Rainbeats translator jacket

People have a mixture of emotional responses to the rain. Some people enjoy it, while others do not.  However, if you consider rain as a friend who is just telling a story to you, then you will love the feeling of touching it. I think the rain has its own emotion and this jacket uses music and light to translate the rain’s emotion into a physical experience for people. With the changing color of the LED sewed onto the jacket and the tempo of the beats, you can immerse yourself in the rainy scene.


So, here are the parts you should prepare:

A piece of DotStar digital LED stipe, Adafruit Pro Trinket, Lithium lon polymer Battery, etape liquid level sensor, resistors, Arduino Uno


1, Connect one end of the battery to the LED strip and the other end of the resister.

Complete the circuit by connecting the resister to the LED strip.


2, Sew the LED strip on the edge of the raincoat.


3, Prepare a plastic tube and dig a tiny hole on the bottom of it.


4, connected all the circuits with the etape in, then put it into the tube.


5, We should also made a small 3d printing triangle model which could be sewed on the top of the raincoat. It will help the tube collecting rain. Because the quantity of the rain will controls how fast the beats creates.


6, Now we come to the most difficult part – to write the programs in your Arduino.





Now, wearing your raincoat, Let’s embrace the rain.

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