Week 5 Homework

Hey everyone,
For class on October 8th, the homework is as follows:

-Make sure any posted video to the blog is hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. If you uploaded the clip directly to the blog, please permanently delete it and repost the clip.

-Bring in $3 for Becky if you didn’t get it to her during class.

-Document your sewing sample and LED circuit that you made in class and post it to the blog by 10pm on Oct. 7th.

-Acquire materials for your plush light-up toy and bring them to class. We will have an in-progress critique so be sure to have fabric, LEDs and a concept idea for your toy. There must a be a reason or a story behind the design and feel free to bring in sketches. Make sure to also show your experiments you conducted to try different means of diffusion for the LED(s). Remember, the toy must be three dimensional and not flat.

Have fun!