I am christopherand


Translating imagination to physical objects has been the manner in which I have learned, grown and navigated the world since I was a small child. Formally trained as a visual artist with a BFA in Furniture Design, I operated my own custom metalsmithing business for over 15 years in Minneapolis and offered a full scope service from design to installation, from fabrication to blacksmithing and from furniture to architectural ironwork. As a thinker and maker, I am excited to broaden my scope with this class; adding sound, light and digital interfaces to forge new directions, possibilities and ways to communicate and share.

Images convey multitudes, so i invite you to view . . . . .

Personal portfolio : christopherand.com

Business portfolio : CoppertopForge

Oxidation Paintings (colaboration with my wife) : TerraFerma Studio

Personal Instagram : njcrand

My anti-cigarette lifestyle creations on Instagram : dubModders


Author: ChrisRand

Products of Design MFA Student at the School of Visual Arts