Jacey IoT & Concepts

My IoT:

Troubleshooting: I ran into this issue while trying to program my wifi board.


  1. LED Moodlight that changes color according to the mood set (ex. happy – red, anxious – purple). I am thinking of using the LED light as the main light source and inside a sphere-like shape. (Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfRFWxaPOLY&ab_channel=Breaks%27n%27Makes)
  2. Water lamp: a small night lamp that displays the light with a water-ish kind of effect. When I wave my hand, the light will turn on. The light will move in an outward motion if I wave twice. In order to turn it off, I press the button in the middle (?) (Reference: https://www.instructables.com/Water-Surface/?cb=1608108150)
  3. Heartbeat stimulator: Soldering wires into a heart-shaped model, with the boards within. I might need an MX30102 sensor as the heart-rate monitor.

Rora_IoT Exercise and Concepts

Concept #1

Calendar Album: Wall-mounted calendar, when phone scan/close to the date, it will shows the pics of that day.

Concept #2

Anniversaries reminder: shows the days to the anniversaries

Concept #3:

Saving Electric Gallery: user need set up a saving goal and monthly budget. for example, the goal is $1000 per year, and successfully save $200 this month, 20% of the gallery light will turn on. Until user reach the goal, the entire pattern will show up. (pattern my random, so every time user set up goal will have different pattern, more exception)

Rui-IoT intro exercises and final project ideas

IoT exercise

Final Project Ideas

  1. Hungry cat alarm: Since I worry about my cat if he didn’t have food on time, I will make a cat feeding alarm clock. I’ll laser cut a furious cat on a board, and install led lightbulbs on the board. The eyes of the furious cat turn red when it’s time to feed my cat. After feeding the stomach of the furious cat will be glowing orange warm light.
  2. Thirty-day tracker : This project’s purpose is to keep track of whether I’ve managed to do each of the following three things every day for 30 days: enjoy one thing, eat at home, and get to bed on time. microcontroller board
  3. Electronic Wooden Fish: Wooden fish often used in rituals usually involving the recitation of sutras, mantras, or other Buddhist texts. Sometimes, I occasionally make poor decisions or chuckle at hell jokes. What I will do is earn merit in the hopes that Buddha will forgive me. By using a touch to strike the Electronic Wooden Fish on the board. How many times I hit it will be recorded in the upper right corner. I want to make this board compact so I can carry it around in my pocket. If the touch counting function is not feasible, I will substitute a button for it. Another way is that I will 3D print a Wooden Fish and put a sound chip inside. When I tap the digital Wooden Fish on my phone, the 3D printed Wooden Fish will make a sound.

Sama – IoT Exercise + Final Project Ideas

Huzzah Exercise:
Final project Ideas:

Idea #1: Synesthesia

Alarm or wall clock/mirror/object that changes the music/vibe/color of the room based on the weather outside

Idea #2: Quirky, Interactive Lamp

Idea#3: An interesting API project

  • please recommend me some cool APIs to look into!
  • I want to make a sarcastic project, possibly making fun of the user with!

Ria LOT Exercises and Final Project Ideas

Final Project Ideas :

Light up LED Dancing Speaker:

This is a LED Speaker that dances with the rhythm of music. The unique feature of this speaker is it suggests music based off your mood.

Affirmations :

Board that displays daily affirmations or motivations based off mood.

Productivity tracker and Timer:

Portable Task Tracker and Timer.

(Prerna) IoT Exercises and Final Project Ideas


Idea 1: Deck of cards as a habit tracker (acrylic light)


Idea 2: Light up disco ball reacting to music beats/ aura light

Idea 3: Moon phases calendar

Idea 4: Moon light linked to weather app that changes color according to day/time/weather etc.

Idea 5: Scrolling text light?

I would love to have changing lights/colors and use acrylic and infinity mirrors for this project.