Elains’s Final Project-Weather Clock




Making Process


Project’s purpose

Have you forget to check the weather and go out without an umbrella? The Acrylic Weather Clock — an elegant weather forecasting device. Decorating your entryway with this stylish piece, and conveniently access weather forecast information before stepping out!

This product aims to provide visual aesthetics through the overlapping effects of acrylic layers rather than functionalities.


Adjusting the pointer according to weather changes to indicate the current weather.

Future projections

By combining more weather elements and colors, we can create a more beautiful diffused light effect.

Animated Gradient

Elaine’s Final Project Ideas

1. Dollar exchange rate monitor!

For international students it was really important to monitor the dollar exchange rate! I really need to find out what time is lower so that I can pay my tuition.

2. Weather Forecast

Although most of the people has weather forecast which is very useful, I still want a beautiful installation which can remind me the weather before I go out! I really want to try acrylic to make it.

3. Volume Reminder

I always make a very loud noise in home or in the classroom. Sometimes I just play games and become very exciting so I forgot my volume. I want somethings which can remind me. So I want to use the monitor and light to make a volume reminder.

Elaine’s Halloween Light Stickman



Supplies list

Making Progress

The reason I made this costume is that I always saw the videos about this costume several years ago. It was really funny and left a strong impression on me. So when we need to consider the idea of halloween costume, it was the first idea I thought of!

1. Cut the LED strips to the right length

2.Sew the LED strips onto the clothes

3.Weld each LED strip

4.Weld the LED strips, button and Gemma M0

5.Input the code


In this process, I learned how to sew the LED strips(it was really difficult!) and how to series and parallel circuits. And I think if I have enough LED strips, I can made some patterns on the clothes to make it fancy!

There are still a lot of problems with the circuits! It dropped a lot of times! I really need some advice to improve it!

I also had a lesson that I need to give myself enough time to test and fix after I wear it even if I have tested one time.


Elaine’s Halloween costume progress


I complete my code with a botton to control it light mode! I also bought hoodie and prepare almost all the material. Next week i just conncet the circuit and soilder it together. Then stick them to the clothes.



Supplies list

Elaine’s Halloween costume idea

Costume Description

The led strip in the clothes to make you look like a matchstick man in the night! It’s a common idea but I’m excited to make it by myself!

Arduino techniques

Use the button to control different lighting effects–all white lights and rainbow color lights.


Black hoodie and sweatpants

LED strips


battery packs

Adafruit GEMMA M0

Circuit diagram

Yining Gao’s Negi Plush Night Light


Hateune miku is related to the negi(Allium fistulosum?) because of the song Loituma Girl. Someone made a flash video for this song that miku wave a negi. So I made a negi support stick for miku’s fans.They can wave them in the concert to make them cool and fancy.

The green leaves on the head can glow to make it look like green support stick. And it also very long and stand out.


green and white cotton fabric, cotton, wire, white LED lights, battery pack

Circuit diagram


Sewing white fabric

Solder circuits

Sewing green fabric



It can use as cat teaser!!

And you can also use it when you want to go to the bathroom at night!