Music Box Portrait


I’m really excited to share the Music Box Portrait with you. As you all know, I’m obsessed with analog photography (thats why many of my prototypes at SVA have been focused around cameras). This project is a 3D printed camera body that plays music and takes a picture when the user turns a crank. I even included some mirrored plexi so that you could check your hair before the big shoot.

Its a little absurd, but thats the point.

This particular iteration, “Version 2.0 ” is outfitted to work with a disposable camera.


Here is an early prototype made out of foam core and acrylic. I had a lot of fun in the early stages of development, figuring out how this would work. I felt a tad nostalgic for my architecture school days, making sketch models!


This photo shows the in-progress 3D print. I designed the parts in Solid Works with the help of some of my classmates. I’m a Rhino guy, what can I say? But Solid Works is a lot better for precise modeling and engineering. Yes, yes I actually calculated the gear ratios for this bad boy.


I had to saw off the handle for my little music box, but was able to attach the itty-bitty gear to it using acrylic glue. This photo shows – Nuts. Bolts. Prints. Music.



The finished product! Please check out my video.

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