Reminise – memory of home away from home

Reminise is a digital photo frame that lights up every time a new photo is added to your shared album. The idea behind this project is very personal since this is my first time away from home and hence, I miss everyone at home quite often. It is designed for everyone who is living alone, away from home. It is a great way for your family and loved ones to let you know every time they miss you by adding a photo to your shared albums, making you feel loved no matter the distance. Here is how you can build this interactive photo frame. 

Final Product


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Yukti’s Little Printer

I find myself at discord between planning digitally vs analog. I like the the ease of thinking about my plan for the day through a digital template. At the same time, I find it a little distraction to refer to my plan digitally. My brain starts to check the other thousands of exciting screens pop ups on my phone. I like the non distracting nature and the touch of analog plans on paper. I like to strike things off that list. This made me think of a my own ‘Little Printer’. Little Printer is a small smart printer, connected to my devices through the internet. It prints me out my to-do and plan for the day every morning at 7am.

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Sama Srinivas – Warm Hugs: A Sun Lamp For Seasonal Depression

My mother used to put me to sleep by covering my eyes with her cool hand. It’s a memory that fills me with a lot of warmth. While surrounded by the darkness in the winter time, thinking of family and comfort is especially warming to the soul and body. Warm Hugs is informed by that personal memory and sentiment.

Warm Hugs is a sculptural lamp for those who endure seasonal depression during the cold, winter months. It is a natural alarm clock triggered by the sunrise and can also act as a warm lamp during the dark hours.


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Shun Cheng’s Final project (updated)

I combine all my projects in making class into a theme game called “zombie rush”

In this game, you can play games with the gears you choose

If you score high enough you can get a real one as a reward


Rocket shoes:

Ray gun:

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Nigel Keen “Turn Off & Tune In” Magic Rug

The “Turn off, Tune in” Rug allows you to be fully present when you meditate. By utilizing conductive thread, the entire rug acts as a touch sensor, which when pressed will silence your phone and turn off all of the other electronics that might interrupt your meditation. I find myself often unable to fully let go of the distractions of everyday life when I’m disrupted by the buzz of my phone or the subtle hum of the tv. With this switch, gone are the days of running around the house to make sure you everything is off. Saving you time and peace of mind!

Link to the instructable for more information on how to make this.

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Shun Cheng’s final project ray gun

I’m such a big fan of toys and products that’s my passion and reason for studying Products of design at SVA. In my final project, I want to make a ray gun that combines sound and light effects. Having fun while building this ray gun is my goal and learn how to use an Arduino soundboard.

Main Scene

  1. enter the RPG game scene
  2. gear store
  3. select your gear
  4. show gear detail
  5. ready to go

I may also ask for help our classmate’s help if they want to show their Halloween project in the video

You(=I) Electronic Beating Heart

For my final project, I am making an electronic beating heart with a heart rate simulator. This is a unique way to show your feelings towards someone that you are into, by beaming the lights according to your heart rate. When you hold the figure in your hands, the lights shine and show how nervous you are when standing in front of someone that you have always been longing for.

Google Doc:


The Outcast’s Rest, Sealed Binding Locker of the Putrighast.

“On the night of Samhain ages ago, a violent presence from the blackness overtook a young boy named Tiredain. His mind was wrung into a manifestation of darkness and his body was repeatedly crushed and remade into the very visage of unnatural evil. His odor was of the days of plague carts and his voice was of crackling embers under a screen of wet phlegm. This was the Putrighast. It was sealed away in an adorned box by an unknown enchanter. The Putrighast still calls out to this day to be released.”

The video will feature a montage of the construction of the box as a mystical object through many close up dutch angle shots of the details. During the montage, the above narration would be given. It will then cut to a wide angle shot of the box and people walking in front of it, the box will speak as people pass by, expect it won’t sound like some monster, it will just be a normal dude politely asking people to let him out because “they got the wrong guy”.

Detailed circuit diagram:

One of the sketches:

Instructables Profile:

Instructions Draft:

EatWhat – final project


I always spend a lot of time deciding what to eat since I have so many options, it’s hard to just pick one from them. Therefore, I want to design a product to decide it for me. Speaking of luck, gambling can not be overlooked, and then dice, roulette and slot machines come to mind. My first several ideas are around dice and roulette, but finally choose slot machine as the form.

Main scene in the videos:

The first scene will be a persona asking about what to eat, show she phone screen.

The second scene will be the time pass and her anxiety

The third scene will be the ad of EatWhat showed when she watches YouTube and she places an order of it

The next scene will be the delivery and the usage of EatWhat:
Pull down the handle, the machine rolls, light blink with sound, the result shows, light stop blinking
Show how much time it takes

The last scene will show her smile and happy moment eating with friends, and the rolling machine