Joey’s Final Project Step 2

“Really” challenge

Nowadays, people are living in the machine world. AI comes to appear. people’s mind is easily influenced by machine. Because, they think machine is always right. My work is about fake lie detector. When people are asked some questions, the third person can use phone to control it secretly. If people are easily affected by machine, they will change the their true mind.

Coding direction .

Draft Tutorial

Step 1: prepare for material.

Step2: make coding

Step3:  assemble togther

Step4: design Logo and test paper

Step5: passerby test and make video

Wen and Baoqi’s Final Project Update

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We decided to use a microphone to detect the public speaker’s volume and visualize the volume information by NeoPixel which can be served as a reminder for the speaker to use proper volume when they give speeches.


Classroom (Pod)/ Public Space (As Installation)


Giving Presentation/ Rehearsal/ Practicing/ Party


The NeoPixel will give speaker real-time feedback on their volume and voice visualization, and after the speech, the speaker can check their volume history on their phone which is able to help them improve for next time.

At the same time we were thinking about whether we could hang the whole installation, so that it would give the speaker real time feedback and it would hang on the wall as a work of art.


We use Rhino to make the 3D model.
And then we put the model into the real background to see the effect.

Bill List:


Electret Microphone Amplifier – MAX4466 with Adjustable Gain

Electret Microphone Amplifier - MAX4466 with Adjustable Gain

Mini Illuminated Momentary Pushbutton – Blue Power Symbol

Mini Illuminated Momentary Pushbutton - Blue Power Symbol

TBD: Adafruit Accessories Mini 8×8 white LED Matrix(maybe larger)

Frosted acrylic light diffusion tube


We’ve thought about a lot of ways to interact, and we’re going to do a follow-up experiment this week when we get the material together.

1.Lights flicker like flames to show volume

2.The light changes color with the volume of the sound (for example: the volume is small blue, and the light becomes red as the volume increases)

3.Simulate the curve of sound wave to change the position of light

Amplitude waves. Music sound voice wave. Dynamic equalizer

Danna’s Final Project Update 2




  • Classical music
  • View from afar and it gets closer
  • View from different angles (outside)
  • Music gets louder
  • Person goes inside
  • Animal sounds turn on
  • Lights turn on
  • Short views from all around
  • Camera goes crazy
  • Pitch black
  • Classical music
  • Shorts sentences explaining how much trash goes into the sea because of us
  • Sentence explaining what we can do to help
  • Special thanks (credits)


  • Circuit
  • Final design
  • Finalize material selection (buy them)

Danica’s final project work in progress

Google Doc link:

Instructable link:(haven’t yet, also is the content different from the google doc?)

Video draft:

First show the Time-lapse photography of the building. Record the building process when I put the plywood on the wall and glue acrylic on.

And then showing one person working anxiously in PoD, and then attracts to the new installation on the wall and want to try it. He or she goes to the wall and I will film the interactions in different angles. The scene will include first person moving fingers and then finger close-up shoot. Then the close up of the light and color changes along with the sound. Then the camera comes back to his or her relaxing and happy face.

After 30 seconds of showing the process, he or she comes back to the seat and other people are attracted to try the mediation wall.

-the end-

Things I want to work on:

The circuit and code. I want to make the the led light up and off slowly. I try to find some code, but have not figure out how it work yet.

Yufeng’s Final Project Update

Layers Example

Different layers to express the depth of view.

Bill Of Materials

  1. Arduino Huzzah Board
  2. NeoPixels
  3. Motion Sensor (PIR, for the sound when people passing by)
  4. Speaker (For thee sound of nature, such as birds)
  5. Battery
  6. Stranded wire
  7. Switch
  8. Different types of layers ( transparent plastic, thin wood chip, cotton,etc)For diffusion and view depth.


Zhenxuan and Bi Final Project Proposal

What is it

It’s a ripple light installation with an individual remoter to trigger.

Who we design for

We design for the couple who might living in different places or maybe they just miss each other so much that they want to communicate with each other very frequently.

They would have each have a light and the remote which could control each other’s light 

Where and when it would be used

When we don’t have something worth to discuss but we want to communicate with him/her.

When we feel sad, unpleasant but don’t know how to express it or just don’t want to share the bad experience.

When we need something instead of message or phone call to convey some feeling to him/her.

The light part would be installed on the ceiling at home. And the remote would be portable so that people could carry it or put it everywhere at home

How it works


Circuit diagram

We are still trying to figure out how to connect to SparkFun RGB and Gesture Sensor.

Bill of Materials 

1. APDS 9960 RGB and Gesture Sensor

2. ESP 8266 *2

3. Neo pixel strip 

4. Diffuse reflecting outsider with uneven thickness and shape

5. Suspension Rope

6. Plastic Topping for the outsider (to hold the neo pixel )

7. Soft mesh panels

8. Round plastic bottom