SoftLight – Plush LED Lightbulb


The SoftLight is a lightbulb shaped toy that actually lights up. Its soft plush body is in stark contrast to the normal ideas of lightbulbs as by definition fragile, very hot, and certainly not soft. The only hard bit on the SoftLight is the metal screw-bottom allowing the toy to be screwed into a lamp. It’s not as bright as a lightbulb, not by far, but it casts a soft glow that could serve as a small lantern, a nightlight, or a reading light.

Here is a video showing the finer points of the toy.

Making the SoftLight demanded a few iterations. Initially I designed and 3D printed a whole inner body to support the LEDs. It failed on a few counts. It proved too big for the size I hoped for the end product, and the LEDs were so close the the edge that the light wouldn’t diffuse. However, it succeeded in looking awesome.










The real innovation was when I realized I could simulate an incandescent filament by closely attaching several LEDs. I decided to keep the bottom part of my 3D print which handled the clicking mechanism and change the LED layout.















The final stage was sewing together the template I designed for a lightbulb, stuffing it, and seeing the whole thing come together.











And finally it was made.

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