if we move..


I started with connecting an RGB LED light to my sewed Flora board.

Then I checked the LED with floratest, to see if my connection is right or not.. and it lighted up!


Then I searched for the sparkling skirt’s code on adafruit and found it, then pasted it.

However, when I tried to upload the code, I got several “serial port COM4 is already in use” errors unfortunately.. Plugging out and then in again worked somehow and I also restarted the Flora.. But it makes me anxious not to know whats going on indeed. Anyway, I uploaded the code successfully and animated the code..

Important notice: move_threshold is quite important! I forgot to change it to 5 from 45 and I had problems with lighting up the LEDs.. Then thanks to Wolfgang, I understood what I forgot..

Here is the video


here is the code

accelarator sensor 1


and I changed the colors to my favorite colors..

here is the code and my favorite colors video:

accelarator sensor changed colors


Actually I was planning to change the codes in a way that I can match different colors with different movements.. Such as going left = blue, going right = red.. And I thought that the thing that Becky taught at the class -regarding changing “if” codes- would be helpful, but I was confused with the codes.. I hope I can get it this week.

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