Yellow Patrick Star



This is a Patrick star. It is lively and cheerful and likes to talk to children. What it is best at is to bring light to the dark girl in the dark. This way the girl will no longer be afraid of the night or walk alone on the night.


This idea comes from my childhood. I have seen too many movies when I was young. I always feel that there are bad things in a dark corner at night. So I will be very scared. Especially when I walked alone on the night, I sometimes stopped to relax.

When I was young, my favorite cartoon characters were Patrick Star and Minions. Because I think Patrick Star’s fat and soft will give me a sense of security. Minions color is my favorite color.So I combined them and designed my Yellow Patrick Star.


This is the process of making my toys. I am thinking about the circuit arrangement after making the toy. In the process of making toys, I used a sewing machine.I am not very good at using sewing machines. Because I am afraid of needles. But in the end I still finished with the machine. This is a big challenge and a big step forward for me.



Initial concept sketch of Yellow Patrick Star.




Process photos of circuitry and sewing:






Booli: The Adorable Plush Robot and Flashlight












Like any kid, I was terrified of the dark.  Any reason for me to leave my room or even my bed in the middle of the night was a cause for much consternation whether it was a trip to the bathroom or running to my parents’ room after nightmare.  Of course we had flashlights around, but they were usually misplaced and even still the thought of a trip from my bed to my desk to retrieve one was terrifying. The flashlight needed to be where I was—in bed.

Additionally, I was big on reading in bed.  I would stay up well after midnight reading all sorts of science fiction and fantasy until either I couldn’t keep my eyes open or my parents caught me.  I would use all sorts of things to see the pages in the dark.  Book lights and some toys like a light up bracelet I had worked, but they were designed to be small and compact and thus were easily lost by a child.  Some bigger toys with lights were harder to misplace, but didn’t produce the light necessary and weren’t very comfortable to have in bed with me anyway.

These two needs are why I created Booli.  His shape is meant to be reminiscent of EVE, the futuristic, but friendly flying robot from the movie Wall-E.  Booli is short for boolean which is a binary variable used in computing.  Booli is comfortable to hang out with in bed, and big enough that he won’t be easily lost in a messy room.  His eye lights up with a cool pattern that illuminates the pages of your favorite book or lights the way as you navigate the dark hallway.















Circuit diagram


Moody Raindrop

Sometimes it feels good to be a little blue when it’s raining. Sometimes you want to feel blue, but there just isn’t any real rain in sight. The Moody Raindrop provides you with the ability to get a little emotional any time you wish.

The white felt plushy resembles a single drop of rain that reveals its melancholy mood when inner-lit with blue light.


Concept Sketch

Drop Sketch.jpg


Prepping the workspace



Layout and cutting the pattern


I ended up stitching by hand. Thought I could use the experience/training of stitching by hand.. Hindsight says I should have used the machines for better cleaner edges.


(not pictured : gluing the blue felt eyes and quivering mouth to the inside of the felt before turning inside out.)



The LED cluster was essentially the same as last week with the blue LEDs glued into the styrofoam spheres, but I added a 5th light and heat-shrined+hot-glued the cluster of 5 lights together for a more even dispersal inside the final model.


Plush wiring diagram.png


The sewn felt skin and the electronics cluster come together with a hint of fiberfill to fill out the edges of the plush and to help diffuse the light another level.

The diffusion ended up OK, but not amazing. Still have hot spots in the center and a little dark around the edges. That said, my intended reveal of the eyes and mouth work like a charm.

Off – under light


ON-under light


ON – under little ambient light



Week 4 Homework: Littlear


Littlear is a little accompany monster who has its feelings on its face. People who are quiet and do not easily speak out their feelings can have them. Because this group of people is always afraid of socializing with others.

When they are upset and tired, they don’t want to speak with others; or when they want to refuse others but do not know how to say it. Littlear can help them to avoid these embarrassing situations. When they put this on his table and turn it on, it means “ Sorry I am not ‘online’ now”.



Process photos:


Circuit diagram:

屏幕快照 2018-10-02 下午4.37.10

Photos in context:


The Monster Catcher

Hello Everyone!

This week’s assignment was challenging but I really enjoyed it.

I was inspired by dream catchers but wanted to make it more fun so I made a toy called “Monster Catcher” which is for kids who are afraid to sleep in their own room. The Monster Catcher hangs on the was and lights the room up.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I used 6 yellow 5mm LEDs. I initially wanted to put lights in the arms and legs but decided to make it more simple. Here is a sketch for my circuit:


Here is the process of soldering:

Process of making pom poms:

putting everything together:

And finally here is the result:)


Week 4 Homework: Target Monster

Target Monster Story:

His name is Target Monster because of his body shape, so he was used as bowling before.
And now he is used as Target, I thought it is much better than bowling one, he always feels bad so his face always like this.

Actually, sometimes I will feel uncomfortable to sleep in the whole dark place, but now I can light up this Target Monster and put it beside my bed, and I will get more comfortable when I sleeping!


Plush Night Light Sketch









Berri, the Happy-glow-lucky turtle


This is Berri. She likes berries, taking naps, and making new friends. Berri’s a little special in that her shell glows. For anyone feeling a bit sad or blue, Berri’s there to light up your day. She’s a pretty mean cuddler too! Also, if you need a little help getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night, Berri’s happy to light the way!


Berri came from the idea of a cute night light that could also be little friend for kids who are scared of the dark or adults struggling with anxiety. The playful fruit patterns and fuzzy fabric serve to lighten the atmosphere and make the dark (be it physical or mental) less threatening.


Initial concept sketch of Berri with the glowing shell.

Circuit diagram IMG_6037








Above are the circuit diagrams and resistor calculations for the LED circuit inside the plush, and the sewing pattern (minus an additional rectangle). The pattern making was challenging (sorry it’s a bit crinkly in the photo). I learned more about construction and assembly order through some trial and error sewing.

Process photos of circuitry and sewing:

IMG_5989       IMG_5992

Sewing the shell.

IMG_6005       IMG_6009

Adding resistors and building the circuit.


It lives!


Testing the light diffusion with poly-fill.

IMG_6018       IMG_6021

Sewing the fuzzy body and putting it all together. Clearly it’s been a long time since I’ve sewn T^T

And voila!