Nigel – Final Project Ideas

Working Huzzah!

Final Project Ideas:

I’m thinking about utilizing capacitive touch yarn to create some sort of action when walking in the door

Project Idea #2:

Wake up out of bed and touch the rug to turn off the alarm? Start the coffee?

Idea #3:

A timer for the rug that measures how long you’ve been sitting at your desk and prompts you to move/ get up after a set time to take a break

Sama – IoT Exercise + Final Project Ideas

Huzzah Exercise:
Final project Ideas:

Idea #1: Synesthesia

Alarm or wall clock/mirror/object that changes the music/vibe/color of the room based on the weather outside

Idea #2: Quirky, Interactive Lamp

Idea#3: An interesting API project

  • please recommend me some cool APIs to look into!
  • I want to make a sarcastic project, possibly making fun of the user with!

Brydon LOT Exercises and Final Project Ideas

Idea 1: God from Monty Python and the Holy Grail as a soldered stained glass mural, with glowing components and sound bites from the movie that are motion activated.

Idea 2: Lunisolar Calendar in the form of planetary models. Three led orbs will travel in their relative positions from each other to represent the time of year.

Idea 3: Similar to the second idea, except instead of orbs, it will be shadows across a projected sun to keep track of the time of year on a lunisolar calendar.

(Prerna) IoT Exercises and Final Project Ideas


Idea 1: Deck of cards as a habit tracker (acrylic light)

Idea 2: Light up disco ball reacting to music beats/ aura light

Idea 3: Moon phases calendar

Idea 4: Moon light linked to weather app that changes color according to day/time/weather etc.

Idea 5: Scrolling text light?

I would love to have changing lights/colors and use acrylic and infinity mirrors for this project.

Team Moon Knight

Vani, Brydon and I were focusing on finishing up the Arduino code this week. The materials we are using are:

  1. NeoPixel stick (Brydon)
  2. NeoPixel mini button (Vani, Brydon, Heba)
  3. Gemma M0 (Vani, Brydon, Heba)
  4. Photocell (Brydon)
  5. Resistor (Brydon)
  6. Lithium batteries (Vani, Brydon, Heba)

Vani and I will be using the NeoPixel mini buttons for our masks and our weapons and hence, have programmed 2 different codes.

Since we couldn’t solder the button to our NeoPixel yet, we ran a test to check if our button works.

Since we received our NeoPixel mini buttons yesterday, we were not able to code exactly for the mini buttons. Instead, we wrote down the code for the eyes and the weapons for a NeoPixel strip since we will only need to make minor changes on the code for our NeoPixel buttons.

Code for white light for the eyes
Buttoncycler code for the weapons where the color changes between black, white, blue and a combination of both white and blue. We want to try to incorporate a fade between white and blue.

For the weapons, the lights will change between blue and white for me and between yellow and white for Vani’s.

The purpose of the Khonshu costume is to have a really cool staff that lights up upon staff-falls while walking. Everything else is completely secondary. For this week Brydon has been mostly working on his code, he didn’t get it quite on tinkercad yet but he hopes to have it done today and finish soldering the circuit by tomorrow, seeing as its a relatively straightforward circuit. 

The code with the sensor.

Yukti’s Halloween Costume : Paper Doll

For Halloween, I am making a paper doll costume. It’ll make look part of my childhood play dream and for Halloween I wanted to have a very handmade costume feel. In my 5th grade specially, me along with my friends, really enjoyed making our own paper doll clothes that we would draw cut out. I even painted a shoebox and turned it into a closet for these paper outfits.

Now, I am excited to have lights that serve as its fancy edges. It’s also going to be my first time making a Halloween Costume and being part of a parade.

For the lights I chose :

What’s special about the Neo pixel strip is that it you can wrap it around the edges but it still glows in the front. It will have rainbow colors. Operate with a buttoned circuit with light movements like that of a bicycle light.

To make my costume I will also be using the following supplies :

  1. Foam Board
  2. Hot glue gun
  3. Acrylic paints
  4. Markets
  5. Ribbon to tie myself or an elastic band with plastic cord locks

Also, after speaking with Becky and considering it’s Halloween and we will be out for a long time, I decided on two things :

  1. The outfit will have two parts. It allows for sitting.
  2. Make the outfit easy to take off in order to be able to use the bathroom or put on an extra later of clothing.

Rora_Love Death & Robot

I have decided to dress up as Love Death & Robot-The witness

Shopping list:

And also think about add lighting element to the hair snap clips

(If I can figure out how to hide Gemma for hair snap clips)

Patrick Kirby Costume Idea

original character art for reference


My costume represents the Nintendo created character Kirby, in the new Kirby game “Kirby and The Forgotten Land”. In this game Kirby faced with many puzzles, some of which require them to inhale an object, gaining its properties. This current representation is Kirby as he is when he has inhaled a lightbulb. In this costume, I would represent the filament in the light bulb. This will be created by a crown of LED’s I will wear, while being harnessed into this costume.

Arduino Techniques:

I want to try and utilize a “flickering” effect or sequential lighting effect.


  • round reed (rattan)
  • artificial cat gut (for binding reeds)
  • White muslin or cheep fabric
  • poly-batting
  • poly-fill
  • light pink cotton fabric
  • darker pink cotton fabric
  • led strip
  • lithium ion battery or battery pack with sufficient w
  • black fabric
  • white muslin for mouth
  • harness?

Sama, Prerna, Cyntia – Earth, Wind & Fire (Fairy Edition)

Wings with LEDs

List of Materials Needed:

  • Wire for frame of wings
  • Strip LEDs (one big roll that changes color)
  • cellophane (mutlicolor)
  • Shoulder straps
  • Heat gun
  • Battery (what kind of battery would we need)
  • Rest of costume (for each color)
  • Head pieces/headbands/wigs?
  • Other accessories? (Ears/Sunnies/bracelets)

Techniques for making:

Arduino Animation:

  • colors traveling through entire strip
  • like a rainbow wave but range is different hues of the color (red, blue, green)
  • On/Off Switch attached to strap (around the shoulder)

Potential tinkercad to use (still need the animation portion)–FjuzrQ1pj7nzEESx8wT0-y7F91phyONChD4