3 Ideas for Final

Apologies for the delayed post. Here are my 3 ideas for the final project:


The first is a display which shows you on your desk the data from a time tracking app. This way you can have a reminder of how productive your week has been and if you have been achieving your goals or not.

The second is a lamp that “gets angry” when you spend too much time on either instagram or your phone. Using the data from instagram or a phone usage app such as moment, the lamp will start white and gradually start turning a more aggressive shade of red when you hit your limit.

The final is a kitchen sink grate that when dishes are left in the sink for too long it will email you. Or in the case of PoD it could send emails to bother the KP stewards!

IoT Homework

Hi everyone!

Sorry for my mega late post update. This is my homework from last week as I’m still going through the new lessons.



Also, Here are my brainstorm. I am already having ideas about circuit and material proposals but going to work more intensively once I make sure about the project.

First one is a system that enables my grandmother to communicate with us, her grandchildren, from all over the world. She’s in her 80’s and have no idea how cellphone works and she always has to wait for us to call her. So, if there was a button right next to our picture that she could press when she misses one us, we will get a text or an email and call her. This is by far my favorite idea.


My second idea is about Pomodoro Method. I often put a timer on and try to focus on work but I get distracted and leave my desk, and usually remember it when the timer goes off. So, I want to design a timer that lights up to remind me that I’m supposed to work. Also, it has a motion sensor. So, when I leave, it sends me a message to remind me I should get back to my desk.


My third idea helps me to monitor how many cigarets I smoke and help me to reduce it. The box that contains cigarets will have a lock and every time I want to open it, it sends an email encouraging me not to smoke. Also, the lock won’t open until the 20th try.


I’m looking forward to know your opinion:)

BOM for Final – Stephanie

Hi guys!

So I landed on the Owl idea that uses the motion sensor.

The narrative around this is derived from my personal life and the problem of my sisters and friends never remembering to text me that they made it home safe from a night out.  More times then not the conversations goes, “Text me when you get home so I know you made it safe!” and then they get home and forget and I stay up wondering if something has happened to them.

I’m evolving the Night owl plush nightlight into a “lookout device.” The owl will have a motion sensor device that will trigger a text message when someone walks in the door (alerting whomever that their friend made it home safe). I would love (if possible ) to include a “set on” or “look out” function where as my friends and I separate I or my friend can turn on the the sensor, and glowing LED light, so that it is only searching for a specific time frame that turns off when the person gets home.

Below is my Bill of materials:


**Does this need a breadboard or can I solder the circuit? having a hard time figuring out how to connect the powers and grounds with this feather Huzzah board but below is my initial thought.


Owl figure:

TBD…. not sure if i want to evolve it to more of a “hard object” home good or keep it a soft good. Based slightly on whether or not I need a bread board to make this possible.




Sample circuit wit Resistor.

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 6.06.43 PM

Homework & Ideas for final project

Hi all! I am sorry for the delay.

Here is my homework.


And these are my ideas for the final project:

1.Flowed Light

flowed light.png

It comes from my previous idea. The flowed light use the flowing of light to represent the passing of time. When you turn on the light, it will all light up and then goes off gradually from the top to the bottom of the spiral.

2. Long-distance connected teddy bears


The long-distance connected teddy bears are used for the long-distance relationships, including the lovers, families, and friends. When you hug one of the bears, the two bears’ hearts will light up together.

3.Speaking pressure ball


The speaking pressure ball can help people release the pressure by patting it. And at the same time when patted, it will say some words randomly like “take it easy!”, “it will be fine” or “cheers baby!”.

Thank you!!

IoT Arduino Exercises and Final Project Ideas

For my final project, I want to focus on making an IoT product that will help me take better care of my plants as a plant rookie. Below are my two proposals:


The first idea I have is to create plate that goes under your planter and has a flexible sensor coming out of the middle that sticks up and is embedded in the soil. The sensor will measure moisture levels and when you overwater your plant, it will turn pink and when your plant needs more water, the plate will remind you by turning blue.


The second idea I have is a light sensor that you can stick by a window or other areas of your home that will measure the light data in that corner and let you know what kind of plants are suitable to be placed in that area.

Wifi Connection 1:

Wifi Connection 2:

Huzzah LED test: