Accelerometer Tests

This week I played around with the accelerometer and the code from the sparkle skirt.  First, I made sure that my sewing connections were good between the accelerometer board and Flora main board.  I then connected the Flora to a pixel strand.  I had some difficulty getting everything up and running.  After testing all of my connections I was able to narrow it down and I discovered that the mini USB port of my Flora is not working.  Thankfully, I had a little help from a friend and Wolfgang let me use his Flora.  Wolfgang was also gracious enough to take some time to explain some of the code functions to me.  Code still feels like a foreign language at this point so I appreciate any help I can get.

I was able to get the sparkle skirt code up and running on the pixel strip.  I changed the code to reflect the number of pixels in the strip.  I altered the colors and I lowered the move threshold all the way to 4 so that it was more sensitive.  Here is the part of the code I altered:

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 3.14.57 PM


Here is the result

For my plush nightlight, I am thinking of making a plush terrarium mobile.  Terrariums are typically used to house and display small wonders.  Rather than enclose objects inside a structure, I want to make a mobile out of plush wonders.  I want the wonders to light up either as you approach the mobile or depending on the sound level in the room.  Mobile

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  1. As we chatted about in class, it can be difficult to make many disconnected objects light up without messy wires going everywhere– I encourage you to either light up the structure of the mobile instead of each object, or make something more contained. Who is the user of this object? That might help answer a lot of questions about how to proceed.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. One thought I had was to use conductive thread to connect the hanging pieces of mobile. The thread could run along bars and then be the attachment for each object.

      My other idea at this point is to change my word to embroidery and make a t-shirt that reacts when someone is hugged. I could use the velostat. Do you think that this is a better direction?

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