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French-Italian Science Fiction film based on Jean-Claude Forest‘s French Barbarella comics. This is one of my all time favorite films.  Jane Fonda as Barbarella is on my curated lunch list! The art direction is unbelievably simple, hand made, yet immersive all the same time. A great example of exploring and harnessing the opportunities with low-fi production. Barbarella has approximately 16 extravagant costume changes to boot!

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Triadisches Ballett (Triadic Ballet) is a ballet developed by Oskar Schlemmer in 1922.

Schlemmer’s ballet is a historically important piece which explored multi-media theater. Costumes

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An Installation in a museum in D.C.




Bucky Ball Beanbag by Mathieu Lehanneur

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Manresa City Hall in Spain

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Wing Chair by Hannes Grebin

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Paige Smith of Los Angeles California is a graphic designer and street artist.

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The Times recently highlighted the work of one of the Academy of Art University’s finest alumni: Luisa Ruge, a graduate of the School of Industrial Design. Her Geometric module couch…

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I would like to embark on an over ambitious mission to build an enclosed sitting area for children which is inspired by geology and magic. The outside will be made of wood and painted grey while the inside will be cushions and pillows which resemble crystals and light up. Below you will find inspiration and materials which I would like to explore, along with what I would like to use to power the glow.  The sketch model below will be captured in 123D catch and then tightened up to have printed and assembled.  Depending on how costly and time consuming this becomes I may have to scale it down to smaller models.

Materials: wood, fabric, EL Panels, EL wire, Inverters.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how the el panels and wire could enhance the luminescence of this fabric?  Below is a photo two friends of mine collaborated on. Heidi Lee makes incredible hats!! Andrew Strassar takes photographs which are amazing eye candy!


Glowing Geods!




Ab Rogers 2004, Kenny Schachter

Pods from another planet landed in a victorian house in Chelsea


Below are 2 views of a sketch model which will be 3d scanned and blown up to a larger scale.  Throughout this process i am interested to see what details survive.



Brighter than a lucky penny


Liquid Sky

This movie blew my mind in undergrad and although I had hesitations on whether I should post it  here as inspiration, I think that everyone should be introduced to this type of budget film making at one point or another. One could use this example of true DIY art direction and attention to detail to be resourceful with materials and still make a convincing and well crafted piece.   Not to mention its a New Wave Sci-Fi about orgasms, aliens and heroin, fashion, clubbing and THE SCENE

dreamy visuals and synthy soundtrack….



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Brighter than a lucky penny,


Fluorescent ink paper lights!

Spectacular paula arntzen !

“Paula’s Designs represent a combination of the lightness, colour and monumental shaping. Her designs find their origin in a fascination for grand forms and qualities of a material. After constant study and observation she managed to obtain a deep knowledge and understanding of the material and it unique characteristics. This is a procedure through which the designer decides not only on the form and shape but also on the elements that will determine and lead to a multifunctional object/ project creation. A creation that will serve both decorative and functional roles in a space.”


Brighter than a lucky penny,