Stepper Pomodoro

In this current way of working we are constantly barraged with too many tasks, not enough time, and too little mental space. Many have used the Pomodoro technique of arranging one’s tasks for the day into small chunks of time with built in breaks. However, having a loud ticking and buzzing timer on one’s desk in a busy office environment is not the most courteous thing. This is where the Stepper Pomodoro shines brightest.

The Stepper Pomodoro doesn’t have numbers on it ticking down to your inevitable project deadline, it’s arbitrary silly! Because it is made from genuine stepper motors it has no zero value because of the H-bridges it uses. Therefore, it counts time by how many 1 RPM revolutions it makes before moving on to one of the three dials. It’s not just an added value on faces, you also get the large wooden form factor, 12V AC/DC power adapter, and stepper motors which may combust if left plugged in too long included. Who knew Pomodoro timers could be so combustable, heavy, large, and electrified?!


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Whispering “Shhhhhh” is not the most effective way to get people to shut up. Especially in public spaces, and especially in public libraries.

So, let’s shut their mouth with a sense of guilt.

This light is installed in the library. It detects noise, and as the noise increases, the luminance decreases. If you’re speaking too loud in the library, the room gets darker and darker. Eventually, everyone in the room won’t be able to read. Is that what you expected? Probably not, And because you are now unexpectedly the center of attention in this darkening room, pieced of hundreds of readers’ eyes filled with ire, your sense of guilt will skyrocket and you’ll definitely shut up.

After the room becomes silent, the light will turn back on. Then, everyone can read in silence, and everyone wins :))))))))




Ahaar Bhool – Light Therapy Glasses

Ahaar Bhool – Inside While Outside, Springtime, Forgettingful Blossomness

The use of closed-eye meditation and light-color therapy have been known to allow people to access alternate realities generated by our imaginative subconscious. Ahaar Bhool allows user to engage in guided or self-led meditations in a manner that is seamless with the rest of their lives.

Ahaar Bhool contains two neopixels, softly diffused and resting above each eye. The LEDs flash to a user-set tempo, initiating a dreamlike state in the brain. The complex environments generated within the mind’s eye are important to explore if any for of creation is intended. One can visualize and enter chambers of the self, working towards improvement or deeper understanding. Everyone deserves to take a moment to experience, explore, and grow with their eyes closed.

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Social Circle

Keeping in touch with all the important people in your social circle can be tough, especially when you are living in a big city, a workaholic, a student, or all of the above. Social Circle offers a way to keep all your loved ones in one place, tracking how often you are in contact with one another and who might need some extra love! Nobody likes to ignore their friends, and now – you’ll never be that person again! This product is perfect for people who do not find phone notifications urgent and would like a visual representation to monitor their relationships.

Social Circle_InstructableSocial Circle 2.jpg

Social Circle is an Arduino powered device that connects your text messages to a set of independent LEDs, each representing one person and measuring the frequency with which you talk to one another, indicated by the brightness of each LED. Using some intermediate Arduino code, you can personalize how Social Circle functions, including how many relationships you want to manage, and control how quickly or slowly the LEDs dim.

Here’s how it works…

Head to Instructables to make your own Social Circle

BEAT BACTERIA — A home installation for oral care


Dentists suggest that people should brush their teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time. An interactive art installation at home will emphasize good behavior encourage people to improve their good oral care practices.

Bacteria Beats is a device that makes brushing teeth entertaining during these two minutes. There are many existing electronic toothbrushes that stay on for two minutes, but sometimes people turn them off before the time ends if they are bored or in a hurry.

It will also have a timer that, when set, will count down the suggested 2 minutes and, will illuminate the bacteria lights when the toothbrush is picked up. Then, every 30 seconds, one light will blink and shut off when you’ve conquered (might be clearer to say “brushed away the bacteria” instead of conquered) bacteria. After the 2 minutes have passed, all lights shut down (or turn off) leaving the brusher with the feeling that they’ve won the game!

If you feel as though two minutes is still too long, it will have the capability of ending the game sooner by setting the toothbrush on the other side of this device.


Video  What is Beat Bacteria

Tutorial How to build Beat Bacteria

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Nightfall: DIY LED Party Coat



New York City finally repealed its very outdated Cabaret Law.

So let’s dance.

You’ll need the right outfit for the occasion.

Follow these 12 instructions to create your own light-activated party coat. The sequin LEDs on the front of the coat turn on and off automatically based on the ambient light: when the lights go down, it’s party time.

And if this coat feels too ambitious, just enjoy some tassel-making with this video:






The Shooting ArteFact

So far, there have been more than 14,344. deaths caused by gun violence in USA in 2017.
The Shooting ArteFact is a speculative design project that seeks to raise awareness around this problem. Every time a person is declared dead on, Shooting ArteFact will play a sound and flash the screen. The number of deaths are also displayed on the artefact. The Shooting Artefact can be placed in public spaces in order to increase its impact, or in busy private spaces such as a lobby or an elevator.


Doing this was very emotional and interesting, since my small successes in making it alert when someone died also meant that a person in america had died from a gunshot. I was therefore shocked and covered in goosebumps through out a big part of my process. I know that it is a very sensitive topic and that the shape, form, output, ethics etc. easily can offend people. Therefore, I chose a rather neutral but dark and intersting form: the black box.

When it comes to code, I have also learned a lot from doing this project. It was very frustrating and stressing at times, but then Becky was very kind helping me.
Unfortunately, I am having issues triggering the speaker. Hopefully, the Instructables community will help me on that. Another future action would be to bring it out to a public location. This could be taking it to Washington DC or to a parlament building here in NYC.

Becky, thank you for your help and support. Also, thank you to all you awesome classmates for being supportive and tolerating all the white noise at the studio.
Please find my tutorial here.
My video here.