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Awaken the visual cortex rather than the cochlea… . .  .  .   .    .      .       .        .          .


(: plush 2 ) An interactive object to be used as an activity to guide communication in groups.  It is based on a kids game called “Hot Potato” where the user holding it is given the stage to speak until the potato gets HOT and must be passed. 

The red light within the plushy can be calibrated to different durations of time and intensity of light. An accelerometer senses when the plush devise it passed between people and this begins the program cycle.  Some possible light variation may include blinking and color changes. 

Although an App could be made to do this with a smartphone, this is meant to be an made using Arduino circuitry and sketches as a learning experience for me to program and build. 

Author: ChrisRand

Products of Design MFA Student at the School of Visual Arts

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  1. Nice ideas, Chris! I encourage you to explore the form side of either of the sketches you posted here. What does a light up pillow look like, and its circuit diagram? What is the glowing form in your interactive game like; what’s it made from?

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