Project Sketches

Here are 3 potential project ideas:

The first idea  is another variant on the Stalaglite.  Instead of a blanket, it’s a single unit, with a strap to hang it from the ceiling, if desired.  The Stalaglite unit has been scaled up to turn the room into a cave, instead of just the blanket.  This version would be semi-plush, with a robust core to keep electronics in place.


Idea two relates to neck posture.  There are safe and unsafe neck postures, which depend on the angle of the neck from a neutral position.  Computer postures are iffy, laptop postures border on dangerous, and tablets/phones are the worst of the bunch.  The idea is there would be a wearable sensor that detects neck angle, and alerts you when you’re neck angle is in the “dangerous” realm.

Idea three arouse out of necessity.  There’s only one bathroom in my apartment, which is usually fine, but there have been several occasions where the bathroom was occupied for an extended period of time, which coincided with when I desperately needed access to a potty.  In any case, I’ve come up with an ingeneous solution to have an emergency potty button, which triggers a flashing red light and alarm inside the bathroom, and can only be turned off once the door is opened (the alarm would turn off automatically).

Because sometimes, you really gotta go.


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