My Fluffy Pink Jellyfish

First step was sewing a dome out of cotton t-shirt material for the top + felt for the base. And after ensuring that it could be stuffed properly without breaking seams, it was time to fill in LEDs to make the jellyfish glow.

Below is the light board layout I decided to illuminate through the bottom.


Confirming that the soldering is correct and the solder connections do not break when putting into the body.


Finished soldering everything!


Adding the LED and stuffing around the light board. I noticed that there is no light coming through the top, just the bottom. So I decided to add additional light above the light board. Using same strip white LEDs, I added it into the stuffing loosely.


Below is after adding the light above the board to create glow through the bottom and top at same time.


And finally, adding on some tentacles.


Looking forward to the final project, I few modifications I’d like to make:

  • Make tentacles have some glow
  • Use RGB light source to control and fluctuate color
  • Investigate adding a fan to make tentacles move while floating
  • Investigate alternate top material (currently t-shirt cotton) – evaluate all felt body.
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