Project Ideas

Arjun is struggling a bit, but here’s what he’s got so far:


Idea # 1 – Innovative Switch Expansion

The initial “Reminder Wallet” was a basic product that, when the wallet was closed without a credit card blocking the switch, flashed an LED to remind you to close your tab. The new wallet would be a complete redesign, featuring a more professional aesthetic as well as the ability to check for multiple cards. Perhaps the light element would go on the outside using EL tape or addressable LEDs. Functionality expansion could include exploration into syncing with your phone to send you reminder text messages.

Idea # 2 – Weight Tracking Belt

A wearable that would help users track their weight loss or gain over time through the use of pressure sensing. Pressure sensors would be evenly spaced throughout the belt. The first day the user puts the belt on acts as their “zero” point. From there, over days and weeks, the increase or decrease of pressure sensed by the belt could be translated into weight gain or loss tracking.

Idea # 3 – Linked Wedding Rings

Wedding rings with a built-in small vibration motor or addressable LED. When your partner presses the button, your wedding rings buzzes, vibrates, or lights up to let you know they are thinking of you.

Idea # 4 – Fist Bump Gloves

A set of gloves that, when you fist bump with the owner of another set, an embedded speaker plays awesome music. Or fireworks go off on a linked mini-cannon.

Idea # 5 – Electronic Bean Bag Toss (Cornhole)

An electronic reimagining of the game corn hole, which features players attempt to land a bean bag on an inclined wooden platform. Landing on the platform scores one point, while getting the bean bag through the hole scores 3 points. First to 21 wins. The electronic version would include a scoreboard, pressure sensors (maybe?), and an IR sensor to determine when the bean bag goes through the hole.

Idea # 6 – Laundry Hamper

As a bachelor, I forget to do my laundry in a timely manner. Always. So I would design a laundry hamper with weight/pressure sensors that would remind me when it starts getting closer to the time that I should do my laundry. While a problem is that the obvious solution to the reminder would be to empty my launder hamper, I would try to think of an anti-tampering measure to protect my laundry.



This is where I’m at for now, but I definitely will be thinking more about potential ideas over the next 18 hours before class.


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