Goodbye Ciggy. Hello …..

3 Project ideas.


Create a simple shoe device that checks your shoe swag in the morning. If your shoes are off point the machine screams WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOSE!!!! Playing off the viral Vine meme. Am unsure how i would find a sensor to collect relevant data.

2. Clock or light that helps athletes understand and adapt their circadian rhythms whilst competing, travelling,  or preparing/training for events. New research shows that peak human performance varies depending on the time you wake up. Athletes that wake up early perform better 5-6 hours later around midday. Late risers perform better in the evening around 6-8 hours later. Circadian rhythms can be changed and adjusted.

3. Pressure map LED shoes. Idea is to hack a pair of transparent soled shoes and insert RGB LEDs in pressure spots that are used with pressure sensors to dynamically display the changing pressure zones as the user moves. As the pressure changes the colour of the led changes. Green = light pressure Blue = medium pressure and Red = Heavy pressure. Everyone seems to be doing LED shoes so I am considering doing something different with either the pressure of accelerometer data.


4. Take Ciggy and turn him into a fire. A set of logs and a led flame that you have to blow on very so often to keep alight. A great Netflix and Chill device.

5. Something Drake related. Because we all know Drake related stuff blows up on the internet right. Any ideas? Drake talking cushion? A Drake Comforter? A Drake pillow that whispers Drake lyrics until you fall asleep?  OK FUCK IT we’re going with the DRAKE!



Insert puns here. Aubrey Layham?

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