Carol’s Final Project Process

Photos of prototype circuit and form:

Link to the Google Doc draft tutorial:

Link to the Instructables user profile:

Description and/or storyboard for your project video:

Scene 1: Fade from black with mysterious music playing in the background. Shot of crystal ball resting on velvet covered table, dim lighting creates an atmospheric effect.

Scene 2: Shows the Diviner from the participants’ point of view.

Scene 3: Close-up of the diviner.

Scene 4: Participants make a wish with their eyes closed.

Scene 5: The diviner’s hands are hovering above the crystal ball.

Scene 6: Energy flows into the crystal ball. The astrological element transitions to a starry night sky background or a mystical scene with candles, runes and tarot cards.

Scene 7: The crystal ball glows.

Scene 8: The participant looks into the crystal ball with fascination.

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  1. I can not comment on your google doc so I leave comment here. Have you considered about infrared sensor because heat sensors maybe are not sensitive enough.

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