The Cloud

The Cloud

The Cloud

Arduino controlled motion triggered lightning & thunder and music activated EL wire diffuse flashes combined into a suspended speaker unit. The Cloud is a felted Nightlight – Nightspeaker hybrid, acting either as a semi-emersive lightning experience or a speaker. The controls of the cloud are tactile switches scattered around the base, similar real clouds which constantly change the switches are subtle and require constant exploration to find the right switch to turn the right feature on or off.

Author: richard clarkson

New York based Designer from New Zealand.

3 thoughts on “The Cloud”

  1. Richard this is awesome. Great pictures as well but this is really one of those pieces the internet will never do it justice, well done.

    1. Agree with Matt. You really have to experience the Cloud in person. I would still love to see it hovering above a DJ in a club, like Daft Punk. I think it’s awesome.

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