Isabell’s Neopixel & Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas:

I knew that I really wanted to make a vampire costume this year so I was researching and theres a lot of designs with cape. The LED lights will be either on the bow of red LED lights or necklace that will have LED lights. The strands of the bow will have the LED lights or the necklace will be made out of the lights.

Zekun’s NeoPixels and Halloween Proposals

random green light
idea 1
idea 2&3

Since my crystal ball push night light already have a Halloween feeling, I decided to make my costume base on it. 

1.LED wings; LED headpiece; LED jewelry

material list: wire, rgb LEDs

2. Psychic & crow

material list: fake crow; red+black paper; wire; rgbLEDs

3. Psychic in veil

material list: dark color chiffon; LEDs

Stephen’s Neo Pixel and Halloween Idea

The fly on Mike Pence’s head….

For my Halloween idea, I want to make the fly that was on Mike Pence’s head during the VP debate last week. I think its so funny how much this fly was trending online, and I thought it could be a fun idea to explore. I have already found fly glasses online, and I plan on putting different colored lights that will sparkle on and off.

I had a bit of trouble soldering this week, but was able to get it together with Becky’s help. The tinkercad circut doesn’t line up completely to my video, so something is missing in the code I think. So I would love to hear from my classmates on what worked for them this week.

Here is the link to my tinkercad circut:

Halloween and Neo Pixels

Blue and Green Neo Pixels
Regular Neo Pixel Stick

Below are three of my ideas for Halloween. The first one from the left is simply a wire crown, with a ping ping ball at the center. The ping pong ball would have an LED in the center, and then wires would run to the backside, where there would be a switch. The second idea is a mask with X’s for eyes. This might be a bit tricky, either by sewing two LED strips onto the mesh fabric, or sewing individual LEDs. The mask would be worn more on my forehead than eyes, since I would probably burn my retina if I had X’s over my eyes. The last one is a string of LED’s with plastic bugs glued onto them.

3 Simple Sketches

To make the above props for costumes I would need: wire, thread, rope, needle, LED strips or individual bulbs, ping pong ball, glue gun, batteries, battery holder with switch.

Susan’s NeoPixel circuit and Halloween costume

Solder practice: I am so happy that this ugly solder works!

Here is my 12 unit NeoPixel circuit on Tinkercad. Since my NeoPixel doesn’t have “White” color, I hided the “PulseWhite” function to make runs more smoothly without a blank pause.

Here is the real circuit, it looped fluently.

All of my main changes are in this page:

  1. I deleted the “W”
  2. I changed the “colorWipe” function in 7 colors and hold in longer time
  3. I hided the “PulseWhite” function

Sketch Ideas for Halloween costume:

Though I drew a bunch of them just for fun and explore the ideas, I like the mask and hoodie most. I have been thinking about different solutions to the neopixel circle size and power supply. Looking for more sensors/functions on my costume.

NeoPixel circuit and Halloween costume

This tinkercad circuit is built based on the template with a different code. I read through the original rainbow circuit with the instruction, but realized the difficulties of changing the light appearance since it already has a very interesting loop. Then I decided to achieve something simple but unique, so I started from a simple code found in the library, and played with it by adding and changing the light color. The result looks pretty interesting to me (with each light changes from blue to green in sequence). I look forward to learning more in case of Arduino.

Costume sketches:

The first idea came into my mind was base on the elf fire, I was thinking of creating a headband you can wear with the blue fire on top of the head.

Another was developed from the a mask, then I wanted to make it cover the head while seeing through the holes in front of the costume. It would be the shape of ghost that you can wear, and maybe a voice sensor in the place of mouth, which produces red light when you speak.

My third idea is inspired from pumpkins, I’ve seen various products relate to pumpkins, there are even costumes in pumpkin shape. It makes me thinking of clothes with pumpkin accessories, so I sketched out a scarf.

