Week 5 Homework

This week I had a chance to play with a potentiometer and motor for the rest of Lesson 3.  Here is my final product below!

It took a moment to get this one going but finally figured out that the transistor was oriented upside down. Once I switched that around I was able to get the motor running.  I also realized that before I put the purple tape on the motor, I actually could barely tell that the motor was running when it was running (haha).

Next, I was excited to get a neopixel strip to work using the Arduino for Lesson 4.

I’d love to get to know how to code for the neopixels better because I will want to embed them in my upcoming halloween project.  I’m still a little confused but today’s class clarified my understanding quite a bit.

Homework – week 5

Hi guys!

Below are the two videos for this week’s Arduino lessons. The LED code writing/altering does still seem a little daunting to me. This not aided by the fact that I left my Arduino kit at home this morning  –  hence cannot finish the last LED section… but I do really want to figure this out so TBD there will attempt to be an update on the post when I get home tonight. I find myself worried about deleting/adding stuff that is gonna mess up the code so I am hesitant about the whole thing.

Either way… for now here are the videos and TBD on the rest!