What do a cookie, rice & a top knot have in common?



Idea 1: Peak Frean Cookies

These are cookies I used to have as a kid. I think they’re an English/Canadian thing. They have a cream center and a fruit jelly in the middle which was so sweet! I imagine the plush toy twisting apart to reveal the center and also lighting up in the center of the fruit jelly just like sugar crystals.

Idea 2: Grains of Rice

This relates to my family’s history as rice farmers in the Philippines. If you look closely at a grain of rice, the ends are translucent and the center is opaque. I’d love to see if I can create this quality in a plush toy. Also a bushel of rice would be nice (a rhyme).

Idea 3: A Top Knot

I’m known for my top knot that I wear a lot and sometimes I get made fun of because of it. This top knot is one that anyone can wear (I imagine some sort of velcro attachment to make it a headpiece). Also, the top knot would light up!

2 thoughts on “What do a cookie, rice & a top knot have in common?”

  1. I love a good topknot, on you AND Souvik! =]

    However I think your other two ideas are stronger in terms of how they relate to light+fabric exploration. You could make an oversize (bigger is easier) cookie and look for fabric that will serve as your jam and diffuse light, and use a “normally closed” switch to activate the light when the top of the cookie is removed. Lou also might be using one of these switches– it’s just like the momentary pushbuttons we saw in class but it is normally connecting the two wires, then when you depress the button it breaks the connection. There are probably some in the VFL closet, you’ll just have to use a multimeter to find one if the bin is not labeled. They also definitely have this type of switch at RadioShack!

    The big plush rice grain would also be a fun experiment with light, but will be very challenging to get the effect you’re looking for, and in the end might still just look like an off-white football. The cookie will probably be more fun!

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