“Whatever shall my final project be?” wonders Julia.

I didn’t have ANY ideas for a while. Now I have a bunch, but very little idea which are feasible… Here goes!

Idea #1: Expand on the innovative switch project

I did like my bike brake light and turn signals, and think that it could be a quite useful thing, and fun to make work really well and be a believable add on to bikes. That said, because I currently don’t bike at all, I’m a little less excited. If I did this, I would want the system to be as elegant and minimal as possible, so I see there being some different sensors involved, but I’m not sure the code would change significantly.

Idea #2: Leave a message at the door

My boyfriend is a first-year resident at Mount Sinai hospital. I’m in this program. So obviously, we’re seeing a LOT of each other. (Not.) We have tried leaving notes or videos for each other—especially during weeks when he works the night shift and we literally can go a week living in the same apartment without seeing each other—but it’s always a little annoying to find paper or take the time to make a video. I was thinking I could create something that is mounted on the wall that you can record short voice messages on, so that each time one of us left, we could leave a message for the other.

Idea #3: Feel the wind

Wind is awesome. Fans are not. I was wondering if I could hack a fan that has multiple settings and can turn side to side, and program it to run through a series of settings and positions to simulate a more random wind experience. No idea if I could really do this, and it sort of already exists

Idea #4: Get up and run

I always feel better if I start the day by moving—whether it’s a run, a walk, whatever. And yet, it is SO hard to do that when you just woke up. I was thinking of making an alarm clock that you turn off by putting on your sneakers. OR it could be hooked to a GPS, so you would have to get out the door before it would turn off… (I live in a 6 floor walk-up, so that would probably do it for me.)

Idea #5: I just wanted to hear your voice

Sometimes you don’t have time or can’t get in touch with someone you love, but you really want to hear their voice. My dad travels all the time and is always in some other time zone, so we don’t talk on the phone much. I was thinking of making some sort of small object that could be manipulated in a few ways (squeezed, shaken, pushed?) and playback pre-recorded messages from me, my sister, and my mom.


I have a few more ideas, but I’ll leave it at that. I look forward to getting some reactions!

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