Haley’s final project ideas!

It’s timeeeeeeeeeeeee

One concept I’m considering is a memory-infused lamp. My vision involves adorning the lamp with repurposed or printed film rolls to allow the light to illuminate the images, offering users a unique perspective on their photographs. I previously crafted a lamp using my old film rolls during my high school years (노 don’t have a picture of it), and now I aspire to revisit this project with my enhanced skills.

My next concept is a magnetic speaker with a built-in glow! I’m really excited about the idea of merging my coding skills to control the LED lighting and the audio system. Nowadays, most speakers are just plain and unexciting, both in their shape and functionality. I’ve come up with a fun concept that breaks the mold both in terms of design and function.

My final idea also revolves around an audio system. It incorporates a transparent outer casing to showcase the inner components, and LED strips on the headband section for illumination. To be honest, this idea is my personal favorite among all, but I have some concerns about the assembly of all the required components.