Sarah’s IOT homework & final project update


Lesson 4
Adafruit IO email update:

PIR motion sensor:

Lesson 5

Button widget to activate LED

Project Proposal: SLITHER

My final project is going to be desk pedometer. This product will be used instead of relying on your iPhone or Apple watch to remind you to get up from your desk and start walking. It is a decorative desk piece that will light up to show you your progress towards walking 5,000 steps.

Passion fruit Acrylic
Dimmer for LEDs (amazon) OR Potentiometer + Metal knob OR Hall effect sensor + Magnet (on/off)
Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 Breakout
LEDS + Silicon Strip
Hot Glue + Gorilla glue
IFTTT + Adafruit IO
Scrap wood (+maybe wood stain)
Decal materials

CNC (wood)
Laser Cutter (acrylic)
Printer (decals)

Corey Final Project & IoT Progress

IoT Progress

Infinity Experience – Concept Evolution

Infinity Window – Reference Images

So after some ideation, I’m moving away from a bowl structure that you put your head in, to a “window” into the cosmos that is mounted to the wall. This increases the accessibility of the installation so people of different heights will have different views of the star field.

I’m considering including sonified data from NASA to bring this piece to life. It would be really cool if the star field reacted the sounds, lighting up and dimming.

Achi’s Final Project Ideas

I’ve been having a hard time finding what to do for my final project but I’ve finally found three ideas that I actually like. If anyone reads this, feel free to comment of give me any feedback!

Idea 1

Keith Haring inspired wall lamp- The lamp uses an array of LEDs to portray different colors and patterns. It would include a touch sensor to shut on and off.

Idea 2

Emoji Thermometer- The thermometer is supposed to inform the user of the outside temperature at any time but is specially intended know the temperature as soon as you wake up.

Idea 3

Old Timey Arduino Camera- The camera is supposed to resemble an 1800’s camera but with a raw, simple tech twist. Users would be able to stand in front of the object, take a picture, and watch how it appears on the E-ink screen (if it’s possible).

Let me know what you guys think! for now I think I’m more inclined to the thermometer idea but I am open to any suggestion.

Shopping list for the Arduino Thermometer


  1. Adafruit Bicolor LED Square Pixel Matrix with I2C Backpack- Not sure if I can array these to make a bigger display. Maybe its not the right one for the project.
  2. Adafruit RGB Matrix HAT + RTC for Raspberry Pi Mini Kit- maybe this matrix is more suitable for the project but I don’t know whether or not I need another program to work with it.
  3. Adafruit NeoPixel NeoMatrix 8×8 – 64 RGB LED Pixel Matrix- a third option! Any recommendations as for what I should use as the display?


  1. DS18B20 Digital temperature sensor + extras-
  2. Standalone Toggle Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout – AT42QT1012-

Monica’s IoT #2 and Bill of Materials for Final Project

IoT Homework

My Huzzah is connecting to the internet now! I also successfully got the Adafruit IO feed working when I pressed the switch in the LED circuit.

and then the IFTTT part also worked and I got an email!

Still gotta figure out the copy, lol.

Tilt switch

Succeeded, though not without some trouble obviously.

Oops, spammed myself. Clearly working though.

PIR sensor

Note: learned in class that it’s not really a distance sensor but an infrared sensor. So gotta test it again inside a box.

Final Project: Mood tracker


Niha and I will be working on this project together. We want to create a mood tracker for all the POD students to record how they are feeling at the beginning of each day. Our board will have an LED strip light embedded in it that lights up each time you walk past it with the PIR motion sensor to prompt you to record your response. The board will have a thumbs up, thumbs middle or thumbs down that students can press to record how they are feeling with the feedback of a lite button.

Circuit diagram

We will make the circuit on later on

Bill of materials

Breadboard (In our Kit)
3 push buttons
PIR Motion sensor (In our Kit)
LED strip lights 
Soft Neo pixels
PLA white filament 
Poplar Wood (VFL)
Power adapter (In our Kit)
Silicone coated wires (VFL)
Huzzah (In our Kit)

Cathy’s project plan


An interactive lamp that help people to learn about RGB color mixing in the physical world.



IoT Practice

Arduino wifi connection at home

Arduino link with Adafruit

Arduino link with IFTTT

Liam’s IoT & Final Project Planning

Final Project idea

I was inspired by this help desk with infinity light illusion, to create a DJ table with this effect built in. The LEDs would also pulse or moved with the music that is playing. The turntables and mixer would be inlaid into the desk and sit flush underneath the table top. The lights would be seen the entire length of the front and only go a couple of inches deep. The rest of the desk would feature cubbies for cables or record storage.


Bill of Parts

  1. 3/4 Playwood
  2. Wood Veneer Edging
  3. Neo Pixel strips
  4. Battery pack
  5. Glass sheet
  6. Mirror window tint

Creation of Adafruit and IFTT Accounts

I was able to create both accounts and read through the project files. However, I was still having wifi connectivity issues as I did with last weeks homework. I tried multiple hotspots this time but nothing worked. Below is a video of my Arduino attempting to connect. Chester said he will be connecting the new wifi router tomorrow though!

Giancarlo — more IoT exercises and Final ideation

Final Project

Here is a continuation of my final project ideation. I’m going to continue with the spray can and chairs (two separate projects). Ideally, I would like the spray can to work on adobe or similar software, as a digital spray can (with varying stroke weights) similar to a wacom pen without the pen pad. For the chairs, I am pretty pumped from them, as I’m currently designing a set of chairs to be used. I am unsure how I would like for the telepresence part to be shown on each, a heat map would be amazing, but I think that’s outside of the scope for this project. If possible, it would be great, though. I don’t know which will be the main focus (but why not both).

So, here are the materials that will be needed for the digital spray can:

  1. Spray Can casing (which I will 3D print on the machine Liam and I now own)
  2. LED
  3. Sensor/Button
  4. Arduino Feather (or another WiFi capable board)
  5. LED screen/Interface (for the spray can to interact with)

Materials needed the telepresence chairs:

  1. Chair Frames (CNC’d)
  2. LEDs (for telepresence)
  3. Sensor (to be notified when the chair is being used)
  4. Arduino Feather (2x for each of the chairs to interface with each other)


Unfortunately I couldn’t connect to any working WiFi, like last week, for the IoT homework (although I did try 3 hotspots and 2 routers). So I did not have any luck with continuing with the sensor and Adafruit compatibility. I do have the accounts made for each, though.

Erika’s IFTTT homework

Evidence of IFTTT homework:


Below is the IFTTT widget on the phone:

I think I will need to use a 5-Pad Capacitive Touch Sensor (thank you becky for the rec!) and some aluminum foil for the touch sensor conductive material. Likely, the LED screen will show the punch count, and kinda collect the number of punches it’s taken, and this data will be collected through the touch sensor. I’d use high density but flexible foam for the punching pad, wrapped in Laminated Polyester Vinyl and Coated Vinyl Fabric! I’d also need neopixels, a large push button for “start”, plywood for the backing.