Secret Switches Progress

I’ve been working on my final project and it is starting to take shape!

The main component of my final is the secret switch that turns on a motor (fan) and blows confetti into a vessel.

Check out this video for a still-in-progress test of the circuit. capacitive touch

cool, huh?

photo 1

here’s a snapshot of my circuit in prototype mode, using an arduino UNO and breadboard.

After getting all of the components of the circuit to work, I drew an awesome color coded diagram to make sure that I could recreate it again tomorrow and the next day, and the day after that.


I would like for my final project to be on a Flora rather than an UNO to conserve space inside the housing of my piece.

Below I am switching over my pins from an UNO to a flora, good thing I had my handy diagram, it was getting a little hairy.

photo 1-1

I also referenced the adafruit pinout diagram that shows you how to convert from an UNO to a flora (see below)


The final piece will include an element of surprise. The neutral tones of the overall form will contrast the bright, colorful confetti that is activated by the secret switch. Below is an assortment of materials that I am playing around with. The confetti would be hidden until the big reveal.