Final Project Ideas (Oscar de la Hera Gomez)

Evening Ladies and Gents !

This is going to be a hell of a class and for those that are reading in, check out the rest. Some great concepts ! Today’s blog post is a dive into the ideas that were generated for the final project for SVA’s ProductsOfDesign Making Studio Class. Here we go !

I personally found the conception of the ideas for this project rather difficult. I wanted to create something useful, that I would use and want and that would have an impact as well as serve as a good instructable. So after a range of brainstorms into fields, from football to culture to travel, I placed my eyes on my computer and realised the answer was right in front of my eyes… Music.

The following concepts were generated with the idea of creating a system that would register the BPM produced by the music playing and create a light show in reaction to these elements. The way of achieving this was yet not clear and after further research it was decided that I would use an MSGEQ7 chip to separate the music into frequencies and react to these relatively. Below are the three concepts that were generated!

Please note that the components that are believed to be required for each concept are demonstrated in the drawing below.

Concepto Numero Uno : El Brazalete

‘El Brazalete’ was generated with the vision of delivering a neat wearable to the party people around the world. A neat, slim bracelet that would light up in reaction to the music through an LED strip, giving a subtle power to the holder.


Concepto Numero Dos : La Cupula

‘La Cupula’  is a small desk accessory that would sit on your desk and would change colours according to the music that was played. Additionally, ‘La Cupula’ would include a IR sensor that would activate a programmed light effect by maintained your hand on the IR sensor for a period of time.


Concepto Numero Tres : ‘El Obelisko’

‘El Obelisko’ is the third and final concept for the final project and consists of a acrylic pyramid that would be covered by a series of 3D printed elements creating a pattern on the outside of the pyramid. Then, using a series of LED lights and an MSGEQ7 chip in combination with an audio input, the pyramid would light up and react in reaction to the music.


Final Chosen Concept: The Obelisk (The Pyramid in Drawing)

Game on !