Eggy Bird (Plush Night Light)


She is named eggy. She is very naughty and flies to different places to rest every time. She really likes to sunbathe because she is exceptionally bright in the sun. Unlike other birds, her mouth is a night light. She is very suitable for children, because her body is very soft. Her fabric is made of soft and dirt-resistant material. Her hard tail is in stark contrast to her overall soft and round body.

Not only can she be the best playmate for children, but she can also use it as a night light. For those who are afraid of the night, this night light can give them a sense of security. Eggy’s head is cleanable, and children can use their hair to clean the room, which has a certain educational significance.

Grizzly Plush Night Light

Final Design

Wait for it…..

Intended User: Child who is naughty

Purpose: To be a night, ugly looking toy for small children who do not listen to their parents with regards to their cleaning habits or are extremely naughty. The parents can use this ugly toy to give the kids an image of what would happen if they did not follow their hygiene well and did a lot of mischief. The Grizzly has a broken tooth , a band-aid and some filthy spots on the face. The tongue , the teeth , band-aid and eye light up.


The process began with figuring out some of the ugliest / scariest shapes for kids. Then I hand cut the wool for the body of the grizzly. Since wool does not diffuse light, I had to cut out small holes in order to propagate light. After that, i stitched the two patches and filled it with poly-fill. Then, used the poly fill to hold the led circuits within.

Circuit Diagram:

Gugu (Plush Night Light)


Story Behind Gugu

My grandmother makes the best dumplings in the world. Wait! You may think I am exaggerating. But not until you try them. She would make her dumpling wrapper starts from the flour. She has a special filling that has green pepper, onions, and pork in it. On every occasion, she would make dumplings for our family, and our family would come together and celebrate the occasion. Still today, every time I eat dumplings, I think about her. I had a lot of happy moments with her, but now we are separated, and I couldn’t see her that much. My memories about her are far beyond dumplings, but I think dumplings are the representation of her and her love towards us. So from now on, whenever I miss her and feel homesick, I will turn on the lights and lights shining through the dumpling will remind me of her.

Gugu is for people who miss their hometown or beloved, regardless of culture and background. It has two LEDs inside(one green and one blue). The blue LED has a cooler tone which represents the feeling of missing. The green LED represent the vegetable fillings. Due to the realistic dumpling shape of Gugu, I think the abstraction of colors would give it a more interesting twist. Gugu does not only function as a night light but also can be seen as a small toy. It is fluffy and soft for people to touch and play around. How can you resist such sensational and cute night light in the dark?


original ideas
First prototype
I changed the fabric to a softer and wool-like fabric. It is made from cotton(80% and polyester 20%)
I sewed the top of the dumplin’ first and then opened a small opening to put the filling and the circuit in.)
This is the circuit
I made it!
Final Look.

Circuit Diagram

Globe ( Plush Night Light )

This is a Globe Plush night light. You can clearly see India China parts of Africa and some parts of Europe from this side .

This Globe plush light features cutouts that, when lit, shows glowing continents on its surface surfaces. Set it on a nightstand or dresser near partner or they could just cuddle it and help them fall asleep without being afraid of the dark.

I have been an avid traveler all my life. i have been travelling since i was a kid. i have been to more than 40 cities outside of India . Travelling has made me aware of different cultures and have been fortunate enough to make friends all around the world. The water is black in this globe as to have emphasis on the water pollution and shortage all over the world. The continents light up in this night light. The target market for this night lamp could be travelers and artsy people . it could also be marketed to people who care about the environment to give a message.

Illustrator file for the laser cutter

I used the laser cutter to cut out the world map on wool.

Laser Cut wool
The wool was then stuck to silk using fabric glue
Led Circuit

Faerie Blossom Night Light

Final design


Intended user: Child who loves Faeries/magic

Purpose: To be a night light and comfort for children who are afraid of the dark. They can turn it on when they are trying to sleep or whenever they get scared of darkness. By attaching positive emotions and feelings of safety to the light, their minds will be eased and they will be able to sleep better.

