Cheryl’s IoT and Final Project Planning

Final Project Ideation

A trashcan makes a buzz sound and light up when it detects BuBu come close and try to dig through the trash.

Final Project List of Materials

  1. Arduino Board
  2. Ultrasonic Sensor:
  3. Buzzer 5V:
  4. LED x 1-3
  5. Resistor
  6. Breadboard
  7. Jumpwires
  8. Translucent Acrylic sheet 12×12 (3 pieces): OR
  9. Two way mirror acrylic sheet 12×12 (3 pieces):

I havent figure out the code yet but this is what I am planning to do.

Monica’s IoT #2 and Bill of Materials for Final Project

IoT Homework

My Huzzah is connecting to the internet now! I also successfully got the Adafruit IO feed working when I pressed the switch in the LED circuit.

and then the IFTTT part also worked and I got an email!

Still gotta figure out the copy, lol.

Tilt switch

Succeeded, though not without some trouble obviously.

Oops, spammed myself. Clearly working though.

PIR sensor

Note: learned in class that it’s not really a distance sensor but an infrared sensor. So gotta test it again inside a box.

Final Project: Mood tracker


Niha and I will be working on this project together. We want to create a mood tracker for all the POD students to record how they are feeling at the beginning of each day. Our board will have an LED strip light embedded in it that lights up each time you walk past it with the PIR motion sensor to prompt you to record your response. The board will have a thumbs up, thumbs middle or thumbs down that students can press to record how they are feeling with the feedback of a lite button.

Circuit diagram

We will make the circuit on later on

Bill of materials

Breadboard (In our Kit)
3 push buttons
PIR Motion sensor (In our Kit)
LED strip lights 
Soft Neo pixels
PLA white filament 
Poplar Wood (VFL)
Power adapter (In our Kit)
Silicone coated wires (VFL)
Huzzah (In our Kit)

Cathy’s project plan


An interactive lamp that help people to learn about RGB color mixing in the physical world.



IoT Practice

Arduino wifi connection at home

Arduino link with Adafruit

Arduino link with IFTTT

Liam’s IoT & Final Project Planning

Final Project idea

I was inspired by this help desk with infinity light illusion, to create a DJ table with this effect built in. The LEDs would also pulse or moved with the music that is playing. The turntables and mixer would be inlaid into the desk and sit flush underneath the table top. The lights would be seen the entire length of the front and only go a couple of inches deep. The rest of the desk would feature cubbies for cables or record storage.


Bill of Parts

  1. 3/4 Playwood
  2. Wood Veneer Edging
  3. Neo Pixel strips
  4. Battery pack
  5. Glass sheet
  6. Mirror window tint

Creation of Adafruit and IFTT Accounts

I was able to create both accounts and read through the project files. However, I was still having wifi connectivity issues as I did with last weeks homework. I tried multiple hotspots this time but nothing worked. Below is a video of my Arduino attempting to connect. Chester said he will be connecting the new wifi router tomorrow though!

Erika’s IFTTT homework

Evidence of IFTTT homework:


Below is the IFTTT widget on the phone:

I think I will need to use a 5-Pad Capacitive Touch Sensor (thank you becky for the rec!) and some aluminum foil for the touch sensor conductive material. Likely, the LED screen will show the punch count, and kinda collect the number of punches it’s taken, and this data will be collected through the touch sensor. I’d use high density but flexible foam for the punching pad, wrapped in Laminated Polyester Vinyl and Coated Vinyl Fabric! I’d also need neopixels, a large push button for “start”, plywood for the backing.

Xinyue’s IoT & Final Brainstorming

IoT work

Final Proposal

  1. We generally rarely hear applause in real life, especially now that many jobs and many things can be done from a long distance. I want to make a real applause simulator. Whenever someone likes you on social networking sites, the device can give you applause and make the praise stronger!

2. Mini Concert Stage

Music learners always want to have a stage of their own, do you want to experience this feeling? Try our mini music stage! Every time you play, the stage lights up rhythmically.

Cheryl’s IoT & Final Brainstorming

The first idea is a clock lamp where the time will light up when you wave to it. I am a person that likes to sleep very late, and hope to make something that can improve my daily routine and remind me to sleep earlier, so I am thinking of setting specific time to light up in different colors. (For instance, red color after 12 am.)

One of my dog BuBu is a trouble maker, trash can is his treasure box, and he would always dig through the trash. So for my second idea, I wanted to make a triangle trash can that will be placed in the corner. There will be a sensor on the trash can, when BuBu comes close to the trash can, the light will turn red, and pre-recorded voice “NO” will play(or a vibration effect).

The last sketch is a combination of the first two ideas. I am thinking of making a storage box for my dogs’ food. When its time to feed them, the time will light up and the speaker will play ” MoMo BuBu its time to eat!”.