Kira’s Final project process

This is a music light controlled by the sound level, people can use it to increase the sense of atmosphere when singing or party, which can be more interesting for our life.

Material Preparation:

  1. Arduino Uno.
  2. Electret Microphone Amplifier Module MAX4466.
  3. LED Strip.
  4. Conductor.

Circuit Planning


Renew on 11/28

In order to save time and simplify the build process, I tried to find some treble symbols online that fit my requirements, and to my surprise I did find a fitting that fit the criteria perfectly, all I had to do was to disassemble it and fit it into the strip of lights that I had entered the code for and I was good to go.

To further research how to best accomplish my project, I bought a similar music light and took it apart to study its circuit board and how it was assembled. Truth be told, it didn’t inspire me much, and I still feel like sticking to the original plan.

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