Ever inspirational Aaron Horowitz of Sproutel

I have been overstimulated by many gadgets, gizmo’s, ideas, and people today, ultimately  haveing a fantastic time at Maker Faire!   And although I had some favorites, I didn’t discover the most interesting/inspiring project until my walk to the train and the train ride home.

Meet Aaron and Jerry!

Aaron Horowitz is a very personable, passoinate, and knowledgable fellow.  I was lucky enough to meet him on the walk to the train stop, we caught the train and ended up having a very delightful conversation about design for the good.  Aaron had attended Maker Faire, and spoke about his most recent endeavor, Jerry the Bear; a tool to help kids through type 1 diabetes adjust to their new lifestyle. Aaron graduated from North Western University in Chicago, creating his own major to tailor to his interest.  Him and his business partner Hannah Chung who founded Design for America, an award-winning nationwide network of interdisciplinary student teams and community members using design to create local and social impact relocated to Rhode Island before graduation. There they participated in a program with Beta Spring in launching their project with Jerry the Bear.  You can find Aaron still residing in Rhode Island working on interactive toys for children with chronic illnesses at Sproutel.

All of the organizations Aaron mentioned during our conversation are very inspiring! I recommend checking them out! If anyone is interested in Design for America, we could start a chapter!

Brighter than a lucky penny