Qiting’s Neopixel circut & Halloween custume ideas

My three ideas are a mask with red tcross light in the middle, a mask with voice sensor getting brighter when you speak louder, and a bow hair tie with sensor that light up when shake it.

I want to make a bow hair tie that will shine when you look back or shake it. The material is a translucent fabric with ruffled folds, which is glossy. Can insert a light strip in the middle. But it is not sure what sensor to use to achieve this effect.

Yiwu’s Neopixel Circuit and Halloween Costume Brainstorming

I don’t have white color on that board. So it’s not running in the right way.

Then I checked to code to understand how it works.

After doing this, I created my Halloween Costume Brainstorming. I was inspired by cyber wig and wanted to make something that also allows light to flow. I will make it into a dress. In this way, the room for improvement in the later stage will be larger.

At the same time, I hope it can have some interactive functions with the environment if possible. So I also reserved space and routes for adding sound controllers in the future.

I also wrote them logic of coding.

NeoPixels – Arduino & Halloween Sketches – Anne

NeoPixels circuit and modified Arduino code

Testing completed NeoPixels circuit before tinkering with code. Changes to original Arduino code from light 4 neopixels to light 8 neopixels.

Edited version of NeoPixel to make a “Pride” effect of rippling rainbow:

See also:

Halloween Costume Ideas and Sketches:

I’m going to attempt a Halloween wearable that lights up with a tilt switch. After sketching a few ideas, I’m settling on a witch’s hat as it has plenty of space to put circuits, battery pack and Arduino. I’m planning on doing a version the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter. I’ve found a few Arduino Sorting Hat projects online, but am planning my own spin on this. Right now I’d like to see if I can get a simple animation for the mouth and one brow with a servo motor, light the eyes and play sound. I’m on the fence about whether to use a tilt sensor or a PIR sensor to activate the effects. Given that this is Zoom, I may go with a tilt sensor.

Parts will include:

  • fabric, chipboard and wire for constructing the hat
  • Arduino Uno
  • Eyes: There are 3 options from simplest to most complicated: easy: 2 super bright red lens and a bit more complicated: two neopixel jewels or maybe just single neopixels. Final option, two 8×8 LED matrix — more complicated but can do moving eyeball effect.
  • Mouth accent and light fall over wearer’s face: either single lens or neopixels
  • tilt switch
  • battery or lipoly batteries
  • if I am able to take this further to add voice, then the Adafruit #94 wave shield and speaker (there’s this kit on Adafruit: #175 wav shield and speaker kit.
  • if all this is working, then also a servo motor to move an eyebrow and lip.
  • SD card for .wav files

The function of the Sorting hat is based on a simple on/off state triggered by the tilt switch.

If the tilt switch is detected, then all the effects trigger: leds light, servo motors start and audio effect plays.

Another version of this break out some of this. As in perhaps in an “off” state some leds are on all the time, and then more effects are triggered by the tilt switch.

Margarita’s Neopixel Circuit and Halloween Costume Brainstorming

This is my customized circuit. I changed the randomized the display of the LEDs and changed the colors as well. I added a tissue in front of the lights, since I wasn’t sure if the colors were reading, as a way to show the light diffusion of the color changes. The link to the TinkerCad circuit is here:

The first is a set of glasses that displays a “Seeing Lights” costume that is inspired by glowing lanterns / fireworks that will be randomized and will pulse with neopixel rings. I would need the neopixel rings, and the sunglasses as well as little metal pieces, wires, or jewelry to add to the effect. The second is a “Pinwheel Bun ‘Crown'” that would be incorporated into a hair tie to tie around a bun and use wire and strips of LED neopixels to display the light. The third is a “Mummy Hat” that will be pieces of cloth on a floppy hat and have sections inside the rim that can be wrapped around the face and pieces of cloth falling off of the hat that would have the LED Neopixel strips. I would need the hat, neopixel strips, and the cloth I would use the grey linen from the whale I made.