Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

Since my project is available on Instructables, I’ll use this opportunity to go through some of the development of my project. I had to wire this thing up at least on three separate occasions, with increasing amounts of desperation. I first tried to do the whole thing on an Uno, but ran out of RAM. I tried to do the whole thing on a Micro, then realized that the timer infrastructure on the chip [which is different from the Uno’s chip] is different in precisely the way that I needed it to be the same for the code to work. I tried to use tilt switches – three at a time to make a ghetto accelerometer, which did work, even if it wasn’t the most reliable switch. Then I tried to use two boards together to make it work. I tried serial communication and then realized I could just digiwrite to one pin, and digiread it on the other side.

This became a theme in my work, where I bemoaned my lack of creativity and desire for simplicity. I could’ve just hooked up a transistor to a preexisting audio recorder [they sell on amazon for twenty dollars and lower], and hooked that up to an accelerometer, but alas, I thought of that too late. Anyway, here are the early prototypes of the circuit!

The first iteration of my soldering [it’s a mess]:


New and Improved Circuit with tighter wiring and a wrist case:

_DSC0855_1000 _DSC0856_1000 _DSC0844_1000 _DSC0841_1000 _DSC0840_1000

I ultimately resoldered the circuit one more time to get it even smaller… I tried to stuff it in a pocket and then sew the pocket onto a pair of gloves, but realized that I was doing more work than I needed to. I ultimately bought some gloves that I used to complete the project. See the Instructable for more info!


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