The Octolamp is an octopus-shaped reading light hat made for cephalopod lovers who also like to read in bed.

I began by doing some shape explorations to learn how to make an octopus-head shape.


I also made a full prototype of the octopus hat to see how it could fit onto one’s head.

Once I settled on how to sew the octopus, I started on the tentacles and body. On two of the tentacles are magnetic snaps that complete the circuit of LED lights that run along the rim of the hat.

Inside the bill of the hat are three LED lights; just enough light to read by.

The shape and sewing were very difficult to figure out and execute. Eight is a lot of legs!

The final product is functional and cute. The Octolamp has brass button eyes and gives just enough light to read in the dark!

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    1. Thanks! I do not currently sell them, but will update here if I decide to start!

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