I would like to embark on an over ambitious mission to build an enclosed sitting area for children which is inspired by geology and magic. The outside will be made of wood and painted grey while the inside will be cushions and pillows which resemble crystals and light up. Below you will find inspiration and materials which I would like to explore, along with what I would like to use to power the glow.  The sketch model below will be captured in 123D catch and then tightened up to have printed and assembled.  Depending on how costly and time consuming this becomes I may have to scale it down to smaller models.

Materials: wood, fabric, EL Panels, EL wire, Inverters.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how the el panels and wire could enhance the luminescence of this fabric?  Below is a photo two friends of mine collaborated on. Heidi Lee makes incredible hats!! Andrew Strassar takes photographs which are amazing eye candy!


Glowing Geods!




Ab Rogers 2004, Kenny Schachter

Pods from another planet landed in a victorian house in Chelsea


Below are 2 views of a sketch model which will be 3d scanned and blown up to a larger scale.  Throughout this process i am interested to see what details survive.



Brighter than a lucky penny


3 thoughts on “Geods”

  1. I am also excited to see this! Sounds very cool and reminds me of my favorite day in school – when the blow up planetarium came to science class and we all got to go inside!

  2. Hey Z, I think an ambitious/semi architectural project is a wonderful idea. Perhaps you keep the scale small for the first iteration, since it will be hard to engineer a full scale prototype in a week. I recommend doing some studies first before you commit to a larger form! Dope.

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