Josh’s Final Project Ideas

I’m still working on my ideas but here is what I have so far:

1. A light fixture that uses a chinese yo-yo or diabolo. The LEDs or OLED would be on the diabolo and it could be placed on a string between two sticks which move up and down to maintain the spin. If you want, you could control the tilt of the diabolo lamp for reading or some other activity. All of this would work with a gyroscope or accelerometer.


2. A clock, timer or general notification device that uses bubbles. I would have a container filled with water or a transparent viscous liquid that makes the bubble slower to rise and a way of adjusting the rate/size of bubbles that are emitted.

3. An app that allows people to play a city scale version of Stratego. It would be called Streetego.

I have too many subjects that I am interested in so it’s hard to narrow it down but I will come up with some other ideas for class.

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