Yang’s three ideas

1 Starry sky




I got a hard time recently, and I am trying to find a way to pull myself out of that bad situation.

When I seat by the window of my apartment last night, I turned off the light and looked at the outside view. The night view made me fell so peaceful. I saw the twinkling city-light and fall in the quiet world.



Therefore, I want to create a big size canvas. It’s totally black and can be hang on the wall.

There are 50 or 100 LED behind the canvas, and they will twinkle smoothly and randomly.

At the same time, it will has some tiny bell’s sound effect.

I believe that I will get the same feeling.


2 The exclamation mark



There are some of us sometimes are so loud when we chat to each other. I know we did that unintentionally, but it’s really annoying for someone. I even saw some complaint in the restroom. Therefore, I got this exclamation mark idea.

It will turn on when someone speak so loudly. Meanwhile, It will has a big bell sound effect use to warn them”please keep quiet”.



Sound sensor will be used in this idea.


3 The alarm!


Oh, protect girls!

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