Automatic Fuzzy Pillow Light

Automatic Light Pillow

A travel size pillow that contain two LED lights for reading.

I observed that most people that own a travel pillow like to read. Often these people are in transit and don’t have good reading light. This pillow is intended for those that like to read in the dark.


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I began the project by creating two sketches.  The first is a concept sketch where I tinkered with a form factor design and I figured out what electronic components I would need to bring this idea to life.  The second sketch was why electronic component sketch.  I outlined how I wanted the circuits to flow and designed a template for how I would fit the cables into the housing.

Wiring and Testing

Next I bought several types of LED light, a breadboard to test proof of concept2013-10-07 12.37.58 2013-10-07 13.29.05


2013-10-08 12.03.45 2013-10-08 12.03.56

Then I went to Mood Designer Fabrics in the Garment District with an actual travel pillow.  I matched the fleece and spandex material and bought 1 yard of each. Then I created an outline of the pillow, cut out the material and then sewed them together.  Finally I stuffed the pillow and added all of the electronic components.

Next Steps

Given more time, I would like to use a laser cutter to cut out the material precisely and them take the materials to a seamstress to sew the seams together properly.  I would also like to create an enclosed housing fixture for my flora board and battery pack so that I can swap out the components as need be.

I’d also like to explore using proximity sensors that automatically recognize gesture behaviors like the opening of a book or the turning of pages as a trigger for the LED lights



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