Candle Curtains

Fabric and light together automatically makes me think of wearable technology, but since I had already worked on a light-up shirt for my first project, I wanted to do something different.

My first idea was around light and sound – a tambourine that lights up when you shake it. The inspiration from this one came from a dance I watched which takes place in a dark setting and only when the dancers move, their clothes light up. I thought of a tambourine as a dance prop.


My other idea was around making a backdrop, or wallpaper that could be used in a room, or ceiling. But finally, I decided that I will create some curtains that light up as it becomes dark outside.


Next steps:
– Design the curtain (color, fabric, paint/embroidery?)
– Code arduino for the light sensor.

One thought on “Candle Curtains”

  1. The light-up tambourine will be a hit at indy shows! I was in Cleveland, at the GrogShop and girls were fighting for a chance to play the tambourine with Built to Spill (pulling hair…etc). Anyway, how do you plan on integrating the textile with the structure of the ring? Will you appropriate an existing tambourine?

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