The Light Box

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For those interested in seeing how I brought this beauty to be, here is the link for my instructables:

This project has been incredibly challenging and in my opinion was doomed from the beginning. The box itself took me 7 attempts to get right and I must say I am really extactic with the result ! I learned a lot in the process and would like to thank my Mentor David Thonis for his efforts to show me the way when all was lost.

Apart from the box, I faced electronic challenges of all sorts and sizes and ended up with my project failing in the evening before the final presentation, blowing up the audio from my macbook pro. This was due to the constant failure of the first pixel, which first caused me a three week headache and then failed me again and again on the final evening. The MSGEQ7 chip is also extremely sensitive and I worked my way through two of them throughout the project.

However, I can say that although this has all occurred, I am looking forward to pursuing this project further. I intend to add bluetooth to allow the music to play wirelessly, add an op amp to level out the music to ensure the lighting is correct, playing with filters and fast fourier transforms to create more elegant, futuristic displays, adding a external power supply and revolutionizing the shape. Additionally, I intend to investigate the scene more, learn and interact with more artists and will consider developing a new kind of music performance with this technology.

This project has been a roller coaster from start to finish and I don’t doubt it will remain to be so until I perfect its art. However, nonetheless I l am greatful for the journey and pleased with the outcome. I look forward to sharing the future project with Becky and the SVAPoD class in the upcoming year.

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