Plush bluetooth speaker

Quarantined to my apartment the last couple of days due to the hurricane, has got me thinking about this plush project. My original idea that I posted was a tabletop portable night light made of felt. I really liked Richard’s post about a plush speaker. I am leaning more towards a bluetooth light up speaker. It would be wireless so you could throw it around the room. I ordered this speaker on Amazon that I’ll be using.

Author: Damon Ahola

Assistant & MFA grad student attending Products of Design at School of Visual Arts.

4 thoughts on “Plush bluetooth speaker”

  1. Hey Damon, I love this idea. It allows for music to be integrated with play. I’m worried its going to be rather large so that the electronics are well cushioned. Are there special stitches that you might need to do to keep it from ripping?

    1. I like it. Be aware that bluetooth mp3 audio can often be finicky, particularly if you’re throwing it around and further from its source. Cool concept, if it all works out smoothly, I’ll place an order. (Don’t forget the battery/charging port!)

  2. Hey guys, thanks for the posts. The Amazon description says it’s only 2.5″ diameter, which is pretty small. It only weighs 2.6 ounces as well. I’m not expecting amazing sound out of this, but it’s worth attempting. I’ll have to see how well the bluetooth works though the padding as well.

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