home, the bracelet hill and the ring hill will remind you to keep your items in the right place for avoiding losing them.
  • Material: 3 blue LED, 1 green LED, 4 resisters, 2 different colors’ fabric, chipboard, 2 magnets, wires, solder, white thread, 2 fabric balls, stuffings, electrical tape instead of heat shrink.



  • Remember to put tube before soldering. Wire tabs could be the alternative materials, but not as robust as tube.
  • The size of circuit would be best to match the size of plush. Otherwise, you need to find a cover for it.

Charlie the Huggable Chimp

Meet Charlie, a huggable sleeping companion for kids who are afraid of sleeping alone in the dark. The glowing heart represents Charlie’s love for his buddy.

Light on close up
Light off
In the dark
1:1 Pattern
Handsewn/glue gun prototype
Using sewing machine
Tinkercad circuit
Unfortunately only 1 works, I’ll try to redo

Overall, besides the fact that I ran out of time to fix the two lights that didn’t work, this project turns out exactly how I envisioned. There was a lot of trial and error with getting the proportion right and finding suitable fabric.

In the end, this plush toy is perfectly sized and feels very comforting to hug. The soft light draws attention to the heart without being too blinding. Great as a sleep buddy for kids who are afraid of the dark.

It was a lot of fun to use a combination of new skills from soldering, electrical to sewing complex curves with the machine. I had a lot of fun.

With famous supermodel, Cathy

Xinyue’s Plush Night Light

Volcano Plush Night Light

The volcano was originally a dangerous and inaccessible thing, turning it into a plush lamp, shortening the distance between us and the volcano. It can be used as an atmosphere lamp on the bedside or as a prop for meditation. In addition, I find that looking at it makes me feel very warm, which is very suitable for use in winter. Its target group is mainly souvenirs from tourists who have been to areas with volcanoes.

Materials used

  • Red and gray fabric
  • White cotton filler
  • Red LEDs*6
  • AAA Batteries
  • Electric wire

Tools used

Scissors, printing paper, needle thread, hot melt glue


Modeling to determine the size ratio
Print out the paper reference of the corresponding size
Cut fabric
Welding circuit(4h)
Sewing the mountain(But the bottom is not aligned)
Test light

If I have more time to do it, I will test a few more on round table-shaped sewing. I finally know why there is a gap between the rendering image on my computer and the proofing image of the manufacturer every time~

Terrance the Tardigrade – Corey

Terrance the tardigrade isn’t your average tardigrade – he’s radioactive! While under observation aboard the International Space Station, Terrance was hit by extraordinary levels of gamma radiation emitted from an ancient star going supernova. The researchers quickly realized something wasn’t normal. Over the next several days, terrance grew 200 times his natural size and began to glow with a brillant white light.

Terrance is intended to inspire and spark joy with anybody who has a deep love of science and science fiction alike. He can be a bedtime buddy or a lab companion!

I had a lot of fun with this project! This was my first time working with LEDs and I learned a little about resistors and ohms. I ended up hand sewing the entire toy and took a sock monkey approach like Becky had reccomended. I think if I were to do it again, I’d try to figure out a better way to make folds. It turned out cute and plump but not exactly how I had intended.

“Septopus” – Liam’s Plush Toy

A Night Light for sea health education


  • This Octopus is part of a product line of friendly sea creatures that allow for kids to develop an appreciation for sea life and the ocean health at large
  • His blue lights and missing tentacle represent his decline in our oceans health
  • Each purchase would include a card with facts about the specific creature and tips on how the child could lend a hand in helping our oceans


Newton the Night Newt – erika

Newton the Night Newt comes out at night because he has special light-up abilities. He does best in nature, burrowing around leaves, logs and his favorite, moss. His true gift is providing any kid night time solace when darkness seems menacing and lonely.



While I was shopping at Mood Fabrics, I considered using neoprene, felt, and waffle weave jersey fabric, however I settled on polyester because felt more sturdy and indicative of a night light object rather than a cuddly plush toy. After hand sewing this plush toy, I noticed irregularities and messy seams after flipping it right side up and stuffing it. Nihaa suggested using piping to cover up the seams, which I thought of hand-making using the remaining fabric wrapped around pipe cleaners, but ultimately settled on using dark gray yarn for extra patterning and to cover up the seams. I also used a zipper for easy access to the battery pack, and 6 LED lights.

One thing that did surprise me was working with the fraying of the material and realizing that it impacted the cleanliness of the seams. I tried burning the ends which was a technique I learned sewing pointe shoe ribbons, which worked temporarily. Another thing that surprised me was the material’s inability to take fabric glue. The fabric glue absorbed straight into the polyester and had no stickiness to it.

Newton says hey.

Night Eyes by Sarah

These plush toy eyeglasses are a cuddle friendly night light. They are meant to be used by people who have poor vision or just have a hard time navigating in the dark. The idea originated from difficulty finding my own eye glasses at night. The arms of the plush toy have a thin wire inside so it can be propped besides your bed during day and folded and cuddled at night. The toy is meant to be less harsh than turning on your bedside lamp. This plush toy can help you get around without disturbing your sleeping partner. The user should feel more confident in their night time navigating

Pink cashmere mix fabric for the of the body eyeglasses
White Nylon for the lenses
6 5mm blue LED lights
Thin wire – inside the arms of the eyeglasses
Foam board -is used as insert to keep the LEDs in place/for diffusion
Poly fil – toy stuffing for cushion and diffusion
2x 2032 3V batteries & battery pack
6x 100Ohms resistors

Project Journey
The original design for the eyeglasses was fairly straight forward. I would say the prototype I made really informed my final version. I learned I needed to make the edges of my glasses much thicker and the plush toy larger overall. I also learned cutting the seams of curved edges helps get a clean curve which is why the final version is much more defined.

Soldering was definitely a challenge as I had several LEDS attached to one battery pack. Also because I needed 3 sets of lights in two different locations my circuit became difficult and prone to breaking. In the future I would create a small case inside the toy to protect the electrical work from being damaged.

First pattern for prototype

Circuit design
Final fabric pattern
First sewn pieces
LED battery pack
Test for foam board insert that holds LEDs in place and diffuses light