History: This light is intended as a beacon to faeries. When lit, the glow from its stem will act as a guiding light for fae kind, and will bring them through from the faerie realm. The blossom of the flower will tether them to this world to protect the user from evil spirits and underbed monsters until the stem’s light is extinguished. Legend says that any child watched over by the faerie blossom will be safe from monsters of the night.


Circuit Diagram

Mr. shyvocado (Plush Night Light)

Process photos and sketches

Avocado monster, Evil pelican and lil pony were in my flush nightlight proposal list. But I chose avocado to be my nightlight!

I soldered one LED light for letting the belly (or nose) light up.

In this part, I tried to cut a little hole for making LED light goes up.

At the beginning, I planned to install the circuit board to the button. But I think this does not nice looking.

So… I changed my plan!!!

I put it on the top so that the colorful turban can cover the circuit.

And the outcome is!!!!!


Circuit diagram

The Story

Nowadays, people live under tremendous pressure, in this term, we all need some adorable emotional toy for releasing our pressure. Due to the morning, we all guard up ourselves because of the working place or the school. When we go back home at night, we become the person who we are, and it can be acceptable to have some bad things pop out of our minds. we can be imperfect at all.

I made the Mr. shyvocado which the beginning thought come from the body shape of my dad, my boyfriend, and my brother-in-law. After I made it, I thought that people can be whatever they want to be, and they should not be limited to social value. Just like shyvocado; He is a shy avocado who seems to be cute and adorable in the daylight. But at night, he becomes the person who is, as an evil avocado. But we still can accept he even he is evil avocado!

Greek Urn (Plush Light)

Get connected to your godly past with this magical urn. The waters of eternal youth pour from this urn. This plump, plush urn can be adorned on fainting couches to book shelfs.

The light represents the mystic in all of us, the bearer can feel as though they have a connection to ancient times.

Editing Group: Wen and Shuyi

Onigiri Mausu Plush Night Light


Have you ever been fast asleep, deep in REM cycle 3, and had to wake up to go to the bathroom?

I personally do not have this problem, but my younger sister does. Unfortunately for her, the hallways in our parents’ house leading to the bathroom are dark and super scary at 3am in the morning. It’s an old structure with colonial architecture, just the type of space you might find in a horror movie featured on Friday the 13th.

It is with this intrepid, early-morning bathroom goer in mind that I have designed the Onigiri Mausu (Onigiri for short). Our little Onigiri is made of a soft plush fabric and is perfect for cuddles. He is shaped like a cute little onigiri rice ball, one of my younger sister’s favorite snacks. His cute pink ears light up to illuminate the way to the bathroom and is perfect for navigating spooky hallways! With the soft blue and green glow of his transparent pink ears, along with his soft cream body, Onigiri is sure to be the best companion for those late night or early morning trips to the potty.


Evolution of Onigiri patterns
Onigiri and his ancestors

Onigiri, in his current form, is the seventh generation of his people. His ancestors were smaller and made of rough scrap felt and linen, with lopsided hand-sewn ears and bodies. Over the generations, Onigiri has been refined by his creator, who selected only his best features. As his pattern was expanded, he was able to grow almost 3 times in size. The roundness of his forefathers was sculpted into his current triangular form. Probably, the only thing that is the same about him is his ears, which remain as delicately puckered as those of the progenitor of his people, albeit updated with professional machine stitching. Five patterns and seven prototypes later, Onigiri Mausu has emerged as the most sophisticated being of his kind.


Though Onigiri is the most advanced version of his species to date, it is important to note that he is still wired the same way as his progenitor. Nevertheless, Onigiri remains the best yet!

BRAINBRAIN (Plush Night Light)

Circuit diagram


This toy is designed for white-collar workers who spend plenty of time in the office environment. Because of this environment, some people will interrupt your work when you are thinking. Usually, people don’t want to be distracted by other people when they are working on their project.

Therefore, there is BRAINBRAIN on your desk. You can just turn on the toy and the alien’s head will be bright. It means that you are thinking right now, please come later.