Lou’s Three Final Ideas

Invisible table menu
This table is for a restaurant. It is a table that at first looks totally normal, but once we sit and are waiting for the menus, the waitress will just press a button (that would be placed on the side of the table – or under it) and a light inside the table will light up and will show the menu that would also be hidden in the table.

Low “illusion” table
This low “illusion” table will look very simple at first. It will have a cylindrical shape, with a mirror on top of it and inside it. Inside the cylinder there will be LEDs that light up whenever we drop something on the mirror. Then we will have the impression that there’s a hole in the floor (because of the LEDs reflected in the mirror inside of the table).

Welcome sculpture
This sculpture will be a transparent ‘welcome’ panel that lights up every time you/someone enter/s your place. It will be placed on the wall in front of the door. ‘Welcome’ would be written with LEDs and all the ‘electrical stuff’ will be seen, because I like to see how many strings we have used and how everything is connected to each other.