Arjun Kalyanpur – Teardown – Samsung Sliding Mobile Phone

Hi all,

Here are my photos from the teardown of a slide-open Samsung mobile phone. Enjoy my overly detailed record!

IMG_9093 IMG_9094 IMG_9096 IMG_9097


I removed the backing battery cover as well as the battery, which revealed six miniature Philips head screws. After removing these screws, I was able to remove the plastic panel covering the circuitry as well as the buttons.

IMG_9109 IMG_9108 IMG_9111

I then removed what I believe to be the speaker as well as some button controls, seen below:IMG_9115IMG_9127 copy

Next, I noticed a single screw holding a smaller microprocessor board near the top of the phone. I removed this next, and believe it to be the headphone jack.

IMG_9121 IMG_9124

I moved on the top half of the phone — the screen. Two screws were removed, allowing the screen to come apart and reveal the digitizer — the component which converts our analog actions (press, swipe, etc.) into digital signals. Also seen in the photos (and labeled) are the camera, camera flash, vibration motor and headphone jack.

IMG_9133                IMG_9135 IMG_9136

Phone screen (left) and digitizer — Front View
Phone front (left) and digitizer with other elements -- Back View
Phone front (left) and digitizer — Back View

Next, I peeled off the “keyboard”, which turned out to be a sticker placed above capacitors. Also visible is a spring clip which gives the phone it’s quality snap back and forth open/close feel.


Spring clip labeled
Spring clip labeled

Lastly, I removed the main circuitboard for disassembly. I could not find data sheets on all the components as the phone is a bit outdated, so I did my best to guess what they were. Also, I believe this plastic phone was almost entirely constructed using injection molding techniques. The exceptions are of course the electronics as well as the screen.

IMG_9162 IMG_9163 IMG_9164 IMG_9166 IMG_9168 IMG_9169 IMG_9170 IMG_9171 IMG_9175 copy IMG_9172 copy

Here is the final teardown photo. I had a blast!


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