Danica’s final project proposal and HW 11

The Mediation Wall

Concept: When you are too stressed out in your workplace or home, it’s always nice to stop and relax, and a lot people use meditation apps which combine sound and some animation help you to calm down. So why not make it in large scale which you can stand up and interact with the circle and

Visualize the movement of the finger by sound and light effect. When your finger touches the acrylic module, the light of the module goes on and there wil be a song playing slowly depends on your movement speed. The problem now is how to diffuse the light evenly and continuously.


UPDATE Diffusion: Use 3-4 neopixels in one module. Add tape on the neopixel and plastic fabric inside of the acrylic

Breath light, Slowly light up and dark down, like a breathing light

For the color: green, blue and purple. Use the adobe color palette.

“homepod light”的图片搜索结果


Acrylic sheet translucent white (Diffusion for the light)

plywood (base)


Speaker: I want to control the speed of the sound. How?

How to hang on the wall? Nails?

Connection between wood and acrylic (square in the middle of the hexagon)

Capacitive touch sensor board: the touching part is wire connected to the surface of the acrylic surface? Might not be beautiful?

Circuit diagram:

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Xiaohan’s Arduino Homework 11+Final Project Proposal

PIR Sensor

Circuit Displays Internet Data

Add NeoPixels

Weather Data with NeoPixels

Inputs and Outputs Code

Final Project Proposal

My final project idea is to create two devices that can communicate with each other by lights. The two devices will be looking like miniature houses. One Neo Pixels will be adding into each miniature houses.

How does it work?

There are two devices(device 1 and device 2) both contains a Neo Pixels and a switch. If a person turns the switch on from device 1, the lights on device 2 will be turned on. Vice Versa.

Circuit Diagram

This is a diagram for one of the device. I plan to use the same circuit for both two device. In this circuit diagram, I switch the button to switch because I want the lights constantly on unless the person turned off the the lights.


Cardboard/Glasses/Neo Pixels/Feather Huzzah