Cumulonimbus Nightlight

The cumulonimbus cloud is not only a beautiful and destructive lightning cloud but also has one of the coolest sounding names of all the cloud formations.

After the events of the Superstorm these past few days I have been thinking a lot about my project for making. I cam to the conclusion that while a full scale plush version could be cool it lacked justification and reasoning. So back to more brainstorming, but this time with more of a designers intent. I believe a nightlight should provide comfort and reassurance while the user begins to fall asleep. Strangely lightning storms have always had this effect on me. For those who find lightning terrifying perhaps this can be used to help overcome their fears.

The sewing component would be the arduino casing and the main structure of the cloud. The electronics component would be arduino controlled lightning flashes using LED’s & EL wire with the option of sound effects using the Arduino Wave shield. Comments on this new direction welcome and appreciated.

Author: richard clarkson

New York based Designer from New Zealand.

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