Twinkle Twinkle

To make the motion sensor code work, I began by figuring out how to get one Neopixel to light up while shaking the Flora board. While my Strand Test lit up the Neopixel, I was unable to get the motion sensor to work using the Sparkle Skirt Code. However, when I opened my Serial Monitor, it indicated that there was “Twinkle!” when I shook the Flora board. The Neopixel just stayed lit.


In order to fix the problem, I checked the resistance with a multimeter.  I found that my D6 connection did not work and changed alligator clips.  After that, I was able to successfully make the motion sensor to work.  Here is a video demonstrating the motion sensor working.

IMG_3878 2

I played around with the different frequencies and made it so that the colors would consistently flash rather than sporadically.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 3.10.30 PM


For my plush night light, I would like to use the word “chandelier” and make a night light that hangs from the ceiling. I want the user to be able to squeeze the object and either bring it to the bathroom with them or leave it hanging to light up the area around the bed. It is intended to make going to the bathroom in the middle of the night easier. I am not sure what shape I want the object to take form but I do want the user to be able to turn on the light by squeezing it.

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  1. Solid concept, Eliz. Maybe you could draw inspiration from candles folks used to carry around their dark houses? I like that it hangs from the ceiling and can be detached to keep you company as you move through a dark hallway. Perhaps it looks like an upside down candelabra when hanging, then can be turned right side up for carrying?

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